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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday. March 30, 2015-Week 34

Elder Wilson, Gino, Elder Mauricio

Mi Familia!!!

Ohh my gosh!! I am currently sitting in the corner of some little internet shack sweating like crazy just to write you guys so I hope you feel pretty special hahaha!! And this computer really stinks so no pictures this week but I'll send a ton next week! Sorry . . . .

Sounds like all is going well at home. Spring Break hahaha I don't even remember what the word break means because la obra misional never ends but I am very glad that you all are enjoying it!! I don't hear enough about sports! How is Tate doing in soccer? How is Mountain View Lax doing? How is BYU Lax doing? I've got to know this stuff so keep me updated!! Hahaha Tate can't live without Logan!! Nothing's changed since I've left home!! Those tw are stuck together at the hip!! What are they gonna do when they go on missions?!?! So ya, I've officially been out for 8 months . . . . I feel old haha!! But wow how fast this time has flown by!! It really does seem like I just got here and now I am becoming one of the experienced missionaries! Pretty cool stuff and I just love this mission more and more every day!!

I get to watch conference this weekend also!! We will be watching en Espanol but we will be watching it live so I am pumped!! There aren't too many people here with TVs and stuff like that so we are going to watch it in the stake center, which is OK with me because there is A/C!!!!! But what a great experience that we have to watch this session of conference and receive direct revelation from God through His living Prophet and Apostles. This last week I have read the whole conference from Fall 2014 and WOW I have received so much revelation in my life so I know we are going to hear some amazing things in this one!! I encourage each one of you to fast and pray in preparation for this great day and do all that you can to share this message with everyone!! Share conference with everyone because we as members of the church know that through conference every single person can hear something that will change their lives!! I love conference and I want to hear from everyone in the family about their favorite talk next week!!

Well this week went great! We are seriously seeing so much progress in our area right now, it's crazy!! We have tooooooooons of people listening to our lecciones and also a good number of people with baptism dates. Gino has officially committed to a date for his baptism! We are going to be baptising him this 12 de April!! One day after my birthday!!! I know he is pretty excited about this and I know that Elder Mauricio and I are super excited about it so now we are just going to do all that we can to make sure that this all works out great. The only sad part is that this Sunday we have transfers . . . . and I am 90% sure that Elder Mauricio will be leaving Jorge Chavez one week from today before the baptism of Gino :(  It's ok because our goal as missionaries is not to baptize for ourselves but to build the kingdom of our Father. It doesn't matter if we are planting the seed or reaping the harvest if we are participating in the Lord's work. 

This week we also had a visita de trabajo which is when we go and work with other leaders of the mission for a day. I went and worked with our zone leader, Elder Robertson. He is awesome and we preached the gospel with some serious power! He is from Canada and he showed me a bunch of pictures of Canada and WOW, it's awesome!! I think I'm going to move to Canada when I get home hahaha ;)

This week I also ate cuy, which is guinea pig!!!! I have waited 8 months to get to eat cuy and now I can check that one off the bucket list! So Perry I hope you don't have a pet guinea pig when I get home because I will be cooking that sucker up and eating it! They're pretty tasty!!

So ya overall this week was great. We currently have 4 people with baptism dates. Gino, Viviana, Antonio, and Maria. They are all advancing at their own pace but it really is hard here. There are so many distractions that are trying to pull them from their path to receive the truth in their lives and sometimes they just don't listen to us. That is why I ask for your prayers every week because they really do help us so much!! Through your prayers you are participating in the mission work because you are helping people all over the world to receive happiness in their lives.

