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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monday. November 24. 2014-Week 16

Mi Familia!!!!

Well sounds like another solid week back home. Freezing cold, which by the way I don’t even remember what the word cold means let alone what it feels like haha, but good. I’m glad Tate’s feeling better I hate being sick but I’ve really had good health on this mission, the Lord blesses his missionaries!! Well that sucks that my boys lost the championship game. But I’m still proud of them and wish that I could have been there to watch them play!! That is so awesome that we have a RM in the ward!! Taylor is a great guy and bet he’s even more awesome now!! I hope you’re ready for me to come home as a man in 20 months haha.

So this week was good, long and crazy just as usual haha. I’ll start with today. Today we went to Tumbes to play futbol and basketball con the other Zones so we had to take a bus. This was the worst bus in the history of all buses. There were huge holes in the floor of this sucker and when we hit a bump the wheels would come tearing up through the floor haha. We also ended up towing a broken down car all the way from Zarumilla to Tumbes behind the bus haha only in Peru.

This week we had a reunión de Zona and it was good as usual. We have a solid zone and we just made an awesome goal. We are trying to have a huge group baptism in Tumbes on the 20th of Diciembre. The goal for our zone and of Presidente Rowley is to have 25 baptisms!! Holy crap we’ve gotta work harder haha. We have one investigator named Edgar who I am 99% sure will get baptised but hey I have faith that we can get a few more than just him. But it’s not just that easy. We have to make sure they have desire and faith to follow through with praying and reading and going to church to because that is my rule. I will not just baptise to baptise. That is not how the church works. I am here to change lives and then to baptise.

This Domingo was the primary program. It was really good the little Peruanos are really cute but one thing was just awful about this program. These kids suck at singing!! We don’t have a piano in our ward so nobody knows any of the tunes to the songs and they just murder them!! That was my first time feeling the spirit so strongly through something that sounded so so so so aweful haha. Hermana Rebeca organized the whole thing and she was pretty proud of it haha.

So I have a new favorite drink here in Peru. It’s called Chicha Morada. It is seriously the juice from this special purple corn mixed with other fruit juices and it’s amazing!! I could drink 34 gallons of it right now haha. So the next time you go to that Peruano resturante ask for chicha, and arroz chafa its rice with meats and vegetables and its awesome haha. I can’t wait to get back and test the authenticity of that place haha. 

So that’s about it for this week but I just have a feeling I need to share a little of my testimony with you guys today. I know with all of my heart and soul that this church is true. I know that I have a lot of opportunities in this life with sports and school and other things but I have come to realize that there is nothing more true and perfect and worthwhile in this life than living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know how it can bless families and lives and that’s why I’m here on the front lines of the Lords armies teaching the people of Peru how to obtain happiness. I know you guys can’t be here teaching but you have the ability to take advantage of your time at home like I never did. You don’t understand how much the Lord needs us. Every person in this church is a missionary because every person in this church has a testimony and faith that can touch the lives of other people. So never ever, not even once, put the things of the world over the things that we know are true and the things of our Lord. We may be living our lives in harmony with His teachings but there are millions of people who aren’t and need our help. God loves every single one of us more than we can imagine and he wants every person in this world to return to live with Him so it is our responsibility in this life to preach the gospel and help others learn and live the things that we know are true. YOU ALL CAN CHANGE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so that’s what I felt like I should share and I’m gonna leave it at that. I love you all so much and I work hard for you every single day. Just know that I may not be at home with you guys but I am blessing your lives through being here. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!! Save me so turkey haha!! Talk to ya fools next week.

Much love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson  

In the evenings for P-Day we go and teach!! P-Day is only 10-6 30ish!!
No Thanksgiving doesn’t exist here it sucks haha.........

Keep going on splits with the Elders!! You don’t understand how much we need the help of members!!

What Orellana does during language study haha

Christmas in Peru 

With Anderson and Genaro

Our whole zone got jerseys!!!! ‏

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday. November 17. 2014-Week 15

Since Asher couldn't send any pictures this week, I added one of my own. Asher & Tate 10 years ago this month, 8 and 5 years old.

Mi Familia!!

