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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday. September 28. 2015-Week 59

Helping a sister to rebuild her roof.
Hey Guys
Well looks like you guys had one heck of a week back home!! DC looks amazing!! I would love to go and check it out some day but I'm glad you guys got to see it and experience all of that history and then watch BSU kick some butt!! Tater looks like you had a great time at HoCo or whatever it's called haha and I like the new look of the strechy shorts on the longboard haha!! I was also super happy to hear about James Eldredge!! Getting himself out on the mission!! He emailed me and told me about it and I was so happy. Great kid and going to be a great missionary.

So this week I am a little short on time but I'll give you a rundown of everything that is going on. First off I have a new companion. His name is Elder Quispe and he is from Cusco, Peru. He is 22 and is very different from Elder Garay. He really doesn't ever talk haha. Like when you talk to him he will talk but if you don't have something to say to him he is perfectly happy staying silent. It was sorta wierd the first few days but now he is getting more used to me and talking a little bit more but I'm just gonna have to open him up and get him talking. We are both the zone leaders here in Sullana. But he really is a great teacher and a great missionary and I am really looking forward to getting to work with him more in these next few months. He has 20 months in the mission so this is also going to be his last area. He has been a member his whole life and before his mission he was in the military. If you have more questions about him I'll answer them next week. 
This week here in my area we built the roof of a house. So this huge storm is going to be coming through so we have been asking members if they are ready for it and one hermana told us no. So we got a group of missionaries and members and we worked from like 7 in the morning until about 8 at night taking off her old roof and putting on a new one. Man that was some hard work. In this mission I have learned some serious construction skills that will help me when I want to build my own house in the future haha. But it was a great feeling to see how happy she was with our work and now she will be ready for el Niño!! 

This week we figured out a plan to get Karen and Ivan married and also the Familia Giron!! We are going to be presenting it to them tonight so well see how it goes!! Pray for them for us and also pray for Hermana Victor Atoche, Roberto Valcasar and the Familia de la Cruz!! 

Scrip of the week. Job 1:21

Thats all for now. I love you guys and I thank the Lord for you daily. Hope you have a great week and enjoy conference. 

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

With my new companion, Elder Quispe.

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