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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday. October 26. 2015-Week 63

The zone after a soccer tourney. (Watch out . . . someone gave Elder Wilson a selfie stick! haha!)

Our team won the tourney!

Hermano Alejandro . . . Elders Quorum President.

The district with a selfie stick.

Mi Familia

Well now that I am done reading the book and a half that you wrote me mom I feel like I was at home with you guys last week hahahahaha!!!! 

I was so glad to hear that you guys made it back to the states ok and that you guys enjoyed your trip. I am super glad that I didn't get my mission call to Japan because wow that is just a super different life haha. Your next trip as a family has to be to come here to Peru so you can get to know my country!! 

So this week I got super sick. Well it was only for like 1 day really bad but I hate being in our house so I just decided that I was better and after a blessing we took off to teach but man I just felt pretty crappy for a few days. I think it was a combination of a few things that I had eaten in the last few days and also I drank some tap water on accident and man that stuff tears you up!! So ya it was lliterally a crappy hahaha few days but now I am much better and feeling good once again. 

This week it rained!! Not too much but now everyone is 100 percent sure that El NiƱo is coming and coming strong haha. I don't know if I bbelieve it or not but yes we are seeing a little bit of rain now. 

All is well with Elder Quispe. I don't know but we are thinking that this might be our last week together and that I might be leaving Sullana this next week but we really aren't sure. So for that reason we just had a man to man talk and said all of the things that we needed to change to get the contention out of the way and we have just decided that this week we are going to work together and we aren't going to have any more problems. Hope everything goes good. Pray for us. 

All is well with Karen and Ivan. They are still super excited and giving it all they've got to be able to get married and baptised this weekend. They went to church as a family this week and it was so cool to see them all come in and fill up an entire bench haha there are a ton of members and future members in that family. But tomorrow is the baptismal interview for Hermana Karen so please pray so much for her that everything can go good and without problems. 

To be completely honest this week was a little rough. We have people progressing and learning and accepting but we struggled to find new people and a lot of our visits fell through but I found peace in some scriptures that I read in the book of John.
John 6; 66-69 says,

66.  From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with Him
67.  Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go back?
68.  Then Simon Peter answered Him, Lord to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of Eternal life
69. And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God

Those scriptures really hit me pretty hard. This mission is far from easy. We must suffer and plead and work and literally give all that is possible to complete with this work and even when we do that all sometimes we just don't have a ton of success. I have been lucky enough to have a ton of success but when the times get tough I'll stand with Simon Peter when he said that there is no other path on which we can truly be happy. We know that this life wasn't meant to be something easy but something to test our faith and patience and to see if we truly love our Savior. I don't care what happens or if it is a good week or a bad week I will never stop working for my God because I know that He will never stop working for me. So ya not the perfect week but we learned a lot and now are much more excited to work this next week because just when it gets hard you know that something great is going to happen soon. 

So that's about all this week. Working harder than ever and seeing some success. I just ask that you keep praying for us and also Karen and Hermano Segundo. Sorry for the crappy email haha we trying to do it fast this week because we have a few things to do like buy pumpkins to carve for Halloween hahaha!! Halloween in Sullana!! Hope yall have a great week and remember I'm always praying for you and I love ya a ton!!

Also I want an english himnario in my package please!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

Monday. October 19. 2015-Week 62

Mi amigo Elder Soto de Honduras

Mi Familia 

Hahahahahahahahaha I am seriously dying laughing right now picturing dad in a sumo ring wrestling with a big, fat, Japanese man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to see pictures and videos of that if it is possible because that may be one of the absolute greatest things that I have ever heard in my life!!!!!! YOU THE MAN DAD!!!!

So glad to hear that you guys are enjoying your time in Japan. I really have never had any sort of desire to go there but it sounds like you guys are getting to know tons of cool stuff and places. So about the food. I don't know exactly what you guys are eating but I am very sure that you have it better than I do haha. One of these last weeks we went to visit one of the people in our areas who is even poorer than the normal person here in Sullana. They offered to cook us food so we said ok. So they cooked us some sort of soup that was made of water they scooped up out of a hole in the ground, random chicken parts (including chicken crap sacks and chicken feet hahaha) and basically whatever else they could find laying around. Then they dumped it into another cooking hole to cook it for us. It was full of dirt and grime and many other things that just shouldn't be eaten but we didn't want to offend them so we just went for it haha!! It wasn't good and I crapped fire for many days after but hey sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. So maybe your food isn't great but hey at least it wasn't scooped out of a hole in the ground!! 

This week was great. First off we went and finished up the marriage papers for Ivan and Karen today so they are going to get married for sure on the 29th de Octubre!! The day that I complete 15 months in the mission. Then Hermana Karen is going to baptised on Halloween day!! Also the day of Perry's birthday!! We are visiting them a lot with members of our ward and it has helped us so much. YOU GUYS NEED TO GO ON VISITS WITH THE MISSIONARIES OR WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME SERIOUS PROBLEMS WHEN I GET HOME!!  Pray so so so so so so so much for them please!! They are super special to me and I love them a ton and they have just got to complete their goals so pray for them!! I am also going to be the best man in the wedding hahahaha!! I told him that I would do it if he would come to my wedding and be one of my best men hahaha!! 

