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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday. March 30, 2015-Week 34

Elder Wilson, Gino, Elder Mauricio

Mi Familia!!!

Ohh my gosh!! I am currently sitting in the corner of some little internet shack sweating like crazy just to write you guys so I hope you feel pretty special hahaha!! And this computer really stinks so no pictures this week but I'll send a ton next week! Sorry . . . .

Sounds like all is going well at home. Spring Break hahaha I don't even remember what the word break means because la obra misional never ends but I am very glad that you all are enjoying it!! I don't hear enough about sports! How is Tate doing in soccer? How is Mountain View Lax doing? How is BYU Lax doing? I've got to know this stuff so keep me updated!! Hahaha Tate can't live without Logan!! Nothing's changed since I've left home!! Those tw are stuck together at the hip!! What are they gonna do when they go on missions?!?! So ya, I've officially been out for 8 months . . . . I feel old haha!! But wow how fast this time has flown by!! It really does seem like I just got here and now I am becoming one of the experienced missionaries! Pretty cool stuff and I just love this mission more and more every day!!

I get to watch conference this weekend also!! We will be watching en Espanol but we will be watching it live so I am pumped!! There aren't too many people here with TVs and stuff like that so we are going to watch it in the stake center, which is OK with me because there is A/C!!!!! But what a great experience that we have to watch this session of conference and receive direct revelation from God through His living Prophet and Apostles. This last week I have read the whole conference from Fall 2014 and WOW I have received so much revelation in my life so I know we are going to hear some amazing things in this one!! I encourage each one of you to fast and pray in preparation for this great day and do all that you can to share this message with everyone!! Share conference with everyone because we as members of the church know that through conference every single person can hear something that will change their lives!! I love conference and I want to hear from everyone in the family about their favorite talk next week!!

Well this week went great! We are seriously seeing so much progress in our area right now, it's crazy!! We have tooooooooons of people listening to our lecciones and also a good number of people with baptism dates. Gino has officially committed to a date for his baptism! We are going to be baptising him this 12 de April!! One day after my birthday!!! I know he is pretty excited about this and I know that Elder Mauricio and I are super excited about it so now we are just going to do all that we can to make sure that this all works out great. The only sad part is that this Sunday we have transfers . . . . and I am 90% sure that Elder Mauricio will be leaving Jorge Chavez one week from today before the baptism of Gino :(  It's ok because our goal as missionaries is not to baptize for ourselves but to build the kingdom of our Father. It doesn't matter if we are planting the seed or reaping the harvest if we are participating in the Lord's work. 

This week we also had a visita de trabajo which is when we go and work with other leaders of the mission for a day. I went and worked with our zone leader, Elder Robertson. He is awesome and we preached the gospel with some serious power! He is from Canada and he showed me a bunch of pictures of Canada and WOW, it's awesome!! I think I'm going to move to Canada when I get home hahaha ;)

This week I also ate cuy, which is guinea pig!!!! I have waited 8 months to get to eat cuy and now I can check that one off the bucket list! So Perry I hope you don't have a pet guinea pig when I get home because I will be cooking that sucker up and eating it! They're pretty tasty!!

So ya overall this week was great. We currently have 4 people with baptism dates. Gino, Viviana, Antonio, and Maria. They are all advancing at their own pace but it really is hard here. There are so many distractions that are trying to pull them from their path to receive the truth in their lives and sometimes they just don't listen to us. That is why I ask for your prayers every week because they really do help us so much!! Through your prayers you are participating in the mission work because you are helping people all over the world to receive happiness in their lives.

I am happy, healthy, and sharing this gospel like no one you've ever seen. These are the things that are the most important to me in the whole world and I hope that all of you can share in my joy by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read, study, pray and never waste a chance to share what you know with other people. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!! I'm always praying for you!! Ohhh and we also got to watch Meet the Mormons today and that is an awesome movie!!! Love you guys!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

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