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Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday. August 17. 2015-Week 54

Baptism of Hermana Soledad and also Danitza!!

Mi Familia!!

Hey guys!! Well it sounds like you guys sorta had another hectic week in the Wilson house in Idaho and also in San Diego haha. You guys are always doing something haha I guess I had to learn to work hard from someone. Hey football is going to start up so that means I need updates on everything!! Don't let me down mother!!

Ok so about my suit. Basically every time I wear a suit I have a conference and because I am a leader that means that I am always carrying stuff and running around and setting stuff up and some where in that process my pants just sorta split open hahaha. Yes in my last conference I had a large hole in the crotch area of my pants but no one saw so we are all good haha. I was also thinking that it would be better to buy a new suit here in Sullana. There are a few places that I have checked out that would have good suits and I have my card and could take out the money to buy it. So I think that would be our best option. This next week I am going to buy a new suit. Everything else is holding up pretty good. These shoes are awesome and I don't think that they are every going to break haha shoes of war!! But hey I really like to give my ties away for some reason so if you want to send me anything it would be ties. 

So this week was nothing short of amazing. To start it all of yes we baptised Hermana Soledad and also Danitza!! We have been working so dang hard with them and now that we finally got it done it is just a huge relief. They were so prepared and ready for it and it was just such a spiritual experience and something that I will never forget. I remember people in our ward telling us that we could never baptise hermana Soledad because missionaries had been trying for years but we didn't listen to them. We went to the Lord for help and then put His plans in action and trust me when you do that it always turns out great. I baptised Danitza and Elder Garay baptised Hermana Soledad. So Hermana Soledad yes is married but she got divorced from here husband like 20 years ago and now just lives with her kids. She has 5 kids and all of her kids have like 2 or 3 kids and they all live in the same house hahaha it is really the definition of a mad house!! So now our next project is to baptise the rest of the family!! She was a reference of one of her daughters that is a young woman in our ward and finally she is 53. Miracles are happening!! 

So speaking of miracles I just wanted to share another experience with you guys about this week. So we were knocking on doors like crazy one night and we were also getting rejected pretty hard. Finally we knocked on the door and an old lady came out and started talking to us. She was really sweet but not super interested. When we were about to go one of her granddaughters (she was like 18) came out and asked us if we could pray for her grandpa. So we went into the house to see and old man sitting in a chair surrounded by his family. They told us that he was 98 years old and that he had fallen earlier in the day and now his face was all busted in and swollen. Without even thinking we started to explain the blessing of health. We told them that God acts through the priesthood and our faith to work miracles and they told us to give the old man a blessing so we did. Let me just say something. When we gave that blessing the spirit was so strong and I know for a fact that the Lord directed every one of our words. We finished the blessing and the family had also felt the power of the spirit. Shortly after they asked us if we could pass by their house this week to teach them more about our message. The Lord has people prepared for us. It doesn't matter if we are missionaries or just members all we have to do is have the faith to search for them.

Also we have an awesome family getting ready for baptism!! The familia Giron. Pray for them please!! 

Well that's all for this week. It was really such a spiritual week and we were incredibly blessed. We also got to play soccer in a huge stadium today and it was a field of grass!! First time I have seen a field of grass in over a year haha!! I am just loving the mission so dang much right now and just more and more every single day. Its going to be quite the fight to get me home after my 2 years because this work is completely perfect. I can never more in my life deny the power of the Lord because I literally see it every single day here in my mission. My scripture for the week is Mosiah 16:19 WE ARE THE LIGHT OF CHRIST!! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!! Talk soon!! 

The church is true!! 

Elder Wilson

P.S Hey you guys should send me BYU lax workout program


Reunion of leaders.

The Peruano McDonalds.

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