Today we went to a sweet turf soccer field and balled it up!! After playing for the last year with latins I have gotten pretty dang good at soccer haha. We played on a big field today like almost full sized and I just couldn't stop thinking about lacrosse!! Gonna feel good to get back on that field. 

This week I had a crazy experience. I went to Piura for the day to work with another Elder and we were out knocking doors when we came across a family of less actives. They were super old and almost didn't understand us so we asked to talk to their son. His name was Nester and he was a drunk. We talked to him and at first he didn't even want to listen but after we really talked to him and searched for his needs and read some scriptures he opened up and even told us that he wanted to change but that he wouldn't go to church because that was his day for soccer and beer. We burnt him hard core and he still wouldn't budge so we just got the impression that we should invite him to pray. So we got down on our knees and we invited Nester to say the prayer. So we waited and waited and waited some more until almost 20 minutes had passed by and he hadn't said a word but I just felt that we needed to be silent and wait for his prayer. So I just prayed for him in my mind and kept waiting with faith. Just when we were about to give up we heard the words, Padre Celestial......and then he continued to pray. Maybe it wasn't a super prayer or anything but it was completely amazing. His words touched my soul and I know the spirit touched his. It was a huge change in his life to pray and we were a big help in him doing it. That is why I am on the mission. It's not just to baptise. It's not just to lead but it is truly to change the lives of these people in my path. They need me and I will never let them down because I love the Lord my God & the Savior and redeemer more than I love anything else in the world. It truly was an amazing experience. 

Ok just in case you were planning on sending anything. I want the ensign of conference.

So that's all for this week. I am loving life more than ever because we are preaching and teaching with the guidance of the spirit and he is not leading us astray. This work is completely perfect because it helps imperfect people like me accomplish great things and change many lives. Serve the Lord and trust in Him with all thy heart!! I love you guys so much and I am always praying for you!! Hope you have a great week. Stay true, stay faithful.

Ponderizing    Mark 8; 34-35

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

Elder Gonzales and Elder Cejas!!!
Elder Mendoza, he is the assistant here in the mission and my bro!!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday. October 12. 2015-Week 61

We didn't get any pictures this week because of a bad connection on the computer he was using, so here is an older pic with his great friend, Gino.

Hey guys!! Well it looks like everything is going super great at home and that you guys are still doing tons of stuff like always haha. I'm still not super excited that Tate is growing so dang much because I am really pretty sure that I am not growing at all hahaha looks like I'll just have to be the little big brother when I get home!! Hey when you guys are in Japan take some sweet pictures for me because I want to see that place. Hope you guys have a great time there. There are some other guys here from Idaho and we've been talking all about Boise State football!! Go Big Blue haha even in Peru!!

All is well with Elder Quispe but wow he is for sure the most difficult companion that I have ever had. He doesn't at all and when you don't talk to him he gets mad!! So we will just be walking and he won't be talking and sometimes I just run out of stuff to say and he will just take off and start saying we will never have a good companionship if we don't talk and plan and stuff like that hahaha so I am sort of in a rut with that one. I think the Lord has given me this one to test my patience which is a quality that I really never had when I was back at home. So I am just praying and fasting and trying to get better at this so we really can have a great companionship and things are already getting better. So if there is anyone that you want to pray for this week it would be for Elder Quispe and also for me to be able to have a ton of patience with him. 

So this week was pretty dang awesome and for me it was a week of miracles. So to answer a few of your questions right now we are teaching a few awesome people. First off Hermana Karen and the Familia Alvarez. They are awesome and progressing super fast!! They are going to get married the 29th of this month and then on the 31st Hermana Karen is going to get baptised!! ON halloween!! And on Perry's birthday!! So all is well with them but keep praying for them. The second family is the familia Giron. They are still coming along but now they are super excited about doing church stuff. They are inviting us to do FHE in their house and to do other activities and they are reading and going to church but they just have to get married now but first Hermana Betty has to get a divorce with her first husband and wow there is just a lot to do with them. They need your prayers so please don't let them down!! Finally we are working a lot with the Familia de la Cruz. They are amazing and super humble. There son is disabled. He can talk and think and all of that stuff just fine but he can't use his legs (except when he rides a bike and wow does he fly on that sucker hahaha!!). They are a family of 3 and really everything that they do is centered on their son. They basically can't leave the house because their son is always sick and in pain. In our last lesson we taught the plan of salvation and the dad of the family just cried his eyes out and told us that this plan is for his family and that he knows that our message is true. It was a moment that I will never forget because anyone could have felt the spirit testify in that moment. It was beyond strong, and I do thank Gaven because we taught that message on his birthday so I think he helped us out. So we invited them to go to church with us this week and they said there was just no way to do it because their son was sick. So we asked if he was healed would they go to church and they said yes. So we asked them to put their faith in action and to pray and that we would do the same and we promised that they would see results. Sunday came along and we went to their house and no one answered. We were smashed. We just knew that they would go to church with us but they weren't even home. So as we were walking to church I just said a silent prayer that they would be at the church. When we showed up guess what we saw? They were sitting there in front of the church waiting for us in their moto because their son had been healed for the time. When I say healed it's not that he can walk now but it's just that his pain had passed and he was completely calm.  I testify to every one of you that our Father hears our silent prayers and if we just have enough faith to see them miracles will be a daily occurrence in your life. I feel his love for his children so strongly here in the mission and I just can't deny it. He loves us so much and if we are on His side we will never lose. The familia de la Cruz will be receiving their baptism date tonight so pray for them!!

