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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday. January 26. 2015-Week 25

The new district

Mi familia!! 

Well this was the craziest, funniest, most sad, most happy and definitely the most spiritual week of my mission so far. 

Lets start off with that it is carnivals here and they do the whole crazy pelting with water balloons thing haha. So we were walking down the street one night and we heard something go whizzing by our heads so I turned to look at where it came from and BOOM!! I got nailed straight in the throat by a water balloon from the third story of a building!! I’m not even kidding it hit me straight in the front of my throat and it freakin hurt!! I was laughing so hard and we went running away trying not to get hit again haha freakin kids. Gotta love Peru.

So now for the more real parts of this week. First off 4 people died in our neighborhood this week. 2 random people and the other 2 were investigators. I really didn’t know them but I felt so sad when they died. Like seriously it still makes me so sad just to think about it. So we attended a funeral service this week and wow the spirit was so strong there. One of the sister missionaries in our area gave a talk about the power of the plan of salvation and how his whole family has the chance to see him again after this life and wow I don’t know if I’ve ever felt the spirit so strong in my life. There was not a dry eye in that entire room. I have such a strong testimony of the plan of salvation because I know that our God is a loving God. He will give whatever he has to keep us happy with our familias and I am so grateful for this because I know that we will all see Gaven again after our lives here. 

We also set two dates for baptism this week!! We will be baptizing Hermano Rony Santos this 22 of Feb. and we have a goal to baptism Hermana Olivia Ordinola that same day!! Olivia is a little tougher to get to listen and we really need her to find her testimony for herself but Rony has seriously been prepared for us by God. He has been into hard core drugs for about the last 15 years and he is just sick of it. He told us he has been waiting for someone to help him change his life and in all of our lecciones the spirit is seriously soooooo dang strong!! He is going to church, he is reading and he is really feeling the spirit!! This gospel changes lives!! I know it does and I see it working on people every single day!! I love this gospel and this work!!

Well that’s all for this week. First off I want to ask you all to pray for Rony and Olivia. They are really working to change and see if this gospel is true and that means Satan will be working extra hard to tempt them so your prayers can help them so much!! Thanks!!! Thanks for your email mom. Trust me I can feel your love all the way here in Peru. I have learned so much from you guys about how to live the right way and now I am just applying what I am learning in my life. Thanks for your great examples to me and if you are going to follow anyone just put your faith in Jesus Christ and follow His spirit. I love this church and I love this gospel and I love all of you soooo much!! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

P.S- 2 of my favorite scriptures: Ether 12:27 Alma 26:12 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday. January 19. 2015-Week 24

No pictures this week from Elder Wilson. So I found this one from one year ago. He was rockin the stache and was SO exhausted from a week of finals.
Mi Familia

Were at a different internet so I can’t send pictures this week so next week you’ll get lots!!

Well you guys were right in thinking that this area is different cause wow it is nothing like Zarumilla!! The first crazy thing here is that everyone here studies english so tons of people want to talk in english!! I still speak in castellano basically 24/7 but tons of people here and my companion know english!! Ok so my new area is awesome!! It is smaller than my area in Zarumilla but I already love the people!! We are also working with a lot more menos activos which is good but different. But we are also progressing people como investigadores. We don’t have many investigadores because Elder Mauricio and his old compañero were trunkies and didn’t really work hard at all in this area. So about that yes Elder Mauricio is a trunky. He doesn’t want to work really at all and he wants to watch movies and listen to the radio and lots of things like that so it’s been a good but hard first week. I have really been sorta ruling this relationship with an iron fist haha!! I have to wake his butt up in the morining and make him study, I have to drag his butt out the door to teach and I basically do every single one of our contacts. Ya its sorta hard but I have noticed that even in this short amount of time together he’s already starting to get better!! He’s starting to teach a lot more in the lecciones and he’s helping me plan and ya good stuff haha. I got a letter from Presidente Rowley basically saying to be an example and to never stop working hard and that I’m here because he has a lot of faith in me. Wow that was good to read and really has motivated me to work even harder!! There is always something more that I can be doing and I will not stop doing as much as I possibly can until I get hit by a truck and can’t move or something like that hahaha. So I really have a lot of love for Elder Mauricio but I’ve just got to get him back on track. 

My new district is vacon, its 4 elderes y 2 hermanas and my new ward is great but very few people assist.......for right now!! My goal is to have that place packed every Sunday by the time I’m done here!! I’m also part of the ward choir and I basically have the lead part singing in spanish hahaha!! It’s a great way to strengthen the ward though. We have people that show up to choir that don’t show up to church so it’s a good way to work with them.

So my new area is great, I’m happy, I’m healthy (working out like a freakin champ every morning!!), and I am working as hard as I can to share this amazing gospel with every single person here in Peru!!

