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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monday. November 3. 2014-Week 13

Mi familia!!

A great week here in Peru!! Ok I’m sorry but this is going to have to be quick because we have to go with Pier tonight to Tumbesa for his setting apart,  he leaves tomorrow!! So this week started awesome. We made brownies and they turned out great, more like a brownie cake but still awesome!! I’m glad to hear that your letters came because I got my packages and mail this week too!! Thanks for all the awesome stuff!! I have Perry’s pictures hanging all over my house!! Seriously you guys are amazing it made my week!!

Our bishop is the owner of a100+ acres of banana farms so we went and worked with him this week and it was so cool!!! We used machetes and hacked down trees (sorta like pumpkin carving hahaha) and explored and got attacked by spiders and other insects that were freakin huge it was sweet!!

Ohhh ya all the bracelets you guys sent........the kids here freakin love them!! I’m trying not to give away too many right now but they all want them hahahaa.

Because Piers leaving tomorrow we set up their Christmas tree this week. It’s about 3 feet tall and has like 10 decorations but hey it gets the job done haha. It was fun to start up Christmas because they don’t celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving here. Also I only have 1 more Halloween left in my mission hahaha.

This week the work was really good. My spanish is like day and night difference from last week!! I can seriously understand everything people say and i can freakin speak spanisha!!! It’s so crazy to think about me speaking spanish 3 months ago hahahaha.

But ya we’ve been contacting familias en la calles a bunch and it’s been awesome!! We contacted and set citas con 21 nueva familias esta semana!! Lots of work to do!! We also have a new date for baptisms with an investigator named Claver. He is 21 and easily has the most excitement about the gospel than any other person so far he reads and prays and the whole deal!! He has the spirit big time with him!! We set his fecha for the 13 of Diciembre. So add him to your prayers please we need your helpa!! That’s about all for this week. 

So it sounds like you all had an great week and that Perry’s birthday was amazing!!

Lauren will do amazing in her mission!!!!!!! Tell her to prepare well cause this work is hard but it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it!!

It sucked missing Halloween and most importantly Perry’s birthday but I know this mission is blessing you all and I will be home before you know it!!  Ahhhhh I have more to say but I really have to go because were leaving soon. I love you all so much this work is amazing and I know it’s true. Keep being awesome!! I love you all so much!!

Elder Wilson

Hermana Rebecca baking us brownies!! The recipe you sent was great!!

My packages came!!! THANK you!!!

New mosquito net covering my bed

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