We had a big conference with president this week in Talara, a little beach town like an hour and a half from Sullana. It was super cool and I got to see Elder Gonzales (my son!!) and now he has a son so I am officially a grandpa!! I have never been a prouder man hahahaha!! 

So ya nothing much more for this week. Just chuggin along and doing the work of the Lord. It is not something that you can think about because sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Sacrificing 2 years of your life to walk and to sweat and to knock doors of random people but you just have to do it because when you lose yourself in the work of the Lord you truly see why we are here and doing what we do. I love the mission I am serving and I wouldn't trade it for anything because I know how important it is. I love you all and I hope you are being missionaries every single day in action, in word and in thought because that is what Christ expects of every one of us. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!! Talk soon!! 
Much Love 

Elder Wilson

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday. October 5. 2015-Week 60

With Mauro-he is my little bro!
 What's up!!!!   
Hey guys. Well sounds like you guys had another good but maybe just a little bit more relaxed than all of the craziness that has been going on. It just so weird to read in all of these emails that Tate is now dating! All I can say to Tate is watch out because I've been playing a ton of futbol and I am 100% sure that I will be taking you to school on the soccer field when I get home!! Also what the heck is going on with college football?! Nebraska stinks, all of the top 10 teams losing and Utah #1 haha crazy things happen in football!! 

Well speaking of crazy things this week I got nailed. Let me explain exactly what I'm talking about when I say that. This week I was on a work visit with a new Elder named Elder Almond. We were knocking on a door and when no one answered I stepped back and I felt something hit the back of my head. Now in Peru that could mean a lot of things  so I didn't touch it but I just asked Elder Almond what had hit my head. He just started dying laughing as he told me that Dude a bird just dropped a huge one on your head hahahahaha!! So yep some freaking Peruano Pigeon pooped on my head this week hahaha I seriously couldn't believe it. 

So how awesome was conference this week!! 3 new apostles and all of the amazing talks. I couldn't have asked for a better week here in the mission. So there are about 50 million things that I could write about but there were just a few thoughts and talks that went straight to my heart. I loved all of the thoughts about obedience this weekend. The talk by Vern P. Stanfill and also the talk by Neill F. Marriot were great and also the talk about the story of Daniel by Elder Utchdorf but what tops them all for me this week was the talk by President Monson about the importance to be a light to these people. This has seriously been my theme for this whole year so when he just told us how it is (KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS !!) so that we can be a light to the world the Spirit just hit me so hard. I can testify with all of my heart, with our dearly beloved prophet, that the most important thing that any one of us could be doing in our life is to be a light to the world and to lead all of our brothers and sisters back to the presence of our Father in Heaven. I hope all of you feel the importance that I do to participate in the marvelous work that our Father has presented us with and that we can always have the motivation to act  even when it is hard. We  must be different to change the world and the only thing that will make us different from the rest is the spirit we have in our hearts, souls and eyes. Never be ashamed to show what the Lord has given you. Also the other talk about ponderize was awesome!! I watched it in spanish so the word was medetizar but I am currently ponderizing a scripture for the week. Mosiah 23:21-22. 

So ya this week was awesome. Just pure work and spirit and sweat (because it is hotter than Africa here!!) and just let me tell you all that I wouldn't trade it for anything. With all the hardship there is always reward. This weekend we went over the the house of the Family Alvarez expecting to see them slowly getting ready for conference or to say that they weren't going to go because they were cooking or cleaning or something but when we got there they were all ready and waiting and just glowing with the spirit. What an answer to my prayers this was. Usually this family is wild and running and with crazy musica and lots of stuff like that but this weekend they were focused and ready and trust me they recieved answers to their prayers in conference because heremana Karen told us that she is ready to get baptised!!! Pray for her!! The Lord prepares a path for those whom He has called. 

Ok well I know I didn't answer like any of your questions but hey next week I'll do better. I love you all so much and thank you for all of the support that I receive each week from you. Something to remember. This week you have all heard from Prophets of the Lord. Don't let the messages escape you but put them in practice ever day to come closer to the Lord and also I want to hear all about your ponderizing!! I love you all and I am constantly praying for you.

Much Love 

Elder Wilson
The daughters of Hermana Karen.

Familia Alvarez ready for conference.

Elder Wilson & Maikel.

Elder Quispe, President Rasmussen, Elder Wilson.

Companions. Elder Wilson & Elder Quispe.

Elder Clawson, Elder Valverde, Elder Wilson.