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Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday. June 20. 2016-Week 97

Service project!!

The translators.

The crew.

Team Paita!!

Where we played.

Mi Familia

Holy Cow!!! Lots of news for me today hahaha. Speaking in church (Ohh ya and you should ask Bishop Hansen what my theme is going to be), seeing the family, playing LAX!!!! Well I just figure that even though all of that stuff sounds crazy to me right now the Lord will help me out. If I could serve 2 years in Mission Peru Piura I am pretty sure that I can do anything haha;)

Today was a sweet P Day!! We started up the second round of Copa Piura Vida!! Its the huge soccer tournament that we play in the mission and honestly some of the best times here in the mission. Our Paita squad is solid!! We won our first game and lost the second but next week were going to play another one and if we win it we've still got a chance to win it all!! Sometimes I just like being competitive just a little bit haha. 

This week I got the chance to be part of a super cool service project. A group of doctors from the states came here to Paita the other day to check the eyes of the people here and give away glasses. Honestly here in my mission one of the biggest problems that I have seen is that everyone is blind!! Not very many people read just because they can't see!! I don't know what it is that's destroying their eyes but yes it is a huge problem. These people were a huge answer to many prayers for the people of Paita. So my part in all of this was translator. These people that came didn't know any Spanish so we got to work with them as translators and it was super cool. I learned a lot from them and just loved serving all of these people and seeing how happy they were to be able to see again. In the end people started getting crazy because there weren't any glasses left and they sort of had to put me to work as a body guard escorting people out and blocking up the door haha gotta do what you've gotta do right?

Hermana Rosio couldn't get baptized this week. It was really hard to hear after all the work that we've put in with her but she just didn't feel ready. She wants a little more time to just get herself ready. She is still scared and nervous and we think that a little bit more time will be what she needs. So please just keep her in your prayers. She is fine and still going to church and all that good stuff but just needs to feel a little bit more sure. Mom how did you end up feeling ready to get baptized?

This week our investigator Luis is going to get baptized!! He is a heaven sent person that has helped me learn so much in this last part of my mission. He is 20 years old and trying to get his life in order. Like most kids this age he was walking around in stuff that he shouldn't have been for a long time and was a little lost. We found him and as soon as we started teaching him he just took off. He reads his Book of Mormon every single day (he's already in the middle of second Nephi and understands everything!!), he doesn't ever miss church, he goes to all the activities and he has made many friends in the church. With all of that said there is something even better that he has done. He has decided that there in nothing more important in his life that completing with what God expects of him. He has dropped all of his problems and is enjoying the blessings that the Lord promises us. As the Lord has said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you" ( Matthew 6:33). Also had a super cool experience with him at church this Sunday. 3 kids from our ward just got their mission calls and Luis was asking me all about them. He then told me that he wanted to serve a mission when he was 23 because he wanted to help his family out for a few more years before going because they are super poor. He asked me what I thought about it. I didn't know exactly what to say so I just felt that I needed to tell him to listen to the speaker, so I did. The man that was speaking was the second counselor of the stake and he was talking about mission work and his mission. Right when I said that to Luis he started talking about how he didn't want to leave on the mission and how his family had been really bad off but that when he went and just dedicated himself to serving the Lord his family has been blessed in ways that he had never imagined. Luis just looked at me and said Elder Wilson now I understand. He is amazing. Please keep Luis Arevalo in your prayers this week!! 

So that's all for right now. I love you guys and I thank you for all the support that you give me. Talk soon!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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