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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday. August 10. 2015-Week 53


Me, Elder Garay, and Alejandro (one of my favorite kids in our ward).

Mi Familia

Hey guys!! Sounds like you guys had a great time in Nebraska and that everything went well. Man I miss that trip a ton and we will for sure be doing it next year!! And I will be driving because I haven't drove in forever hahaha I was thinking about that the other day!! I hope you told everyone hey for me!! 

Hey my suit is starting to get pretty crappy so I don't know what we want to do about that. Like it has holes in it hahaha!! 

This week was crazy and quite epic here in Sullana. Lets start off answering your questions about transfers. Here in the mission we have transfers every 6 weeks and yesterday was transfers. I am not leaving Sullana and Elder Garay is still my companion. We were pumped to get that news because we are working some serious miracles here in this area!! Elder Garay is great and we are really working hard together. He currently has 18 months in the mission.
So now for what happened this week. First off I forgot if I told you guys or not but in like 2 weeks Elder Bednar is coming here to Piura to talk to us so I have been getting super pumped for that and reading some of his talks. I have to recommend a talk called Ask in Faith by Elder Bednar because it is so awesome!! Also this week we have been working a ton with Hermana Soledad and her family. She is at the point where she knows with all her heart that what we are teaching is true so now she is just going crazy trying to share it with her family. We have been teaching them all for a while now and they are all progressing so fast!! Every single one of them has read more than the first 2 books of Nephi in just 2 weeks and we got the amazing news last week that one of her granddaughters wants to be baptised too!! So this Saturday we are going to baptising Hermana Soledad and also her granddaughter Danitza!! We have been working our butts off to get them to this point and we are now seeing the fruits of our labors. Also a crazy story about Hermana Soledad. This week we taught her about the fast. We told her that if we fast with faith and pay our fast offerings we can receive direct and specific blessings from God in our lives. She was super interested in what we said and also had a ton of questions. The next day we went to her house and found her reading the Book of Mormon (She is already in Mosiah!!). We started to talk to her and she told us that she was fasting. We were obviously super surprised because she isn't even a member and she hadn't told us anything about it but then she explained why she was fasting and the spirit just hit me so hard!! That woman has so many challenges and problems in her life and in the life of her family but it just doesn't matter to her because her faith is just so much stronger than anything else that tries to get her down. All I can say is that she received the blessings that she needed through this fast and is now even more prepared to be baptised. Changing lives one day at a time!! 

So now about the ward. We are so awesome here in my ward (Buenos Aires). My first week here we had 40 people going to church. The last week we had 90ish people go and this week...............we had almost 110 people in the church!!!!! Talk about a change!! We as missionaries are going to work and going to do all that is possible to help and strengthen our ward and we usually can do a pretty good job but when the members get involved that is when the miracles start!! We have been fighting to motivate our ward for so long and now they don't even need our help because they are just taking care of business by themselves. As we have worked together over these last few weeks we have seen miracles and now our ward is the strongest one here in Sullana!! And to answer your question I am teaching a class almost every week in church.

The rest of the week was fairly normal. We are starting to meet a ton of new people and they are all getting super interested in our message so more than anything if you guys could just pray for my area and my companionship that would be awesome!! We are just loving the life here in the mission teaching, walking and walking and walking some more, learning, still working out!!, playing soccer (they now call me the white messi haha) and more than anything just getting closer to our Heavenly Father. This is His work and I am more than honored to be a part of it. I read an awesome scripture in the Bible this week. Its in Romans 1:16 and is when Paul is preaching to the Romans. To keep it short he basically said that I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is what brings salvation to the souls of all men. I have to agree with Paul on this one. I don't care who you are or what you say I am not and will never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We know that in our journey to be disciples of our Savior the path will never be easy. We will all have hard times and we will all be tempted but what we all need to do is become more like Paul and wear our testimony on our chest for the whole world to see. It will never be easy but we will be incredibly blessed for doing it. I am not perfect and I know I will never be but I am not ashamed of the Gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Well that's all for this week. I love you all so so much and I am always praying for you!! The church is true!!

Much love 

Elder Wilson

The district.

Our pensionista!!! Hermana Charito and Hermano Marco Felix.



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