Ok so I freakin knew Ohio State would win 1. They’re from the Big 10 2. Oregon can never finish haha man I miss football so dang much!! Glad to hear everythings going great at home and everyone is happy!! Read, pray, help others, go to church and always put the evangelio de Jesucristo first in your life and watch the blessings flow.

Oh ya dad thanks for the letter. I miss you a ton and don’t worry I will keep working hard and tell the whole church crew I say que tal!! 

So that’s all for this week. Just working hard and loving the people of Peru. If you can please pray for Hermana Olivia Ordinola and the Familia Fernandez for me were working really hard to set a date for them!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!! This church is true I know it with all my heart!!

Much love 

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

It’s not raining any more
My new apartment is way nicer than in Zarumilla I really like it
I still want new sunglasses and possibly a new small sports type bag I could use for proselyting 

We have a pensionista who cooks and washes our clothes for us just like in Zarumilla.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday. January 12. 2014-Weel 23

Elder Wilson with his new companion, Elder Mauricio.
Mi Familia!!

It’s official I did not have a transfer.......oh wait ya I did haha!! I am done with my time in Zarumilla and am officially a missionary in Piura. I am in the actual city of Piura about 5 minutes from the airport and the house of Presidente Rowley (by the way he finishes his mission in June). My new area is called Jorge Chavez and it’s in the area Castilla Piura. It’s been a long day of traveling and packing and unpacking but I am settled in and ready to learn my new area!! My new compañero is called Elder Mauricio. He is 20 years old and from Lima, Peru. He is a great guy and I am way excited to work with him but he has been know to be a trunky so I’ve gotta be careful and keep him focused and working. Even with his history he is the lider de distrito here so I will be learing the ropes of how to be a lider de distrito this transfer. This area is night and day different from Zarumilla!! It’s all big city here, like they have resturantes like pizza hut, burger king, chilis, etc., and all the houses are way nicer and wow it’s just way different!! We went to shop for our food today in a store called Totus, basically like the Costco of Peru, and it freakin blew my mind!! I bought PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can buy peanut butter from a store right down the street!!!! So ya it’s gonna be a lot different here but it will be awesome. Mom you would be very happy because our house is way nicer and there is no mold on the walls and our bathroom is actually usable haha. So ya as I learn the area I will give you some more updates but I am way excited to be here and I am going to work as hard as I possibly can to change this area through the power of this gospel!!

So I had to say good bye to everyone in Zarumilla this week and that sucked!! I visited 3 familias my final night in Zarumilla and they all just cried their eyes out and it was so hard. Hermano Francisco, the husband of hermana Rebeca, is a manly man and he cried like a baby!! It was just really hard. When you dedicate your life to serving these people it is just terrible when you have to leave them. Every single one of them basically said that I have to come back after my mission and visit them and one of our investigators actually said that if I leave his familia was going to stop investigating the church!! So I talked to him and changed his mind on that but this is how I can see the success of my mission. I know I haven’t had any baptisms but I know that through this gospel I have changed the lives of many of the people of Zarumilla and that’s what it’s all about. Baptism is so important but what’s more important is making sure that every single person in this world feels the love that our Savior has for every single one of us. I love this work.

So ya all is well and I am super excited to work in this new area with Elder Mauricio. 

So glad to hear your week went good!! Sounds like you all kept busy and I’m glad to hear it’s nice and cold at home because it is hotter and hotter hear every day!! So that’s all for this week but I love you all so much!! Don’t worry about me because I think I’ve finally got this mission figured out haha!! I hope you all have an amazing week and I really like this scripture 3 Nephi 5:13!! I love you all so dang much and miss you like crazy but I love this work so I’m gonna stay here for another year and a half haha!! Love ya all!!

Much love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Familia Ramoz ‏ 

Familia de Liliana y Genaro ‏ 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monday. January 5. 2015-Week 22

With Francisco and with the family of Genaro with our muñeco!! ‏

Mi Familia

Happy Flippin New Years!!!!!!!!!

Well 2014 was officially the fastest year of my life!!! Its feels like it just started a few days ago and now its gone!! Its crazy to think that a year ago at this time I was in school and gettting ready for lax and now I'm here in Peru preaching the gospel!! Wow things can really change in a year!! But don't worry mom this year is going to go by so dang fast that next thing you know I'll be home......or maybe I'll just live in Peru forever because its pretty awesome haha;) Glad to hear that everything went good with the fam and I hope you told them all that I miss them and there's a new Hobbit!!!??? I don't get to hear about any of this stuff down here in Peru haha but ya that ones going on the list for sure!! Today we went to the beach to play some fútbol in the morining and after that we went to Tumbes to have lunch with some other Elderes.