I am happy, healthy, and sharing this gospel like no one you've ever seen. These are the things that are the most important to me in the whole world and I hope that all of you can share in my joy by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read, study, pray and never waste a chance to share what you know with other people. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!! I'm always praying for you!! Ohhh and we also got to watch Meet the Mormons today and that is an awesome movie!!! Love you guys!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday. March 23. 20015 Email from Elder Wilson to Tate


Thanks for the email bro! I'm glad to hear that you are still tearing it up on the soccer field, in the classroom, and most importantly in the church!! So you are finally 16!! I have been waiting for this day for the last few years because it is now time for my baby bro to step it up and be a man and yes, that means taking some girls on dates!! Haha! If I don't get pictures of you and your dates I will be beating your butt when I get home!! So it sounds like you are still chillin with a good group of guys and that you aren't doing anything stupid. But always be careful. Trust me it is easier to do what is wrong than to do what is right. Keep working hard dude because you've got to go to BYU with me!! You will be tearing it up on el chancha de futbol while I'll be tearing it up on the lax field!! Ok Tate I am glad to hear that you are studying in the scriptures but you've GOT to study in the PMG!! I was very unprepared in this way for my mission and for a long while it showed. Read it, study it, live it!! Ok, I don't have a ton of time right now because we've got to go to a service project but I love you Tate. You are my best friend and for that reason I just want you to be happy and successful. Do all you can to do what is right and be an example to others because you will be where I am right now before you know it. Keep working hard and having fun and I'll see you soon! I'm always praying for you.

Elder Asher Wilson A.K.A Your older brother and your superior hahaha!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday. March 23. 2015-Week 33

Geno's dog, Kena, a German Shepard. I am buying one for sure when I get home!! I take her running with me in the mornings.
Mi Familia!!!!!!

What a great week it sounds like you had!! Tate is now a little closer to manhood & it sounds like you are all busy with everything. Mom I loved hearing about your temple story because I miss that place so dang much!!! I don't get to enter one of those beautiful buildings for 16 more months and you get the chance to go all the time so take advantage of it!! The veil is very very thin there. I was also very happy to hear that BYU LAX is tearing it up!! I'm hoping they'll still have a solid squad when I get home!

So this week was great here in Peru. Today for PDay all of us missionaries in the Piura area went to a huge are of Incan ruins and it was pretty sweet!! They really hadn't maintained anything too well and there was scaffolding all over them but it was till cool to hear the history. It was a really good PDay here in Piura!!

This week was good, and long, and hard, and awesome!! First off, it rained all week long!! Like hard core Peruano rain. All of the streets were full of water and there wasn't a ton of people in the streets. They must have been scared of the rain but Elder Mauricio and I sure weren't!!!! We worked our butts off this week, like more than usual. At first we were sorta down about the rain scaring everyone off, but then we realized something . . . people do not drink (beer) inside. So because everyone was inside it meant that there were very few drunks!! What a blessing that was!! We had educated conversations with people that I hadn't ever seen sober in my 3 months here hahahaha!!! The Lord puts things in our paths to test us but what we always need to remember is that He will always provide for us. He wants to see what we do in bad situations. If we can put our faith in Him and push through we will receive amazing blessings!! 3 Nefi 31:20 "Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life."

Also this week we had a multi zona conferencia. It was amazing!! You said that you received revelation in your stake conference, so did I this week in mine!! To be in conference with Presidente Rowley and about 65 other missionaries is one of the most amazing things in the world!! I received so much revelation and was filled with the Spirit through the words of Presidente Rowley and it just motivated me more and more to work. He taught us all about the importance of testimony this week. We talked about the importance of gaining our own personal testimony first and then helping others to receive theirs. Through your testimony you  can feel the pure love and power of Christ in your life!! We also did an awesome skit of Ammon cutting off the arms of the Lamanites, and it was Awesome! I ahd to talk more than anyone else in the show but let me just say . . . . I nailed my parts hahaha!! 

We also gave a lot of blessings this week and we saw miracles. I know and testify that the Lord can work through us. I feel His power every time I put my hands on the head of another person and give them a blessing. We are holders of the most powerful force on Earth!!!! We must do all that we can to show the power of God through the Priesthood!! We were chosen and selected to be fearless holders of this great power, so we can't sit back and wait for opportunities to use it but we must search for these opportunities!! I love the Priesthood and I will honor my Father in Heaven by using it to help others to receive blessings in their lives.

