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Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday. March 9. 2015 LETTER from Asher dated January 15. 2015

Ma Familia!

Hey guys! How's life back in the 208? Man I sure do miss home like crazy but I will be home super soon!! I'm almost at 6 months!! Wow, 1/4 de mi mision! Where has the time gone?

So I am writing this from my new area Jorge Chavez. Jorge Chavez esta por Castila which is a zona de Piura. It is located about 5 1/2 hoursfrom Zarumilla. I was honestly so sad to leave Zaramuilla. it was almost like leaveing home again, especially when I had to say good bye to la Familia Ramoz y la Familia Cueva (Genaro y Liliana). Wow, I am seriously going to miss Zarumilla so much!! My time there was vacan y I really have a love for those people. I promised them that I would go back y visit them someday y also I'm going to ask Presidente to let me finish my mision there. So as good as it was to serve in Zarumilla, all my efforts are now focused here in Jorge Chavez. It's a good area, a lot smaller than my area en Zarumilla, and it's actually just as dang hot!! I was promised it would be cooler here y that was a lie!! But the area is awesome y my house is way nicer here. Everyone calls my house "la cueva" because it is seriously a cave!! You duck down through this tiny little door and down a step to get in and without light it can be pitch black at 5 in the afternoon!! We have 1 window in the whole house y it's tiny, so ya it's sorta hard to wake up in the morning haha. But it's really nice, especially the bano!! The toilet is actually usable and the shower is legit (but always freezing cold, hot water doesn't even exist in Peru). So ya I'm happy with my house so now I've just gotta learn my area a little better. 

My companero's name is Elder Mauricio y he is 20. He is from Lima y he has 14 months in his mission. For his whole mission he has been "trunky" and that was a problem for me. A trunky is basically a misionario that doesn't want to be here. They watch regular movies, listen to regular music, have their own I-Phones or I-Pads, go to the movies, sleep all day, and basically anything else that doesn't involve working. They are so dang frustrating to me and I was happy to get one for my new companero because I am already changing him. I make him get up, work out, y study y then we go out y teach ALL DAY LONG!! I have already seen changes in him 7 wow he has all the potential in the world to be an incredible misionario!! He's really a great guy and I know he wants to do what's right so I'm just gonna keep pushing him. It's so amazing to see how this gospel can change people's lives!! Even my companero's life!! We are going to do amazing things in this area, I know it!!

Ohh ya I forgot to write about how we live right in front of the airport runway!! So every time an airplane takes off or lands our whole house shakes and you can't hear anything because it's so loud haha!! It happens like every 20 minutes hahaha so when we are teaching we always have to stop y wait because we c an't hear our investigators when the plane flies over haha just another awesome memory of Peru!! 

So the work is going good. We are teaching so many less actives in this area! We didn't have many less actives in my last area so this is sorta new for me y is good because I'm learning how to work with the members. This is way important but we also need to find new investigators. Elder Mauricio isn't too good at that so I've sort of taken over in that category y were already starting to get some good progress out of new investigators!! This work is so dang hard y sometimes I can get a little down about life y work but I am so happy because I know I am doing the Lord's work. I will change this area through the incredible power of the gospel because I love this gospel y that means I love all of our Father in Heaven's children. This gospel is the 1 perfect thing we have in this life y it can change lives!! I have watched as hard hearted people have accepted the gospel into their lives and as that power of the gospel touches their hearts through the power of the Holy Ghost I have seen incredible changes. A quote that I have come to love on my mission is, "Everyone wants to accept the gospel y live it's principles so it is our job to help them remember that." Well the quote goes something like that haha!! Everyone at one point before this life chose to be here so everyone can be touched by the Spirit y realize the importance of our covenants with God. I know that this church is true, that is why I am here in this Peruano wasteland haha :)  I love this gospel y our Lord y Savior Jesus Christ more than anything else in the world because I have felt the power of His sacrifice y atonement en mi vida!! Without Him y His Atonement we cannot return to our loving Father in Heaven so always remember Him. Show Him how thankful you are for His sacrifice through your actions. There is no better way to honor our Lord than by keeping the commandments y helping others receive this divine gospel in their lives.

Well that's all for now guys. I am fine y super happy here so don't worry about me, but keep the prayers coming cause I need em! I love you all so dang much I cant even explain it, but like I said I will be home so soon!! I love you all y pray for you daily. Be smart, safe, y always make those good decisions that will bless your lives y others. I love you guys!! The church is true!!

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

p.s. keep me updated on lax!!! and write me back (hand written)!!!

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