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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday. September 14. 2015-Week 58

The crew.
Mi Familia!!!! 

What's up family!? Well let's just start out by saying that I am tired, like dead tired haha. Last night we got the news that we could move back into our other apartment which was like music to our ears. So this morning we got up at the butt crack of dawn to go and work out so we could get back on time to start our moving process and let me tell you it was quite the process. Those fools that did the construction basically didn't clean anything!!! So we spent hours this morning cleaning floors and walls and the bathroom and windows and everything before we could even get started but eventually we got it all done and started moving. We haven't finished it all yet but we are close. During the move we were getting ready to move our fridge (which is a heavy sucker) and Elder Garay told me "ok Elder Wilson you can move it by yourself and I'll open the doors." So he took off to open the doors and I had to move the fridge by myself hahaha it was not the funnest thing I have ever done. I smashed fingers, toes and also my face between the wall and the fridge but eventually I got it upstairs and while I was dying and sweating Elder Garay was like "ok ready now you have to move the dresser hahahahahaha" I almost attacked him hahaha!!! So ya we are now back in our much better room. 

Freaking I like BYU and all but they need to stop beating up on my teams!! First Nebraska and now BSU. But hey looks like they are going to have quite the season!! Also you sent me that BYU lax race to the Y post. I am going to win that sucker when I get home!! 

This week was a little rough to be honest. One of the missionaries in our area had to leave for medical reasons so another Elder was alone and had to stay with us the whole freaking week!! There are perks of being a zone leader but there are also some things that just bite haha and one of them is when you have to work in a trio for a whole week!! I didn't think it would be that hard but it was. He wanted to work in his area and we wanted to work in our area and the members couldn't go on visits with us and wow it was a crazy week. But the good news is that Elder Machaca now has his new companion and we are back to working just us two. Now I understand why it is written in D and C that we should preach the gospel 2 in 2 haha!! 

So all of our investigators are going great right now. The Familia Escovar is learning and loving every second of our visits but we did find out that thier daughters study in a nun school and they study sunday in the morning!! They want to go to church with us but they just don't know what to do with their daughters and this school. I told them to pull their daughters out of there and get their butts to church and I think they are going to do it but it is just a rough process. Pray for them!! Also Hermano Orlando has a  baptism date and also Hermana Karen. Hermana Karen and Hermano Ivan (a member of the iglesia and her husband) are planning on getting married this week!! That would be  a huge answer to our prays so pray like crazy for them!! Those are the big things going on in our area right now. 

So I don't know if it is true or not but all of the people say that there is a huge storm coming our way here in Peru. I guess they say that it only happens like every 12 years but it destroys everything and the streets turn into rivers and people lose their homes and crazy stuff like that. They said it should be coming in like this next month. So we have been doing a lot of service for people helping them get ready for this craziness. I have been fixing roofs and moving in mountains of dirt and also forming groups in the church that are like ready to act in any moment when this storm comes but it has been awesome!! It just makes me think of the scripture in Mosiah 2 that says when we are in the service of our fellow men we are only in the service of our God. I have felt that more than anything in this last week!! We as missionaries are not only called to preach the gospel but we are called to help the children of the Lord in any way that is possible. Whether by preaching or serving they can feel our spirits. I just love being a missionary so dang much!! I have such amazing opportunities every day to lose myself in the service of my Lord and Savior and to really help these people. I know that I have been sent to this area of the world for a reason. It is hard and hot and ugly and nasty but I know they need me and I am 100% sure that I need them. If there is anything that I can say to you guys it is to just LOSE YOURSELF IN THE SERVICE OF THE LORD because if we do all other things will be taken care of for us. So start searching at home, at school, at work, at sports, in the church and everywhere else because there are people that need you!! 

Ok I have got to go right now because we still have to go shopping haha but I love you guys sooo much!! Dad and Tate I did read your emails but I have no time because we started late today but I'll write you guys next week!! Keep being awesome, keep working hard and always put all of your trust, time and abilities into the service of the Lord and He will bless you all beyond belief!! The Church is True!! Talk soon!!

Much Love 
Eldercito Wilson

Yep we look good . . .

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