We have 3 people with baptism dates right now!!! Viviana (11 de Abril), Gino (4 de Apbril), and Antonio (19 de Abril). Pray and fast and do all you can for them because they are amazing people and they are ready to accept this covenant in their lives!!

One thing about Elder Mauricio and our most spiritual experience of the week . . . We are teaching a family, and have been for awhile. They are amazing but it has been close to impossible to feel the Spirit in the lecciones because they are so crazy running around and always with their music and a lot of the time they just don't listen. So this week we planned and prayed hard for them. We showed up to this leccion in their house and it was wild as usual. We did all that we could to calm them down but it just wasn't working. We decided to start with a prayer. Elder Mauricio offered the first prayer and wow . . . I don't have words to describe it. They were not his words and he spoke full of the Spirit of the Lord. We destroyed all distractions through this prayer and when we finished there was nothing but peace and the Spirit. We taught an amazing lesson and it was the first time that I have really felt the Spirit in that house. Now I know that Mauricio can be frustrating and all of that, but I know with all of my heart and soul that he is a representative of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and he speaks with His power. I am so happy to call him my companion!!

Ok well that's all for this week. I am healthy, happy, and working hard so don't worry about me. Thanks for your emails, I love reading them!! I love you guys SOOOOOOO much and hope you have a great week!!

Much Love,

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

With Gino and his mom.

Elder Edwards.
Elder Prince.
Elder Ayala.
With Moises.
A church with statues of Jesus, the 12 Apostles . . . and the Virgin Mary.
Dead People.
Ancient Incan instruments.
Peruano dogs . . . yep they are nasty!!
Our tour guides . . . little kids!!
The zone.

Elder Huranga (mi pata).

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday. March 16. 2015-Week 32

Selfie with Geno.

Mi Familia!!

Tate, Happy flippin Birthday bro!! You still aren't a man but hey you're a little bit closer haha!! I'm hoping you had a great day! Happy Birthday to the best brother anyone could ask for! You really are my best friend and I wouldn't trade you for anyone! I am now only going to miss one more of all of your birthdays and then I'll be home!!

Sounds like this week was crazy fun!! San Diego. What great memories I have of San Diego! When I get home we're gonna have to go back there to visit because I miss it!! I loved the picture of everyone together and happy and all of that good stuff! When I see all of you happy like that I know that I am accomplishing my work here in my mission. I pray for you guys soooooo much, so it's good to know that you guys are actually feeling the blessings of my mission.

This week was a good one but a long one. Today for Pday we got together with all of the other Elderes y Hermanas and we played futbol y volleyball. It was super fun because I don't get to be competitive very often here haha! I miss being competitive and playing  hard so much! I didn't know how much I would miss it but I do. Don't worry, I wasn't taking anyone out today, but I did throw down a few nasty spikes playing volleyball hahahaha! 

This week school started up here in Piura. Ya pretty weird huh?!?! They are just finishing up summer break. For this reason everyone was working or studying and it was really hard to find people in the streets. We still contacted a bunch of people, but ya it was a little harder. So I would really appreciate some prayers to help me find new people in the streets. The people are really hard here. A ton of them won't listen to us because we are Mormons but I'm not going to back down!! I am going to teach this gospel with everything I have because I know it's true. If they want to spit at me, run away from me, lie to me, or throw water or beer or juice or whatever they happen to have with them at me, bring it on. I will never ever stop teaching this gospel for the rest of my life. Even with all of these challenges I also know that the Lord prepares people especially for us. We have 2 new people with baptism dates. One of them is Geno Fossa. I have sent pictures of him with us and he is awesome. He is going to make the best member ever, except for maybe Rony because he is pretty awesome!! We are trying to baptize him the 4th of April. We are also trying to complete a family. Everyone in this family are members except for one of the daughters named Viviana. She is 17 and has really had some problems with things in her life but now she is finally ready to change. She accepted a baptism date for the 11th of April. If it works out it will easily be the best birthday present ever!! So if you want to pray for Geno and Viviana, that would be great! 

