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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday. January 26. 2015-Week 25

The new district

Mi familia!! 

Well this was the craziest, funniest, most sad, most happy and definitely the most spiritual week of my mission so far. 

Lets start off with that it is carnivals here and they do the whole crazy pelting with water balloons thing haha. So we were walking down the street one night and we heard something go whizzing by our heads so I turned to look at where it came from and BOOM!! I got nailed straight in the throat by a water balloon from the third story of a building!! I’m not even kidding it hit me straight in the front of my throat and it freakin hurt!! I was laughing so hard and we went running away trying not to get hit again haha freakin kids. Gotta love Peru.

So now for the more real parts of this week. First off 4 people died in our neighborhood this week. 2 random people and the other 2 were investigators. I really didn’t know them but I felt so sad when they died. Like seriously it still makes me so sad just to think about it. So we attended a funeral service this week and wow the spirit was so strong there. One of the sister missionaries in our area gave a talk about the power of the plan of salvation and how his whole family has the chance to see him again after this life and wow I don’t know if I’ve ever felt the spirit so strong in my life. There was not a dry eye in that entire room. I have such a strong testimony of the plan of salvation because I know that our God is a loving God. He will give whatever he has to keep us happy with our familias and I am so grateful for this because I know that we will all see Gaven again after our lives here. 

We also set two dates for baptism this week!! We will be baptizing Hermano Rony Santos this 22 of Feb. and we have a goal to baptism Hermana Olivia Ordinola that same day!! Olivia is a little tougher to get to listen and we really need her to find her testimony for herself but Rony has seriously been prepared for us by God. He has been into hard core drugs for about the last 15 years and he is just sick of it. He told us he has been waiting for someone to help him change his life and in all of our lecciones the spirit is seriously soooooo dang strong!! He is going to church, he is reading and he is really feeling the spirit!! This gospel changes lives!! I know it does and I see it working on people every single day!! I love this gospel and this work!!

Well that’s all for this week. First off I want to ask you all to pray for Rony and Olivia. They are really working to change and see if this gospel is true and that means Satan will be working extra hard to tempt them so your prayers can help them so much!! Thanks!!! Thanks for your email mom. Trust me I can feel your love all the way here in Peru. I have learned so much from you guys about how to live the right way and now I am just applying what I am learning in my life. Thanks for your great examples to me and if you are going to follow anyone just put your faith in Jesus Christ and follow His spirit. I love this church and I love this gospel and I love all of you soooo much!! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

P.S- 2 of my favorite scriptures: Ether 12:27 Alma 26:12 

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