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Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday. April 6. 2015-Week 35

Elder Wilson & Gino.

Mi Familia!

Hey guys!! Well it sounds like you guys had a wonderful week with family and also an amazing Easter Sunday. I am so glad that you all had the opportunity to focus on what is really important about Easter and cut out the crap with the Easter Bunny hahahaha! I can promise you right now that I will never celebrate Easter in my house with the Easter Bunny and eggs!!!! 

This week was a great one and sad one and a very powerful one. Geno and Viviana are progressing like crazy!! We have been working with them soooooo much to find their faith and to really know for themselves that the Book of Mormon is true. Wow I have gained such a testimony of the Book of Mormon in this mission it is crazy!! There is nothing else in the world as powerful and as perfect as that book and the amazing message that we can receive through its words. I have read it, I have studied it and more that everything I have prayed about it and I can tell you all that I know with 500% of my heart and soul that it is true. It changes lives and it brings happiness with it!! For this exact reason we will be baptising Geno this weekend (my birthday weekend!! Talk about best birthday present ever!!!!). So please keep praying for all of them and putting their names in the temple and all of that good stuff because they need you. 

Conference was amazing!!!!! I will write you a letter about what I liked the most but for short I think my favorite talk was from either Elder Causse or Elder L. Tom Perry. They are spiritual giants and every time I hear them talk I learn soooo much!! They only share the simple truths but they speak with the power of Christ and that is what changes lives. I read somewhere that it doesn't matter how much you know because you will never teach with the power of Christ with just knowledge. Testimony is everything and those men share their testimonies with power!!!!!!!!! Also they talked a ton about marriage and the importance of being parents this conference so I think I'll be getting married right when I get home......hahahahahahaha;) We also watched conference in the stake center with air conditioning!! 10 hours of a/c!! It was amazing!!

Also a side note. This week a drunk tired to kill Elder Mauricio with a brick. He started calling us liars and devils and said that he was going to kill us. So we just stood their and looked at him and he came charging at us. We dodged him first and I was about to drop that old fool but then a guy came out and kicked the guys butt and made him leave. This guy is one of our investigators now hahaha. The Lord works in strange ways. 

So we had a transfer this week and yes it was very sad. I had really gotten very used to Elder Mauricio and we were having so much progress in this area. He is gone now and I am with a temporary companion because my new companion is still in the CCM en Lima!! I am going to be training a new missionary for these next 2 cambios so please pray for me and him to get along good and quick and for me to be able to help him to be a great missionary. I am also now a district leader here in the mission so also please pray for me to receive revelation to help my area because I am in charge of a good number of people now. I know that the Lord has put His trust in me and I won't let Him down!!!

So this week I will be praying for your pictures and also for presidente Monson. Ohhh wow I hope he is ok. I couldn't handle that man passing on!! It's still not his time!!! I sure do love our prophet.

So that's all for this week. I hope all is well at home and I hope you are all doing all that you can to be true disciples of Christ. Think about it and change whatever is necessary in your life to be closer to Him and to do His work. Read, go to church, pray and share what you know with everyone. It's not an option. We are here to share the gospel not to keep it to ourselves. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Love you!!!!

Mucho Amor

Elder Asher Dean Wilson
**All of these pictures are from Gino. He posted them on his Facebook page. It's been such a blessing to see these pictures (Asher is in need of a converter for his camera that will allow him to send more pictures that he's taken. I'm not sure if it's something that is hard to find there or if he hasn't had time to get one?) But I am SO thankful to Gino sharing these photos!

Elder Wilson & Elder Mauricio.


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