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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monday. October 27. 2014-Week 12

At Leos party with Anderson and Genaro

Mi Familia!!!

Hey guys!! Well this week has been anything but slow. Time is seriously starting to move so fast here it’s insane!! I feel like I was just emailing you yesterday!! So it sounds like all is good at home. Tate nice job on the season bud. Sounds like you really made a huge impact on the field and earned some well deserved attention. Now enjoy your break, eat some food you freakin bean pole haha, and get ready to go out and kick some butt with your club team!! I can’t wait to get home and watch your senior season!! Wow that’s a crazy thought haha. And sorry Perry that you had a rough week:( I hate being sick and I know you do to so just remember that your crazy missionary brother is always praying for you. Also this is for Perry: Happy birthday girly!! I can’t believe your turning 9 in 4 days!! That seriously just blows my mind. I wrote you a letter so I’m not going to say too much here but I love you and I hope you have an amazing day!! 

This week was rough for 1 reason. Every single one of our baptism dates fell through. All 4 of them!! They all have the desire to be baptized but every investigator has to attend church 3 times in a row to be baptized and none of them showed up this Sunday. We even went to their houses to pick them up for church!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh it’s so upsetting for me. So it’s time to replan and work with them to set a new date because they all still want to be baptized but I guess this was the Lords way of saying that they’re not ready right now.

We had a reunion de Zona this week in Puyango and that went good. Just our zone leaders telling us to keep working and set higher goals for baptisms and other stuff like that. It was good and our zone leaders have the spirit with them for sure!! They always get me so excited to help the people here!! We also have a new greenie so I am no longer the baby in our area!! He was pretty stressed but I talked to him and hopefully reassured him a little.

We had 2 birthdays this week. First for Elder Moses, hes now 20, and second for Leo, hes a little 6 year old in our ward. It was a good time and we met a lot of new people so hopefully new investigators!! Also a missionary returned from his mission 3 days ago!! His names Danny and he served in Argentina. He’s awesome and he’s already gone on visits with us!! That is way important! I hope Tate goes on visits with our missionaries because it makes a big difference in leccions, and you and dad too!! The español is still coming good and I am seriously understanding so much more and more every day now!! I can’t wait until you guys get to hear me at Christmas!!

I punted a dog this week. We got straight up attacked by a pack of them and I broke my foot off on one of them it was awesome!! This mission is seriously crazy!!!!! We don’t have the same problems in Peru that you have in the US but we have problems that’s for sure haha. This week there were people killed in shootings and drive bys hahaha gotta love my area!!

So that’s it for this week. I am healthy I am happy and I am working my butt of for the Lord. And you can bet that I won’t stop working for him until my life is over because every member of this church is a missionary. Always remember that. Keep saving those shows for me mom and we will have a week of catching up when I get home haha. Well I love you guys and miss you so so so so so so so much it’s crazy!! So ya I love you all I hope you are all doing well at home work and school and sports and I am always praying for you. I hope you have a great week!! 


Elder Asher Dean Wilson

P.S. Someone tell me how my chargers doing in the NFL!!

Moto with a fin #swag

This is where people dump all of their garbage. It just got cleaned out you should have seen it before haha ‏ 

Leo's birthday

Elder Orellana got a little tired during our nightly planning hahahaha

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monday. October 20. 2014-Week 11

Mi Familia!

Well I am officially done with my first full cambiar in the mission field. We didn’t have any changes in our area this time so I have another 6 weeks with the same guys (Elder Orellana, Elder Russell, Elder Encarnacion, Elder Moses, y Elder Cisneros) so that should be a good time. It’s so crazy to think about everything that I’ve learned during this first cambiar en el campo misional. I don’t know how but I am seriously almost speaking fluent spanish. The gift of tongues is way real and I am so thankful for this blessing in my life because I love more than anything else teaching people about the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ it’s amazing. Changing lives 1 by 1!! Tell Brother Wiggins that I think about him all the time when I’m helping people that I don’t think have the ability to change because he always told me his stories and about how he changed so tell his sorry butt thanks for me and that I miss him!! We got 2 more fechas for baptism this week so now we have 4 scheduled for next month!! Please pray, pray, pray for them they need all the blessings that they can ge. Alejandro, Jhony, Francisco, and Jenny. 

We had cambiars this week so I got to spend the day with Elder Encarnacion, he’s awesome but he speaks so dang fast it’s crazy. It was a great day and we taught a lot of people in his area so they were all new and that was cool. We also did a service project which was moving the biggest pile of dirt you have ever seen to another area in the hot Peruvian sun with one broken shovel, wow that was a nasty job haha. But they needed help so we were happy to do it. Also Elder Encarnacions parents live about 10 minutes from our area so one of his family friends just dropped off a package for him haha. I wish you guys lived close enough to do that!! But no I haven’t gotten your package yet. This week was Jhonys birthday so we went over with the other missionaries to have almuerzo and cake and tons of other food and music, it was a good time. Jhony is what I would like to call a bro and if he doesn’t get baptised I’m gonna kick his butt haha. But no they are a great family and working their hardest to live a good life so that makes me a happy missionary.