We also had stake conference this week and it was amazing! Tons of people showed up from the stake and tons of inspired leaders spoke to us. We listened to our stake leadership and Presidente y Hermana Rowely and also to Presidente Calderon. He is a member of the seventy and lives in Lima. He is AWESOME!! My favorite talk I have ever heard came from his mouth this weekend. His topic was how we need to sacrifice things in our lives for greater spiritual gains and blessings. It blew my freaking mind!! Also, Presidente Calderon did an interactive conference, so he passed around a microphone to people for them to answer questions. The first questions he asked nobody raised their hand to answer it, so our new convert, Rony (only 1 month baptized), raised his hand, answered the question and then continued to preach the dang gospel to everyone in the whole building!! I don't want to be cocky, but I think I may have baptized the greatest convert in the whole world, with the exception of you Mom!! :)  It was just an overall great experience and I am now way refreshed for this new week. I am going to work until I can't anymore and then just keep going. This is the work of the Lord and I am on the front lines!!

So that's a little about my week. Thanks for your emails mom, they are awesome! I love hearing about you guys because we are all so far away but it won't be long until I am home . . . how happy but how sad. Don't worry about me because all is great. I am now a missionary of experience and I know a little more about the work so I'm just trying to get everything done that I can and that's a lot of things haha! Just keep praying for me and remember that I am praying for you. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! 

Happy birthday to the Tater Tot who is now old enough to date!!!!

Much Love,

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

The front of our house.

The street we live on.

It rained . . . hard!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday. March 9. 2015 LETTER from Asher dated January 15. 2015

Ma Familia!

Hey guys! How's life back in the 208? Man I sure do miss home like crazy but I will be home super soon!! I'm almost at 6 months!! Wow, 1/4 de mi mision! Where has the time gone?

So I am writing this from my new area Jorge Chavez. Jorge Chavez esta por Castila which is a zona de Piura. It is located about 5 1/2 hoursfrom Zarumilla. I was honestly so sad to leave Zaramuilla. it was almost like leaveing home again, especially when I had to say good bye to la Familia Ramoz y la Familia Cueva (Genaro y Liliana). Wow, I am seriously going to miss Zarumilla so much!! My time there was vacan y I really have a love for those people. I promised them that I would go back y visit them someday y also I'm going to ask Presidente to let me finish my mision there. So as good as it was to serve in Zarumilla, all my efforts are now focused here in Jorge Chavez. It's a good area, a lot smaller than my area en Zarumilla, and it's actually just as dang hot!! I was promised it would be cooler here y that was a lie!! But the area is awesome y my house is way nicer here. Everyone calls my house "la cueva" because it is seriously a cave!! You duck down through this tiny little door and down a step to get in and without light it can be pitch black at 5 in the afternoon!! We have 1 window in the whole house y it's tiny, so ya it's sorta hard to wake up in the morning haha. But it's really nice, especially the bano!! The toilet is actually usable and the shower is legit (but always freezing cold, hot water doesn't even exist in Peru). So ya I'm happy with my house so now I've just gotta learn my area a little better. 

My companero's name is Elder Mauricio y he is 20. He is from Lima y he has 14 months in his mission. For his whole mission he has been "trunky" and that was a problem for me. A trunky is basically a misionario that doesn't want to be here. They watch regular movies, listen to regular music, have their own I-Phones or I-Pads, go to the movies, sleep all day, and basically anything else that doesn't involve working. They are so dang frustrating to me and I was happy to get one for my new companero because I am already changing him. I make him get up, work out, y study y then we go out y teach ALL DAY LONG!! I have already seen changes in him 7 wow he has all the potential in the world to be an incredible misionario!! He's really a great guy and I know he wants to do what's right so I'm just gonna keep pushing him. It's so amazing to see how this gospel can change people's lives!! Even my companero's life!! We are going to do amazing things in this area, I know it!!

