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Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday. August 31. 2015-Week 56

All of the missionaries serving in the Piura Peru mission with President & Sister Rassmussen.

Mi Familia
Ok so it sounds like you guys had a good first week back to school and that everyone is happy and working hard. Just think, after this school year I will be home for the next one haha super weird to think about!! Super happy to hear that you guys are still going strong on your family scripture study and prayer. That was the first thing I had on my list to write to you guys about and now I don't even have to ask because I know you guys are doing it!! So keep that good stuff up!! 

Hey tell Matt Hansen good luck in his mission!!!!! It is the best decision that he has ever made and he is going to love it. Every moment isn't perfect but the work that we are doing is perfect and ordained of God!! Suerte Matt!! 

So this week all has gone great with our investigators. They are all progressing quickly and they all went to church except for the Familia Giron because Hermana Betty had to work:( I was super bummed out about that but keep praying for them!! They need you guys!! 

We came across a few new people this week that are awesome but one of them is called Orlando Zapata and he is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. In the mission someone who is a golden investigator is like a perfect investigator and he for sure is one of them!! He is a married, working man that lives with his family, doesn't drink and believes in Jesus but isn't part of any other church. We have visited him twice and he has just eaten up our message every time. He is reading the Book of Mormon and he is already receiving his answers to his prayers!!! Put his name in the temple and do whatever you can to help him because I really see this ending in a very good way!! 
So as you all know this week was Elder Bednar. It was in Piura so we only had to travel like 45 minutes so that was nice and it was in an air conditioned stake center!!!! I miss flipping air conditioning!!!!! But in this reunion 4 people talked. The first 2 were Elder Godoy (a member of the 70) and his wife and then Elder Bednar and his wife. Wow when they all came in and started the show the spirit seriously almost knocked me out of my chair!! Those are some very special people and they left us with some very special messages. 

So Elder Bednar didn't give a talk. Before he came he had sent us a few of his talks to read and study so what he did is that he just passed around a bunch of microphones and we helped him give the talk. He told us that he had prayed for revelation but that he didn't plan a talk. So he talked with us and asked us questions and then he talked about what we said. He said a ton of stuff so I am going to give you some points.

1. Write on small plates: He told us that our church has a stupid tradition. That is to write notes when someone is giving a talk. He asked us if when we take notes do we actually go back and read them and study them. Everyone said no. He told us that in a talk we should write down 1 or maybe 2 little notes and then let the spirit teach us the rest. We will treasure small plates but we will forget and lose large plates. 

2. He told us that everyone has a testimony but our job as missionaries is to help them to find that testimony. 

3. We need to have ears to hear and eyes to see. The spirit is constantly testifying to us of the truth but we must learn how to recognize it and how to help other people to recognize it. 

4. If we FEAST upon the Book of Mormon daily we will never fall away from the church and we will always have a strong testimony. He told us that it isn't enough to just read or listen but we must FEAST upon the words of the BOM and apply them to ourselves. The BOM is the key to our religion. 

5. Representing Him is more important than doing what I want to do. We may have our free agency but there are only 2 paths. In this part he also talked a ton about our personal obedience and how important every one of our decisions are. 

6. Sister Bednar said, "I hope that after your mission your mind can come back to your mission every single day to guide and direct you in your life. If you are here to serve you must serve with all of your heart, soul and energy or you will fail the Lord and you will never be proud of your mission." 

7. He said that if we are here in the mission seeking for power or recognition then we are only completing with one thing and the is PRIESTCRAFT. It doesn't matter if you are a leader or not it just matters if you do the Lords work and do it with all of your heart.

8. Our smile and eyes are the first thing that people will see so be weird and show the whole world how much you love the gospel by the way you smile and by the light in your eyes.

9. We must learn to get out of the way and let the spirit teach these people. Sometimes we are professionals at getting in the way of the spirit when we teach with our personal knowledge. We must learn to get out of the way so the spirit can flow into these people without problems.

10. The gospel is the good news. What more do we need?

So like I said I didn't take notes so those are some of the things that I remember. This was easily one of the greatest days of my entire life and one that I will never forget. Elder Bednar is an inspired man of God and he was sent there to Piura Peru at this time for a very special reason. He has big plans for us. All I can say is that now I am just super ready to act. I have the faith now I am just going to put in practice everything that we were taught to see miracles here in this area. All I can say is that I can't wait for conference to see him talk again!! 

Scripture of the week is John 14:15. It is just that simple. If we love Him we will keep His commandments. 

Well that's all for today. Thanks for the great letter and pictures!! I really do love hearing from you guys so much and am super happy to see that everything is going well at home. I am always praying for you and hope that you are always praying for me because I need your help. I love you all so much!! Talk soon!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson 

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