Also a fun fact this Sunday was our first time taking the sacrament in three weeks and I definitely could feel the before and after difference of that it was awesome!! We’ve been working a ton this week!! We have about 12 hour days here walking and teaching. I’d say we teach about 20 people a day and walk about 8 -10 miles every day. Talk about putting in work. I love it so much it feels amazing knowing that I’m helping all of these people that need me and serving the Lord, I couldn’t ask for anything better than this opportunity!! But it’s been hard because they summer heat has truly started here. It’s easily 100+ every day with the most direct sun you’ve ever felt so if I come home without skin cancer it will be a miracle hahaha. 

So it sounds like you guys had a great week. Tate awesome job on making it to state!! Now finish the job and kick butt and win that state title!! And Perry you too, keep working hard on the soccer field and help your team as much as you can. By the way Pier is totally fine no more problems. So I kid you not I’ve been thinking about Aaron all week. So please get in touch with him and I’m writing him right now and always remember to keep that kid in your prayers. I miss you all so dang much it’s crazy but I am officially used to this mission and in a grove so I know this time is really going to start moving quickly. Momma I love you lots. It’s been so hard to be here and doing everything for myself but you have prepared me as well as you possibly could have. Keep working hard and loving the Lord. I love my crazy family so much and I hope you are all doing great. Keep being awesome!! Until next week.


Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Elder Encarnacion drinking from a coconut.

My buddy Anderson.


Our front door.

My new agenda.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday. October 13. 2014-Week 10

Elder Moustacher Wilson
Hey guys!!

Well sounds like another great week in the Wilson house!! Speaking of our house, have we dedicated our home?? If not get on it!! Tell Perry to keep up the good work in school and I love hearing about her prayers. They are seriously felt here every single day so tell her thank you. I also sent a letter for her birthday but it definitely won’t get there on time because Serpost is in strike. I haven’t gotten mail for like a month so when they finally get out of this strike I’ve got a lot of mail coming my way hahaha. And tell Tate to get his butt in gear!! He sounds like me haha girls and terrible at español!! Just kidding I know he’s working hard and I am dang proud of that kid!! But if he needs any Spanish help have him email me. I love hearing about everything at home and I miss it so much!! But I’m not homesick any more, I am here to work and I’ll be home in 2 years haha. I can’t believe Tater won homecoming prince!! That’s so awesome, he’s carrying on my tradition well!! I hope they win their game this week!! And what the heck is up with this new Meet the Mormons movie?!

So this was a long week. First off we had the long 5 hour bus ride there and back to Piura. The busses are so terrible and hot and uncomfortable but we made it haha. It was a fun reunion especially cause I got to see all my friends from the CCM. They are all doing great and slowly learning español just like me!! I always love talking with Presidente Rowley, he’s so awesome and I have a lot of respect for that man. It was a long trip for just a day there but it was well worth it because we got pizza!! I miss American food so much!!

So Pier went to the hospital this week with heart problems. They don’t know exactly what was wrong because Peruvian doctors suck but he’s all good now, but that was a little scary!!

We got to watch conference this ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was such an answer to my prayers. This was the first time Tumbes has ever had conference in English. It was on a little computer in a closet basically but it was amazing. I love hearing the words of the profeta and apostoles, they provide so much guidance in our lives. I got so much out of it and felt the spirit the whole time, it was awesome!! I still want that Ensign though haha.

We had another investigator commit to baptism this week. His name is Alejandro and he is seriously exactly what I would call a golden investigator. He is about 50ish with a family. He has also been studying for the past year to become a catholic minister!! He’s obviously done with that now and is ready to accept baptism into his life. It’s crazy to think that this man has been a die hard catholic for his whole life and all of a sudden in just 2 weeks of lecciones from two kids he wants to be baptized into our church. If that doesn’t attest to the truth and perfection of this church than I don’t know what does. His baptism date is for November the 15th so make sure to keep him in your prayers!!

Also Elder Orellana is requesting a recipe for brownies so if you have one that would be greatly appreciated hahaha.

So that about wraps it up for this week. I am still working hard and not having any problems really. The work is going amazing. I feel so good every day knowing that I am helping other people improve their lives and find happiness. This work is hard but so worth it and I love it!! I love hearing from you guys so much it makes my week!! Keep working hard and choosing the right every day. Every little choice matters so much!!

