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Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday. October 12. 2015-Week 61

We didn't get any pictures this week because of a bad connection on the computer he was using, so here is an older pic with his great friend, Gino.

Hey guys!! Well it looks like everything is going super great at home and that you guys are still doing tons of stuff like always haha. I'm still not super excited that Tate is growing so dang much because I am really pretty sure that I am not growing at all hahaha looks like I'll just have to be the little big brother when I get home!! Hey when you guys are in Japan take some sweet pictures for me because I want to see that place. Hope you guys have a great time there. There are some other guys here from Idaho and we've been talking all about Boise State football!! Go Big Blue haha even in Peru!!

All is well with Elder Quispe but wow he is for sure the most difficult companion that I have ever had. He doesn't at all and when you don't talk to him he gets mad!! So we will just be walking and he won't be talking and sometimes I just run out of stuff to say and he will just take off and start saying we will never have a good companionship if we don't talk and plan and stuff like that hahaha so I am sort of in a rut with that one. I think the Lord has given me this one to test my patience which is a quality that I really never had when I was back at home. So I am just praying and fasting and trying to get better at this so we really can have a great companionship and things are already getting better. So if there is anyone that you want to pray for this week it would be for Elder Quispe and also for me to be able to have a ton of patience with him. 

So this week was pretty dang awesome and for me it was a week of miracles. So to answer a few of your questions right now we are teaching a few awesome people. First off Hermana Karen and the Familia Alvarez. They are awesome and progressing super fast!! They are going to get married the 29th of this month and then on the 31st Hermana Karen is going to get baptised!! ON halloween!! And on Perry's birthday!! So all is well with them but keep praying for them. The second family is the familia Giron. They are still coming along but now they are super excited about doing church stuff. They are inviting us to do FHE in their house and to do other activities and they are reading and going to church but they just have to get married now but first Hermana Betty has to get a divorce with her first husband and wow there is just a lot to do with them. They need your prayers so please don't let them down!! Finally we are working a lot with the Familia de la Cruz. They are amazing and super humble. There son is disabled. He can talk and think and all of that stuff just fine but he can't use his legs (except when he rides a bike and wow does he fly on that sucker hahaha!!). They are a family of 3 and really everything that they do is centered on their son. They basically can't leave the house because their son is always sick and in pain. In our last lesson we taught the plan of salvation and the dad of the family just cried his eyes out and told us that this plan is for his family and that he knows that our message is true. It was a moment that I will never forget because anyone could have felt the spirit testify in that moment. It was beyond strong, and I do thank Gaven because we taught that message on his birthday so I think he helped us out. So we invited them to go to church with us this week and they said there was just no way to do it because their son was sick. So we asked if he was healed would they go to church and they said yes. So we asked them to put their faith in action and to pray and that we would do the same and we promised that they would see results. Sunday came along and we went to their house and no one answered. We were smashed. We just knew that they would go to church with us but they weren't even home. So as we were walking to church I just said a silent prayer that they would be at the church. When we showed up guess what we saw? They were sitting there in front of the church waiting for us in their moto because their son had been healed for the time. When I say healed it's not that he can walk now but it's just that his pain had passed and he was completely calm.  I testify to every one of you that our Father hears our silent prayers and if we just have enough faith to see them miracles will be a daily occurrence in your life. I feel his love for his children so strongly here in the mission and I just can't deny it. He loves us so much and if we are on His side we will never lose. The familia de la Cruz will be receiving their baptism date tonight so pray for them!!

We had a big conference with president this week in Talara, a little beach town like an hour and a half from Sullana. It was super cool and I got to see Elder Gonzales (my son!!) and now he has a son so I am officially a grandpa!! I have never been a prouder man hahahaha!! 

So ya nothing much more for this week. Just chuggin along and doing the work of the Lord. It is not something that you can think about because sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Sacrificing 2 years of your life to walk and to sweat and to knock doors of random people but you just have to do it because when you lose yourself in the work of the Lord you truly see why we are here and doing what we do. I love the mission I am serving and I wouldn't trade it for anything because I know how important it is. I love you all and I hope you are being missionaries every single day in action, in word and in thought because that is what Christ expects of every one of us. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!! Talk soon!! 
Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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