Well I hope you kept all of my pictures because I plugged my memory card into the computadora today and it went freakin crazy and now every single one of my pictures that I had are deleted. I had like 250!! How am I supposed to get them all back!?!? Ahhhh I had so many awesome pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well I guess I’ve got a lot more time on this mission but it just freakin sucks haha. 

Holy crap!! Nieve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Snow) Wow I wish I was home to be in the snow!! Its 45 billion degrees here and it just gets hotter and hotter every single day!! The hats you sent are really starting to come in handy haha. But seriously how fun!! I miss the snow like crazy and it’s just another thing I’m looking forward to getting back to in 2 years. And my MAVS taking care of business in the snow and heading to state!! That’s what I'm freakin talking about!! I can’t believe that they’re doing this good and I’m so proud of them. If you can get a message to Judd or the team somehow just tell them to take care of freakin business and leave everything on the field!! I wish that I was there to watch that game!! Also tell Tate to freakin learn how to drive!! Hahahahaha I can’t believe that he crashed my perfectly good car without a single scratch on it hahaha. No Tater Tot it’s all good just be careful and stop driving like a woman hahaha!! A Peruano resturante en Idaho!!!! That’s so awesome but I will have to test the authenticity of that sucker when I get home because trust me I am eating the realest Peruano food on the planet right now haha. Also Taters new calling is awesome!! He’s such a freakin leader and he doesn’t even know it haha. That kids gonna make one killer Elder someday. 

So this week was awesome and really busy. First off you asked if I’ve eaten anything weird in Peru well this week I ate something that literally defines weird haha. Chicken crap sacs!! I seriously ate the sac that holds the crap in a chicken. They clean it obviously (well I am en Peru entonces yo espero haha) but they don’t taste half bad haha. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to serve these en el Estados Unidos hahaha.

So this week I had a companerismo change for a day with Elder Encarnacion and that went really good. It was en mi area entonces I had to lead and plan every leccion and I did a really good job!!

I also had a nasty ingrown toenail this week!! I dug it out and clipped it myself because I don’t trust Peruano medicine for nada but it hurt so bad!! Possibly the worst foot pain I have every felt haha but I’m all good right now.

This week we were also called testigos del diablo by a borracho haha. Basically a drunk guy called us missionarios of the devil haha. We had a good talk with him and now have a leccion planned with him for next week!! Crazy people here en Peru.

So this weekend our whole zone made the long trip to Piura (5 hours) to go to a reunion del mision. Every single elder y hermana en this mission was there!! But first off on the way to Tumbes to get to the bus for Piura our little bus had a high speed tire blow out and we almost went flying off of a bridge!! What they heck I was freaking out haha but were all ok and we made it to Tumbes perfectly fine. Just another thing that tells me that God is watching out for his missionaries. Because litterally we were inches from crashing over the barrier and into a river haha. I seriously thought we were gonna die! So en Pirua Elder Orellana and I stayed in the house of some of the zone leaders en Piura and they were really cool and in the morning we went to conference. It was awesome the guy who spoke was a member of the first presidency in the 70. His name was Elder Evans and he is the person basically second in command of all missionary work!! He works directly with Elder Holland!! His talk was amazing. It was obviously about mission work but it was also about repentance and the importance of repentance for your investigatores!! He also was a missionary in Japan so he spoke in Japanese for us so that was pretty cool. The other crazy thing was that he couldn’t speak a word of Español so someone had to translate the entire talk of him and his wife!! Gotta do what you’ve gotta do haha. I also met Riley Hansen’s cousin at the conference! His name is Elder Tulley I think but he was cool and it was good to talk about Riley cause I miss that fool!!

We’ve been teaching a lot this week and especially with this 19 year old kid named Edgar. He is attending a university here in Zarumilla and works all the time but in his free time all he wants to do is play futbol and hear our message. So we hang out with him a lot and he has a date to be baptised for the 13th of Diciembre!! I’m way happy for him because he’s about to change his life and make the best decison of his life!! We also have baptism plans for Elvis and his family, Claver and his wife Jessica, and Edgar!! For Diciembre.

