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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monday. October 20. 2014-Week 11

Mi Familia!

Well I am officially done with my first full cambiar in the mission field. We didn’t have any changes in our area this time so I have another 6 weeks with the same guys (Elder Orellana, Elder Russell, Elder Encarnacion, Elder Moses, y Elder Cisneros) so that should be a good time. It’s so crazy to think about everything that I’ve learned during this first cambiar en el campo misional. I don’t know how but I am seriously almost speaking fluent spanish. The gift of tongues is way real and I am so thankful for this blessing in my life because I love more than anything else teaching people about the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ it’s amazing. Changing lives 1 by 1!! Tell Brother Wiggins that I think about him all the time when I’m helping people that I don’t think have the ability to change because he always told me his stories and about how he changed so tell his sorry butt thanks for me and that I miss him!! We got 2 more fechas for baptism this week so now we have 4 scheduled for next month!! Please pray, pray, pray for them they need all the blessings that they can ge. Alejandro, Jhony, Francisco, and Jenny. 

We had cambiars this week so I got to spend the day with Elder Encarnacion, he’s awesome but he speaks so dang fast it’s crazy. It was a great day and we taught a lot of people in his area so they were all new and that was cool. We also did a service project which was moving the biggest pile of dirt you have ever seen to another area in the hot Peruvian sun with one broken shovel, wow that was a nasty job haha. But they needed help so we were happy to do it. Also Elder Encarnacions parents live about 10 minutes from our area so one of his family friends just dropped off a package for him haha. I wish you guys lived close enough to do that!! But no I haven’t gotten your package yet. This week was Jhonys birthday so we went over with the other missionaries to have almuerzo and cake and tons of other food and music, it was a good time. Jhony is what I would like to call a bro and if he doesn’t get baptised I’m gonna kick his butt haha. But no they are a great family and working their hardest to live a good life so that makes me a happy missionary.

Also a fun fact this Sunday was our first time taking the sacrament in three weeks and I definitely could feel the before and after difference of that it was awesome!! We’ve been working a ton this week!! We have about 12 hour days here walking and teaching. I’d say we teach about 20 people a day and walk about 8 -10 miles every day. Talk about putting in work. I love it so much it feels amazing knowing that I’m helping all of these people that need me and serving the Lord, I couldn’t ask for anything better than this opportunity!! But it’s been hard because they summer heat has truly started here. It’s easily 100+ every day with the most direct sun you’ve ever felt so if I come home without skin cancer it will be a miracle hahaha. 

So it sounds like you guys had a great week. Tate awesome job on making it to state!! Now finish the job and kick butt and win that state title!! And Perry you too, keep working hard on the soccer field and help your team as much as you can. By the way Pier is totally fine no more problems. So I kid you not I’ve been thinking about Aaron all week. So please get in touch with him and I’m writing him right now and always remember to keep that kid in your prayers. I miss you all so dang much it’s crazy but I am officially used to this mission and in a grove so I know this time is really going to start moving quickly. Momma I love you lots. It’s been so hard to be here and doing everything for myself but you have prepared me as well as you possibly could have. Keep working hard and loving the Lord. I love my crazy family so much and I hope you are all doing great. Keep being awesome!! Until next week.


Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Elder Encarnacion drinking from a coconut.

My buddy Anderson.


Our front door.

My new agenda.

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