Ohh ya I forgot to write about how we live right in front of the airport runway!! So every time an airplane takes off or lands our whole house shakes and you can't hear anything because it's so loud haha!! It happens like every 20 minutes hahaha so when we are teaching we always have to stop y wait because we c an't hear our investigators when the plane flies over haha just another awesome memory of Peru!! 

So the work is going good. We are teaching so many less actives in this area! We didn't have many less actives in my last area so this is sorta new for me y is good because I'm learning how to work with the members. This is way important but we also need to find new investigators. Elder Mauricio isn't too good at that so I've sort of taken over in that category y were already starting to get some good progress out of new investigators!! This work is so dang hard y sometimes I can get a little down about life y work but I am so happy because I know I am doing the Lord's work. I will change this area through the incredible power of the gospel because I love this gospel y that means I love all of our Father in Heaven's children. This gospel is the 1 perfect thing we have in this life y it can change lives!! I have watched as hard hearted people have accepted the gospel into their lives and as that power of the gospel touches their hearts through the power of the Holy Ghost I have seen incredible changes. A quote that I have come to love on my mission is, "Everyone wants to accept the gospel y live it's principles so it is our job to help them remember that." Well the quote goes something like that haha!! Everyone at one point before this life chose to be here so everyone can be touched by the Spirit y realize the importance of our covenants with God. I know that this church is true, that is why I am here in this Peruano wasteland haha :)  I love this gospel y our Lord y Savior Jesus Christ more than anything else in the world because I have felt the power of His sacrifice y atonement en mi vida!! Without Him y His Atonement we cannot return to our loving Father in Heaven so always remember Him. Show Him how thankful you are for His sacrifice through your actions. There is no better way to honor our Lord than by keeping the commandments y helping others receive this divine gospel in their lives.

Well that's all for now guys. I am fine y super happy here so don't worry about me, but keep the prayers coming cause I need em! I love you all so dang much I cant even explain it, but like I said I will be home so soon!! I love you all y pray for you daily. Be smart, safe, y always make those good decisions that will bless your lives y others. I love you guys!! The church is true!!

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

p.s. keep me updated on lax!!! and write me back (hand written)!!!

Monday. March 9. 2015. EMAIL between Perry and Asher

Asher and Perry

Hi nee nee! 
I miss you soooo much!! I'm so sorry I haven't emailed you for a long time. so now I need to cech (catch) you up. OK well this Monday i'm going to start my first soccer game of the season so i'm super excited about it. I Bet when you get back you will be better at soccer. P.S. I well still be better at soccer then you. Ok next thing on Wensday where going to California to see jaja and papa and to go to sea world and for daddys work. Wow that is a lot of stuff where going there for. I wish you where here but the lord is haveing you serve for him and i think thats pretty awsome. well i'm super proud of you and i love you so much. well Asher i have a testimony of the church and i no that you do to. I love you good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


p.s. good job getting rony baptized

My little Perry Marie!! Ok well maybe not so little anymore :(

Perry thanks so much for the email!! I love hearing from you!! So you're getting ready to start soccer huh?? You better kick some serious booty this year and get ready to play against me soon because I'm taking that challenge to beat you in soccer haha! I hope you have so much fun in California and I wish I could be there too but you are so right Perry, the Lord is using me in His hand to do his work and I am exactly where I need to be. I love hearing about your testimony Perry and I hope you know it is the most powerful thing you will ever have as long as you are doing all that you can to strengthen it. Read your scriptures, say your prayers, serve other people, go to church and always love Jesus Christ with all of your heart!! I also know this church is true Perry! It is the biggest most important part of my life. I love the Book of Mormon and Know that we can be so blessed through it and most of all I love Jesus Christ and HE LOVES YOU PERRY!!!! Ok well I hope all is going great with you! I've got to go but I hope you know that I love you SOOOOOOO much! More than I can ever explain and don't worry, I'll be home soon!!!