Today we went to the manglares here in Zarumilla and saw some crazy animals including like 100 spiders as big as my face. Today I also cut my hair normal haha. I had pictures but guess what?? They’re freakin gone!! We’re gonna have hermano Christian (our ward mission leader) help us get them back cause he’s awesome with computers. And that about wraps it up for this week. 

So I miss you guys like freakin crazy!! More and more every single day. But don’t worry about me because I’m doing great!! My spanish is freakin awesome and I am learning more and more every single day. By the time I get home I’ll be great at Spanish and Perry will be awesome at the piano. So keep having fun and loving life at home. I know this church is true with all of my heart, it’s not even a question. I would do anything to help others receive the happiness I have in this life through the gospel. So always remember every member of our church is a misionario so go out and share your testimony with others. I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week!!

Much love 

Elder Asher Dean Wilson     

Yes I love all the kids here they're amazing!!
I think I’ll have another 2 1/2 to 4 months in Zarumilla because it’s so far away from every other area they keep us here for a while
Yes we can lock our house and even though they say Zarumilla is the most dangerous area in all the misson we haven’t had any probs
On Sundays we first round up all of our new investigators on hermano Franciscos moto and then head to church. After church we eat lunch all together at a member’s house and then head out to teach. At 7 we go to Elder Russell’s house and hang out and report our numbers and plan for the week. Un Domingo normal aquí en Peru. 
And what’s happening in the NFL?
Elder Orellana and I are doing good. I mean there’s always a problem here and there but once you realize that we’re missionaries and are here with the same goal everything works out!! A good relation with your companion is essential to have the spirit!! 
Also sorry I can’t spell in English any more haha. 
But I’m doing great. No problems to report right now it’s just crazy that I almost have 4 months here!!
The hardest part is.......I really don’t know. It’s just life now and I’m so used to it. Actually not having any more peanut butter is the hardest freaking part!! When I serve in Piura they have big Walmart type stores with Peanut butter but in Zarumilla heck no they don’t have any haha. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday. November 10. 2014-Week 14

Stake President, Pier, Elder Wilson, & Elder Orellana.
I asked Asher why his ties were all so short, did they shrink? His response: "Hahahahahaha ohhh mom I love ya!! It's just a new Asher thing haha. At home its the stache but here its the tie!"

Mi Familia!!

Hey guys!! I’m glad to hear that everything went good this week without problems. It’s so funny to picture mom doing my part of the yard work haha!! So does Logan basically live at our house now because if so I’m gonna need my room back in 2 years haha. Also please keep praying and texting Aaron I have been praying for him and fasting for him so hard but I need your guys help at home!! So I officially have over 100 days in my mission!! Today I have 105 days and that means I’m over 1/7th done with my mission!! I’ve gotta work harder, time is flying!! That’s so awesome that Mt. View is doing great in football!! I wish I could be there to watch them!!! Thanks for sending another package and I love hearing about all the people that came over. I am so thankful for every single one of them in my life and I pray for them all daily!! 

So this week was a great one!! I’ll start off by saying we have 3 people with dates for baptism right now. Claver (13 of December) Elvis (13 of December) and Jenny once again (29 of Noviembre) so please please please add them all to your prayers!!

Ohh I have a question. When should I change my toothbrush?? I have been using the same one for the last 3 1/2 months and really have no idea to when to change it hahaha. I’m so lost without you mom hahahaha. Also Dear Elder is working once again I got a butt load of letters haha.

So this week we had interviews with Presidente Rowley and Hermana Rowley. They were good, actually great!! Presidente Rowley is so inspired and knows exactly what to say to get me more and more excited to teach here in Peru and in Idaho after my mission!! He sure does have a lot of faith in me and that means a lot!! And with his wife she wanted to hear about an event with our family so I told her all about our trip to Hawaii. I want another one of those someday so get planning hahaha.

Then on Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conferencia. It was awesome we had a member of the 70 there!! His talks were amazing!! His name was Elder Freaking WILSON and he is from Bolivia. So I guess I found my Latino father hahaha. Also Presidente and Hermana Rowley spoke and the theme was mission work and why we are saints and not Mormons. They were awesome and I want to be known as a Saint of Jesus Christ and not a Mormon so that’s a change I’m gonna make. We are saints!! Our whole ward traveled to conferencia en Tumbes en 2 huge buses!! It was a party haha.