Oh yes I thought I would let you guys know that I now love fish, bananas, and avocado. Avocado is seriously like my favorite food and I eat it with everything haha!! I am praying for all of you every day here and I hope that all is well with the family. The family is the most important unit in the entire Earth and is also the place where it should be the easiest to feel the spirit so work harder every day to become a tighter family, it’s so important!! I love you all so much and miss you like crazy but I know the Lord is taking care of you all while I’m here. Ok I’ve got to go can’t wait to hear from you next week!! I love you!!

Much Love 

Elder Asher Dean Wilson 

At the chapel in Tumes.

Church building in Tumes.

Part of Asher's area.

Elder Orellana in Tumes.

Elder Wilson's back yard.

He made a sling shot to use if the wild dogs get too close. Ha.

On their 5 hour bus ride to Piura.

It rained!! He said he went outside and just stood in the rain for the longest time.

In Piura with some of the missionaries that he met in the Peru MTC.

Aguas Verdes (the boarder of Ecuador and Peru)

Elder Orellana & Elder Wilson.

This is the bathroom AFTER he scrubbed it.

Another "after" shot.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday. October 6. 2014-Week 9

Getting ready to watch General Conference

Hey guys!!

Well it sounds like you had an awesome time at conference!!! I am seriously so jealous. I would give anything to get to go to conference with you guys. We got to watch about half of it and yes all in Spanish. I understood most of it but it’s just not the same to hear a different voice for all of them. We get to watch all of conference, and possibly in English, next weekend in Tumbes. I love the profeta, I love his apóstoles, and I love this Church!! I want to go to conference when I get home!! 

So this week was much better with the homesickness and with Elder Orellana. Your prayers were definitely heard here en Peru so thank you so much and please keep them coming!! I really felt Elder Orellana and my relationship grow stronger this week. I think we are finally starting to become friends so that is awesome!! Also I wasn’t homesick barely at all!! The Lord is good and he watches out for me.

So this week was good. I feel like my Español got like 700 times better so that’s awesome!! Ok this week I made up my family book but I had to cut up a bunch of my pictures!! So I need more and lots of them!! Like a whole box full of pictures haha so get on that one!! And I want that calendar for 2015 too!! And the ensign haha. Ohhh and all the bracelets you and Perry made.

This week we managed to break our shower. So yes, we have a shower and a toilet in our house but they are nasty haha. But we didn’t have a shower for 2 days this week. We finally got it fixed but by the time we did I smelt like a stinky armpit!! Not showering in Peru is a terrible idea haha. So you all at home should feel really blessed to have nice showers!!

We worked our butts off this week!! We found 30ish new people in the streets this week so we have so many dang investigators now!! We also have about 2 more people lined up for baptism next month!! I am so excited for them and I hope everything works out!! We also gave 2 blessings this week. The spirit was so strong guys, it’s crazy!! These people are tough, like really tough so when they ask for a blessing you know it’s bad. So with these people we gave them blessings of health. I’m not gonna say much but giving these humble humble people blessings is just another way I know that the church is true!! The spirit testifies it to me in different ways every single day!!

So ya we got attacked by a drunk guy last night haha. He yelled at us for a good long while and then started crying. So we talked to him for a long time and gave him a folleta and we actually have an appointment with him next week haha. Only in Peru!! 

So football was crazy this week!! I thought this was the year for Nebraska and BYU but they can never finish it out. Keep those updates coming I love football!! We played football today on the beach for p day with about 30 Elders and it was so fun. Watching a bunch of crazy latinos trying to play football is priceless hahaha!!

Today is Gaven’s birthday and I have been thinking about him and about you guys all day. I wish I was there to be with you all on this special day but I am doing the Lords work so I’m not going to complain. I just want you all to know that I feel him here with me every day on my mission. When things get hard here he always pops into my head and I just picture him saying don’t give up Asher you can do it!! It’s seriously so true mom. You have 2 boys on a mission right now. One in the hottest craziest place on Earth and one in Heaven watching out for his big brother. I hope you are all doing ok on this special day and just know he is watching out for us from Heaven!! 

So on Tuesday we leave for Piura for a couple days to have a reunion with all of my CCM Elders and that will be awesome to see all of them again!! I love you all so dang much and miss you more and more every day. But I love this mission and for 2 years it’s ok I can miss you guys haha. I hope you all have an awesome week and are able to feel the Spirit at all times!! I love my family with all of my heart and I can feel your prayers here en Peru!! Talk to you next week!!

Much love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Fishing boats

Elder Orellana and Elder Wison

I asked about his jersey & he said, "heck ya it's a soccer jersey!! Farfan, he's the best player on the Peruvian national team, which isn't saying much because they aren't very good haha!"