So this week was a solid week here in Zarumilla. We worked and worked and worked some more and then partied a little for new years hahahaha. So ya they celebrate New Years here for sure!!! On the 31 we had a big ward party that started at 9 and finished at 3 30 in the morning!!!! We didn't stay the whole time. So Elder Antonio, Elder Cisneros, Elder Rapoza y yo went to the house of Hermana Liliana to pass the new year and burn our muñeco. A muñeco is basically a scarecrow type thing that they make and fill with fireworks and other highly illegal explosive things and at 12 they light it on fire and it burns and blows up for like 15 minutes haha its awesome!! Its a tradition here in Peru so everyone did it!! I'm serious every single house had 1 or 2 of them and was just blowing them up like crazy!! Also they shoot off a bunch of big fireworks and they play music in the streets and everyone just dances around haha wow that was one New Years that I will never forget!! 

So the rest of the week we just went back to work. We are seriously teaching so dang much and contacting every person we see because Zarumilla is hard. I've been talking to all the guys and no one has baptisms in this misson. For example Elder Rapoza finishes his mission in 2 months and he only has 2 baptisms and one of them was in the United States!! So that just makes me want to work harder because I know that we can change lives and reactivate and really just make Peru a better and happier place that is full of the spirit!! That is my goal and I will not come home until I accomplish it haha sorry mom;) 

Also the rains started this week and wow they weren't lying!! The streets are seriously rivers!! And it all happened so fast. One minute we were walking down the street and the next second it was like we were in a shower!! It rains so hard that we just have to run to a house and hide because we are seriously like dripping wet, like we jumped in a pool fully clothed wet in a matter of seconds haha its crazy!! So that about raps it up for this week. 

Ok something else important. We have cambios this week on Saturday and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be changing areas so if you don't get an email from me on Monday that's why. But don't worry I'll email on Tuesday or something. 

So I miss you all a ton seriously more and more every single day!! It's so hard to be away from home but I am also becoming more and more focused in this work. I know it's true because I can see the power of the spirit working in people every single day. So that's all I've got for this week. Keep working hard, living happy and loving the Lord with all you've got and I'll keep working hard here!! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!

Much Love

Elder Wilson

P.S- I would like a nice pair of sun glasses because mine are crapcito hahaha
P.S.S- I want to hear about your new years goals next week!!


Hermana Liliana!!! My 3rd Mother haha ‏

Benditos (The beach we went to today)

Monday. December 29. 2014-Week 21

A view of Tumbes (an area much nicer that mine....but not better haha!!)

Mi Familia!!!!!

Que tal!? Well I’ll just start off by saying that it was awesome to talk to you guys on Christmas!! I loved seeing you and hearing you and all of that good stuff but it made me realize one thing very important......I am going to freakin suck at English by the time I get home!!! I still have 19 months left in this bad boy and I already can’t remember english words and how to make sentences haha ohh boy you’re gonna have a project when I get home!! We had dinner with the Ramoz family after skype and that was about it for our Christmas en Peru. I’m so jealous to hear about seeing the family first off but also of the snow!! I didn’t realize how much I would miss the freezing cold Idaho winters!! It honestly feels like I am living in a heater right now and there’s no escaping it!! I seriously lose like 10 pounds of water weight cada dia from sweating!! Wow I’m looking forward to seeing that snow.....actually I’m going to get home smack dab in the middle of summer in Idaho!!! I’ll never escape the heat haha. 

So this week we just got right back to work teaching!! We actually had a few lessons the night of Christmas because the work never takes a break!! It’s so awesome now that I know spanish because I can really expound on things and help people understand our message better and I think it’s helping because we had 2 of our investigadores llegaron a la iglesia esta domingo!! I was so excited to see them there!! Hermano Francisco and Hermano Luis so please keep them in your prayers and thanks for doing this fast for me!! You don’t understand how much I feel your fasts and prayers here it’s incredible!! You guys seriously impact my life so much with your prayers for me and my area so keep em coming!! Our investigador, hermano Francisco, has a really nasty illness right now with his internal organs so on sábado we gave him a blessing and wow I know that the spirit was in that room with us. At times he can barely stand but after that blessing he stood right up, looked us in the eyes and basically said that he knows the church is true through the power of the spirit and our priesthood. This was incredible!! It made me realize just how important our priesthood is!! So this is my invitation for everyone, we have the priesthood for a reason and it is to bless the lives of others. It isn’t something you can put up on a shelf in the closet until you "really need it" because you always need it!! If you have the priesthood and you’re not using it then you are not living up to your purpose here. You have the ability to change lives through your power so always be searching for oportunidades to use your priesthood!!

That’s about it for this week. We went and played futbol this moring with our zone and I lost my money today in Tumbes but we get money this Thursday so I’ll be just fine haha. 

I love you guys so much and you are always in my prayers. I hope you all have an amazing week and an awesome new year!!! I’ll talk to yall in 2015!! I love you!!

Much Love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Elder Wilson with Elder Cisneros

Caroling with my zone in Tumbes