Today for P Day we went with our district to Aguas Verdes to shop for crap and then played Monopoly, en Español, as a district. I kicked butt and won haha. So that’s about it for this week. Lots of teaching and I am learing spanish so fast now!! I have such a love for these people I would literally do anything for them!! So that’s about what I’m feeling right now. Pumped and ready to work!!

So that’s all for this week. I hope you guys have an amazing week in the greatest state on Earth!! I’m working hard here for you guys and just know that I’m always thinking about you. The church is so true I know it with all my heart and soul. I love teaching the gospel because I know only through this gospel of Jesus Christ people can really be happy. Also that’s freakin crazy that Taylor Hart is almost done with his mission!! Just another thing that makes me know this mission will be so fast!! It seems like he just left last week!! Well I sure do love you guys and miss you like crazy but I know I’m in the right place. I love you all so dang much!! 


Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Yes I like bananas and fish and onions and basically every food even tomatoes haha
Yes my zone leaders brought me my packages
Pier is not the oldest he has an older sister and he’s serving in Lima, South
We have family home evening every week (with a group of members)
We teach every week at church 
Didn’t take the sacrament because we had conference and then Zarumilla hate voting for the President of this area and that craps crazy so they shut down church for the day haha

I want: Pics of the San Diego and Boise Temple, always more peanut butter.

I have Perry's drawings all over my casa. I love them!!

Ramoz Christmas Tree

Perry's Birthday sign. Happy Birthday Perry!!!

My zone eating pizza because we have a new dominos in Tumbes 

A bag of baby pigs on the back of a moto hahahahaha

The Family Home Evening Crew

The Center of Nutrition here in Zarumilla hahahaha

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monday. November 3. 2014-Week 13

Mi familia!!

A great week here in Peru!! Ok I’m sorry but this is going to have to be quick because we have to go with Pier tonight to Tumbesa for his setting apart,  he leaves tomorrow!! So this week started awesome. We made brownies and they turned out great, more like a brownie cake but still awesome!! I’m glad to hear that your letters came because I got my packages and mail this week too!! Thanks for all the awesome stuff!! I have Perry’s pictures hanging all over my house!! Seriously you guys are amazing it made my week!!

Our bishop is the owner of a100+ acres of banana farms so we went and worked with him this week and it was so cool!!! We used machetes and hacked down trees (sorta like pumpkin carving hahaha) and explored and got attacked by spiders and other insects that were freakin huge it was sweet!!

Ohhh ya all the bracelets you guys sent........the kids here freakin love them!! I’m trying not to give away too many right now but they all want them hahahaa.

Because Piers leaving tomorrow we set up their Christmas tree this week. It’s about 3 feet tall and has like 10 decorations but hey it gets the job done haha. It was fun to start up Christmas because they don’t celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving here. Also I only have 1 more Halloween left in my mission hahaha.

This week the work was really good. My spanish is like day and night difference from last week!! I can seriously understand everything people say and i can freakin speak spanisha!!! It’s so crazy to think about me speaking spanish 3 months ago hahahaha.

But ya we’ve been contacting familias en la calles a bunch and it’s been awesome!! We contacted and set citas con 21 nueva familias esta semana!! Lots of work to do!! We also have a new date for baptisms with an investigator named Claver. He is 21 and easily has the most excitement about the gospel than any other person so far he reads and prays and the whole deal!! He has the spirit big time with him!! We set his fecha for the 13 of Diciembre. So add him to your prayers please we need your helpa!! That’s about all for this week. 

So it sounds like you all had an great week and that Perry’s birthday was amazing!!

Lauren will do amazing in her mission!!!!!!! Tell her to prepare well cause this work is hard but it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it!!

It sucked missing Halloween and most importantly Perry’s birthday but I know this mission is blessing you all and I will be home before you know it!!  Ahhhhh I have more to say but I really have to go because were leaving soon. I love you all so much this work is amazing and I know it’s true. Keep being awesome!! I love you all so much!!

Elder Wilson

Hermana Rebecca baking us brownies!! The recipe you sent was great!!

My packages came!!! THANK you!!!

New mosquito net covering my bed