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Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday. October 5. 2015-Week 60

With Mauro-he is my little bro!
 What's up!!!!   
Hey guys. Well sounds like you guys had another good but maybe just a little bit more relaxed than all of the craziness that has been going on. It just so weird to read in all of these emails that Tate is now dating! All I can say to Tate is watch out because I've been playing a ton of futbol and I am 100% sure that I will be taking you to school on the soccer field when I get home!! Also what the heck is going on with college football?! Nebraska stinks, all of the top 10 teams losing and Utah #1 haha crazy things happen in football!! 

Well speaking of crazy things this week I got nailed. Let me explain exactly what I'm talking about when I say that. This week I was on a work visit with a new Elder named Elder Almond. We were knocking on a door and when no one answered I stepped back and I felt something hit the back of my head. Now in Peru that could mean a lot of things  so I didn't touch it but I just asked Elder Almond what had hit my head. He just started dying laughing as he told me that Dude a bird just dropped a huge one on your head hahahahaha!! So yep some freaking Peruano Pigeon pooped on my head this week hahaha I seriously couldn't believe it. 

So how awesome was conference this week!! 3 new apostles and all of the amazing talks. I couldn't have asked for a better week here in the mission. So there are about 50 million things that I could write about but there were just a few thoughts and talks that went straight to my heart. I loved all of the thoughts about obedience this weekend. The talk by Vern P. Stanfill and also the talk by Neill F. Marriot were great and also the talk about the story of Daniel by Elder Utchdorf but what tops them all for me this week was the talk by President Monson about the importance to be a light to these people. This has seriously been my theme for this whole year so when he just told us how it is (KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS !!) so that we can be a light to the world the Spirit just hit me so hard. I can testify with all of my heart, with our dearly beloved prophet, that the most important thing that any one of us could be doing in our life is to be a light to the world and to lead all of our brothers and sisters back to the presence of our Father in Heaven. I hope all of you feel the importance that I do to participate in the marvelous work that our Father has presented us with and that we can always have the motivation to act  even when it is hard. We  must be different to change the world and the only thing that will make us different from the rest is the spirit we have in our hearts, souls and eyes. Never be ashamed to show what the Lord has given you. Also the other talk about ponderize was awesome!! I watched it in spanish so the word was medetizar but I am currently ponderizing a scripture for the week. Mosiah 23:21-22. 

So ya this week was awesome. Just pure work and spirit and sweat (because it is hotter than Africa here!!) and just let me tell you all that I wouldn't trade it for anything. With all the hardship there is always reward. This weekend we went over the the house of the Family Alvarez expecting to see them slowly getting ready for conference or to say that they weren't going to go because they were cooking or cleaning or something but when we got there they were all ready and waiting and just glowing with the spirit. What an answer to my prayers this was. Usually this family is wild and running and with crazy musica and lots of stuff like that but this weekend they were focused and ready and trust me they recieved answers to their prayers in conference because heremana Karen told us that she is ready to get baptised!!! Pray for her!! The Lord prepares a path for those whom He has called. 

Ok well I know I didn't answer like any of your questions but hey next week I'll do better. I love you all so much and thank you for all of the support that I receive each week from you. Something to remember. This week you have all heard from Prophets of the Lord. Don't let the messages escape you but put them in practice ever day to come closer to the Lord and also I want to hear all about your ponderizing!! I love you all and I am constantly praying for you.

Much Love 

Elder Wilson
The daughters of Hermana Karen.

Familia Alvarez ready for conference.

Elder Wilson & Maikel.

Elder Quispe, President Rasmussen, Elder Wilson.

Companions. Elder Wilson & Elder Quispe.

Elder Clawson, Elder Valverde, Elder Wilson.

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