Love ya Perry Marie!!

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Monday. March 9. 2015-Week 31

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I also sent you a letter but I thought I would give you a shout out. I love you so much and really hope you have an amazing week. I will be thinking of you so much on this special day and hope everything goes great. You are the best mom anyone could ever ask for and really a huge example to me!! I love you so much mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stomach: I have been crapping fire pretty much since I got here 7 months ago but it's finally starting to slow down haha.

Food: I like to cook eggs and oatmeal in the morning, also fruit. For lunch we eat with our mission mom or members (Saturdays and Sundays). For dinner I make sandwiches or we'll buy a chicken and cut it up and cook it with rice and vegetables and other good stuff like that.

Favorite family: A family called the Family Fossa. Some of them are members and some of then aren't but they are all listening to us right now and we are hoping to dunk a few of them soon.

Elder Mauricio: He has really turned things around and is easily my favorite companion yet. He is 20 and from Lima, Peru. He is going to finish his mission this November. He is the District Leader. He is the youngest of 2 kids and he was born in the church. He loves music. He can play the piano, guitar, bass and many other instruments. He is also super funny and always joking around. That's a little more about my boy Mauricio!!

City Life: City life is ok. I definitely like being out in the middle of nowhere Peruvian village but life here is good. It's just so dang busy because there are tons of people and there is a lot of violence. But that's why we are here to help them!!

Zarumilla: I don't have any contact with them. :(   But this week I did print off a bunch of pictures from Zarumilla of different families and I'm going to write on them and then send them there with the missionaries and they will hand them out to the families.

Study: I love to study the scriptures. Most people study about 1 or 2 hours a day but I don't study anything less than 3ish hours a day. I think I'm addicted. All of my free time, when I'm not working out, is dedicated to studying. I have read the Libro de Mormon a few times and I am still reading it (I am in 3 Nephi right now, reading about when Jesus came to the Nephites in America). But I am also reading through the New Testament and I have finished almost all of the Doctrine and Covenants. I am really focusing right now in the power of the sacerdocio (priesthood) and how we should ask for challenges to make us stronger. Also yesterday I read the whole book of Way to Be by Gordon B!!

Rony: All is good with Rony. Keep praying for him though. Also he would love it if you sent him something from the United States!

Patience: I don't know how it's happened but I am not even kidding I am now so patient. I feel my Savior's love for everyone around me and it's just hard for me to lose my temper or not to have patience with them. Every day I ask for help with my weaknesses and he is listening and helping me. I'm going to be a lot different when I get home. haha.

Ok, so sounds like you had a great week back in Idaho!! Soccer and school and work and fun all sounds pretty good to me!!

This week was a good one but also a long one. We had reunions de zona, meetings with the ward, meetings with the members, we spoke in sacrament this week and also the same work that we always do haha gotta love mission life. 

This week we worked with a new Elder for a day because his companion went to Lima for the day. His name is Elder McElwain and he is from Texas. He was great! Working with him made me think how far that I've come. I felt like I was a billion years more advanced than him so I just did all I could to help him learn because his companion doesn't speak English so he is struggling a little. Reminded me of some of my earlier mission.

We had another 24 hour black out this week so we taught in the dark!! Nothing can stop the work of God!! But it was really super hot sleeping without our fan haha!! 

I spoke in church for like my 8th time this week and it went really good. We are really struggling with our members working with us to help us with the obra misional, especially the men, so I burnt them a little haha. As Elder Holland says, I gave them just enough to singe their eyebrows!!! :)  I spoke on the importance of magnifying our sacerdocio. I read in Alma 13 about how we were all pre ordained to have the sacerdocio and to do many amazing things here in our life. Also in D&C 121 about why many of us are called and few chosen. I invited them all to become servants of our Lord and Savior and do all they can to share the power of God with others. My best talk yet! 

