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Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday. April 20. 2015-Week 37

At a museum today. Elder Wilson & Elder Gonzales

Mi Familia!

So I thought I would just start off by telling you all how lucky you are. There is an old lady in our ward and she has had 3 children serve missions and she thinks its the craziest thing that we get to email every single week because she only got one card a month from her kids while they were on their missions!!! If that's what we had to do I don't think mom could do it hahaha.

So it sounds like everything went great this week....except BYU freaking lost again!!!! To Westminster for that!! Oh I can't wait to get home and shut that goal scoring machine of Troy Vance down!!!! Love ya Troy! 
Looks like you are all having a great time with grandma, she is a party animal haha. Keep her busy, she needs it!!
Tate I love hearing that you are kicking some serious butt out there on the soccer field!! You are an animal, but only because you take after your big brother haha.
Perry I hope you will remember all of the parts to your play for when I get home in 1 year because I want to see it all!!
Wow I am always so happy and proud of you guys and you always look so great in all of your pictures and stuff. Better than when I was at home!!! Maybe I'll just never come home......haha;) 

This week was a great one but man am I tired. Maybe it's because we finally talked the local gym owner into opening early for us so we can work out!! Heck ya I am officially back in the gym and going hard. It's seriously a big blessing because I have been doing push ups and abs and running for basically the last year and it's good but it just wasn't getting it done for me. Now we are still running but we also have the gym so we are waking up early and going hard every morning!!

This week I had a big reunion for leaders with Presidente Rowley. He gave us the topics of all the lessons we have to prepare (because I have to teach a reunion to all the people in my district every week for like 2 hours!! The first one went really good though) and he also gave us all the run downs on how to be a good leader. It's a lot of responsibility to be a leader here in this mission but it is also really awesome! I am learning so much and I have had the ability to help many people and missionaries to be more successful here in the mission. It's crazy to think that I am a missionary with experience now but wow my 1 year mark is coming up really quick!!

Everything is going great with Elder Gonzales. He is learning like crazy and he is actually learning to love the work and the people. For me there are 3 things that make a great missionary. 1. Your ability to feel and act through the promptings of the spirit 2. Your obedience 3. Your love for the people. These for me are the signs of a great missionary and Elder Gonzales is really coming along quickly in these 3 categories. He for sure lacks in his knowledge of the scriptures and he doesn't know how to teach great but I can promise all of you that he will be an amazing missionary because he has a love for this work and the Lord. He's not thinking about his home any more and he is just getting to work reading and studying like a mad man!! I love it!! I have read the Book of Mormon and the Bible and Doctrine and Covenants and all the other things of the church and they are all amazing. I have such a strong testimony of all of the words of these books but if you read it as a missionary you will see that they are all very common and teach the same thing. It is to follow the example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am very happy with my companion because he is doing just that. Trying to become better every day and literally trying to be like Jesus (#primary hymn).  

This week we had the confirmation of Gino Fossa!! He is now an official member of the church!! I was so happy and the spirit was so dang strong it was just an amazing overall experience!
This week I also had another crazy experience. The sister missionaries called me and said that we needed to go to their area to give a blessing of health to one of the ladies they are teaching. So we went and talked to her and got to know her and all of her problems and then we blessed her. I gave the blessings but I know that they were not my words. I had never really felt so controlled by the spirit before it was amazing. It was one of the strongest times that I have felt the Lords power in my life and the lady we were blessing felt it to. She started crying and we talked to her for awhile after. Wow I am seriously so grateful to have the priesthood in my life and for my ability to help people come unto Christ through this power. I will continue to use it and magnify it for the rest of my life because I know that to complete with the will of my Father I must show forth His power to the world. 

Today we went to Piura Central with Gino to check some stuff out and to go to a museum of some famous Peruano and it was a good time. We don't really do much here for P Day so it was something different.

Also I just want to ask you all to pray so hard for Rony this week. I am not going to say anything about what's going on but please you guys and everyone you know pray for Rony Santos because he needs us so much right now. Also pray for Jamil and Jael, Hermana Maria and also Gabriel Bravo because they all have baptism dates!!

That's all for this week. Just teaching the gospel and trying to change some lives while I'm at it. I know with all my heart that what I am doing is the work of the Lord and that he has a plan for me to help many people come unto Him. I have had amazing, underscribable experiences here that I will never forget and more than anything I have felt the power of the Lord and the love that He has for us.
I love you guys so dang much and I hope all is going great in the life. Keep working hard and praying harder because He is always listening. Well talk to you all next week!! The church is true and the book is blue haha!! I love you all!!

Much Love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Elder Wilson & Gino.

I asked Asher who this bust was and he said, "It's the head of Miguel Grau and he is a famous Peruano and we are in Piura Central." I asked what he's famous for & he said, "He was some sort of naval hero or something but Peru still lost the war to Chile so I don't know why he is famous hahahaha."

"Just talkin with Miguel."


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