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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday. August 3. 2015-Week 52

Getting ready to burn the one year of the Mission shirt.

MI Familia!!

Straight from the heart of America....NEBRASKA!!!! Man I wish that I could be there with you guys camping and being red neck and all of that good stuff......I really do miss the good old red neck days haha. Mom I'm proud of you for roughin it out a couple of days camping ya wimp haha. So it does sound like you guys really have had a great time in Nebraska so far and I hope you are telling everyone hi for me!! 
How's Tate doing? The fool stopped writing me a few weeks ago so I don't know what's going on in his life haha. That's right Tater a little call out to get your butt in gear and tell me what's up!! 

So this week was a great one here in Sullana. It's starting to get super hot again and I'm not loving that so much though haha. It had been pretty nice for like the last month but now the heat is really starting to crank back up again but hey I guess it is my last summer here in Peru haha. So I want to start off talking about my ward. When I showed up here in Sullana like 5 weeks ago our ward really was pretty weak. There were only like 40ish people who were going to church and the bishop wasn't working at all and sometimes there wasn't even any talks or classes but wow how we have changed!! We have been working with them soo much to get it back in gear and they responded great. It all started in ward council when we called them out and set a few goals for them to complete and they just took off from there. They are working and teaching and planning and just doing all they can to take care of the ward and because of that we have had a ton more time to work on teaching new people. This last week 90 people went to church!!!! It really was a miracle and a huge answer to my prayers. Our bishop is working, our ward mission leader is amazing and the Lord is really pushing this work along here in Sullana!! Loving my ward right now!! 

We are still teaching Hermana Soledad and she is amazing. Going to church, she has read like 200 pages of her BOM in these last 2 weeks and now she is inviting her family to listen to us!! She is going to be getting baptised the 16th of this month but we are also planning on baptising 4 or 5 more from her family and helping another family to get married so they can get baptised!! Working super hard right now but we always need your prayers!! Soledad, the family Alvarez, the family Giron, Victor Fiestas and Ceasar Tavara!! Thanks!! 

This week I had my interview with Presidente Rasmussen and with Hermana Rasmussen and they are seriously so awesome!! Super funny and also very inspired by the spirit. With Hermana Rasmussen we talked about the family and sports (they know someone who is playing lax for BYU) and the mission and even girls haha she is super funny and super sweet and really trying hard to learn spanish so I give her a big thumbs up. Then I got to talk to the man himself....Presidente Rasmussen. I have talked to him a lot in this last month but never one on one like this. He has some huge goals for this mission and is counting on me to help him to accomplish these goals. He definently inspired me even more to keep working hard and especially to keep helping other people to work hard. We can't work in every area but we sure can be examples to every area!! They really were super great. 

So yep I finished up one year of my mission this week so my district did some cool stuff for me. We ate pizza, they smashed eggs on my head and then we had the epic shirt burning ceremony haha I'll send pictures of it. But yes it is very bitter sweet to think that I'm half way done but just more of a reason to keep working my tail off to give to every person the amazing blessings of this gospel!! They need me and I will never let them down!! 

This week in my bible study I was reading a little bit in Luke 15 about the lost sheep and the lost money and the prodigals son. When I was reading that I thought of a talk that was given in this last conference about Luke 15 so I read that too and wow the spirit hit me so dang hard. No one is ever lost because the Lord is always searching for us but we as members have a huge responsibility to help the Lord in this process and a lot of the time we don't get it done. Also read this chapter as a family or for family home evening because it is awesome!! 

Today we played a game of soccer North Americans vs Latinos and we kicked their butts!! The white kids actually won in a game of soccer hahhaha it was like that hockey movie Miracle haha!! 

Well that's all for this week. Glad that all is well at home and in Nebraska. I love you guys so much and miss ya a ton. Never stop reading the BOM its perfect and the word of God to guide us through the darkness here in this life!! Hope you have an amazing week and that you start to send me freaking sports updates again!! hahah Love ya all!!

Much Love 
Elder Wilson


Let the burning begin.

Elder Garay breaking an egg on my head for my one year in the mission.

Our big Sunday dinner.

Getting ready to play soccer.








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