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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Monday. September 7. 2015-Week 57

Beach pic with President & Sister Rasmussen.

Mi Familia!!!

Well this week was amazing but man.....I have been a little miserable waiting for the college football highlights!!!!! I was talking to another Elder a few days ago and he started talking about football and then I remembered the BYU Nebraska game and wow I cannot believe how that game turned out!!!!! That really is the game of the season and I didn't even get to see it!! But thanks for all of the updates but next time I need to see the top 25 list please:) 

So it sounds like all is going well back at home. School and work and football haha I can't stop thinking about football. Also room changing and Tate going on sweet dates!! Even samarii classes hahahaha you guys just never fail to suprise me!! 

Thanks a lot for bringing in all of those names to the temple this week because it is really helping us here. These people are amazing and they are really starting to progress. Hermana Karen and the Familia Giron both went to church this week!!!!! I was sooooo happy to see them!! Now they are just going to get married here in these next few weeks and BAM time to baptise!! We also came across 11 new investigators this week!!! Usually in a week we find like 5 to 7 new people that want to listen to us but this week we found 11 and they are all amazing!! They all basically said that they know what we are teaching is true!! Please pray especially for Hermana Karen and they Familia Giron and the Familia Farfan Escovar and Hermano Orlando and Richard Cornejo please!!!

Hey also the USA soccer team beat the Peru soccer team this week and the whole country went crazy and I just made them all mad because I'm from the good ole USA hahahaha!!! Awesomeness!! 

So you asked me if I am always happy and if sometimes there are hard things here in the mission so I am going to respond to your question with another question. Was it ever easy for Jesus? Was it easy for Him to preach the gospel or was He hated and attacked for it? I will never say that I am any where close to Jesus because in this life I will never be but I represent Him in this area of the world. The mission is the hardest thing that I have ever done but I love it and I show all the people how much I love it because I love my Savior. He would never get down and He would never look for the negative so I never get down and I always look for the positive to be more like Him and to complete my calling with honor. Hope I answered your question. 

So this week was crazy. We had a big meeting with the Rasmussens for all of the leaders in the mission so thats the picture you saw, we had to split up to work with a few missionaries that needed a little bit of help, we had to plan a bunch of stuff for the zone and then Elder Garay and I had to teach a whole reunion to all the missionaries in our area for like 4 hours haha. Our schedule kept us much more than busy this week. On top of it all we are still just running around like crazy trying to teach all of these people and it is getting dang hot once again!! I am talking like once you step out of the freezing cold shower for like 2 minutes you are already sweating like a dog once again haha. Gotta love Peru!!

Today we went to the beach to play football and to hang out and stuff like that and it was super fun. Also the Rasmussens had their son come out and he was there with his wife and they were super awesome!! They only bad thing that came out of it was that I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet so only my feet got burnt but now it kills to walk hahaha Im so dumb!!

So just wanted to share one experience with you guys today. This week we came across a new family named the Familia Farfan Escovar. We met them because one night we just had a feeling that we should knock their door so we did. They came out and let us in and we taught them a little bit about the church. They were super interested and we were stoked about that because they are a whole family (Dad, Mom and 3 kids!!)!! So we went back for the second visit and we had something planned to teach to them but they were having some problems in the family so when we were listening to what they were saying the Holy Ghost was basically screaming in my ear to change the lesson and to teach the Plan of Salvation. So I changed the lesson and my companion wasn't 100% sure about it at first but we just kept on teaching it because I could not deny what the Spirit was telling me. We finally came to a very important part in the lesson and I taught it and bore my testimony and the mom just started crying like crazy and the dad was totally over come with the spirit and it was just such a special moment. They both told us in this moment that we had answered their questions and they knew what we were teaching them was the truth. So just something to remember. When the spirit is whispering something to your heart, no matter how crazy it may seem, just do it and you will be blessed in amazing ways. 

So that's all for this week. Just want to thank you guys for being so dang awesome and for all of your prayers. Keep up the family reading and praying and never forget what the most important things are. Love you all a ton!! Always praying for ya!! Talk to ya next week!! Send me football updates!!!!!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

These three missionaries are all from Idaho!! Elder Hendrix and Elder Ward.

Elder Garay and Elder Wilson.

Bus ride to the beach.

Familia Arias they always cook for us on Sunday!! Their son leaves for his mission tomorrow!! ‏

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