Besides all of that we are still just working. We  came across an amazing family this week and they are listening to the lessons!! It is really hard to find people to listen here, especially families, so please pray for them! The familia Navaro. They are amazing and we want to baptise them and we could use all the help we can get!!

Well that's about all for this week because I answered a hundred questions haha!! I hope you all know that I love what I am doing. If I could serve like this for the rest of my life, I would because it is the work of the LORD!!! Keep doing all you can to help the missionaries because trust me, they need you!!  I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!! You're in my prayers!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

The Bishop's family.

Getting my hair cut on this sweet horse chair!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Monday. March 2. 20015-Week 30

The new district

Mi Familia!!!

Happy flippin birthday old man!! 43 years old and still going strong haha! But really, happy birthday dad!! I hope you have a great day, eat some good food, and don't have to work too much haha! I'm thinking about you a lot today and I'm pretty sure I've told every missionary in all of Peru that it's your birthday today!! I wrote you a letter and sent it this week so I don't know hen you'll get it but I hope soon!! Feliz cumplir anos a el mejor padre en todo el mundo!!

Wow! What a week you guys had!! I thought I worked hard here in the mission but you guys put me to shame this week haha ;) I'm glad I'll be getting back in 17 months when our nice new carpet will be nice and dirty once again hahahaha ;) But ya, 7 months down. The time just flies by, you guys don't even understand!! It feels like I just got here and now I'm over 1/4th done with my mission!!

Congrats to Brianna on her mission call!! Kobe, Japan that's a little crazy!! Super excited for her!!

All is well with Rony. This weekend he was confirmed a member and also received the Aaronic Priesthood. He is seriously going to be the best member ever. He just loves the church and the gospel so dang much. It's awesome! The best part about him is his desire to share the gospel with everyone!! He's already talking to all of his friends to get them ready to talk to us and accept the gospel in their lives!! It's so awesome because the most important people in mission work are the members. The mission work dies if the members aren't working!! Also once again, thanks for all of your prayers for Rony.

Nothing too big happened this week but it was a good one! We are just trying to find more people who want to hear our message. It's really hard here. There's just not too many people who want to listen to 2 guys in white shirts talk about God. We have been praying and fasting so hard to find these people and it payed off because we found 2 amazing new investigators this weekend. We are just starting to teach them but they already have a huge desire to learn more and especially to read the Book of Mormon. That is awesome because no one here likes to read haha!! It really is a miracle to find someone here that wants to read the Book of Mormon so we were very excited. The Lord watches over and blesses His missionaries I know it!!!!

Ohhhhhh, we ate something so nasty this week!! I've really liked the food here a lot and haven't been picky about anything but this food might be the worst food ever created!! It's called Malas Rabias (which translates into bad rabies!! Who wants to eat something called bad rabbies?!?!?!) It is smashed up bananas covered in cheese and then mixed up into like a mash and then they toss in a bunch of chopped onions . . . . it is TERRIBLE!!! I will never eat it again not even if it's the last food on Earth. Since I've been in Peru, I've eaten parts of animals that I didn't even know you could eat and they all tasted better than Malas Rabias. Never eat it!

So about cambios. The next cambio is 5 de April. I will be here in Piura for awhile more but this should be the last cambio here for Elder Mauricio so I really have no idea what's going to happen.

Well that's all for this week. I am doing great, except that I killed like 5 king kong sized cockroaches in my house this week haha but it's normal here in Peru. Everything is really going great. The work is hard but so rewarding and I really love my mission more and more every single day. This is the work of the Lord and I have been called to represent His Son, Jesus Christ and for that reason I will do all in my power to serve Him with everything I have. I love you guys so much and hope all is well at home. Happy Birthday Dad, you're the best! I love you guys a ton!!

Much love,

Elder Wilson