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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday. October 19. 2015-Week 62

Mi amigo Elder Soto de Honduras

Mi Familia 

Hahahahahahahahaha I am seriously dying laughing right now picturing dad in a sumo ring wrestling with a big, fat, Japanese man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to see pictures and videos of that if it is possible because that may be one of the absolute greatest things that I have ever heard in my life!!!!!! YOU THE MAN DAD!!!!

So glad to hear that you guys are enjoying your time in Japan. I really have never had any sort of desire to go there but it sounds like you guys are getting to know tons of cool stuff and places. So about the food. I don't know exactly what you guys are eating but I am very sure that you have it better than I do haha. One of these last weeks we went to visit one of the people in our areas who is even poorer than the normal person here in Sullana. They offered to cook us food so we said ok. So they cooked us some sort of soup that was made of water they scooped up out of a hole in the ground, random chicken parts (including chicken crap sacks and chicken feet hahaha) and basically whatever else they could find laying around. Then they dumped it into another cooking hole to cook it for us. It was full of dirt and grime and many other things that just shouldn't be eaten but we didn't want to offend them so we just went for it haha!! It wasn't good and I crapped fire for many days after but hey sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. So maybe your food isn't great but hey at least it wasn't scooped out of a hole in the ground!! 

This week was great. First off we went and finished up the marriage papers for Ivan and Karen today so they are going to get married for sure on the 29th de Octubre!! The day that I complete 15 months in the mission. Then Hermana Karen is going to baptised on Halloween day!! Also the day of Perry's birthday!! We are visiting them a lot with members of our ward and it has helped us so much. YOU GUYS NEED TO GO ON VISITS WITH THE MISSIONARIES OR WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME SERIOUS PROBLEMS WHEN I GET HOME!!  Pray so so so so so so so much for them please!! They are super special to me and I love them a ton and they have just got to complete their goals so pray for them!! I am also going to be the best man in the wedding hahahaha!! I told him that I would do it if he would come to my wedding and be one of my best men hahaha!! 

Today we went to a sweet turf soccer field and balled it up!! After playing for the last year with latins I have gotten pretty dang good at soccer haha. We played on a big field today like almost full sized and I just couldn't stop thinking about lacrosse!! Gonna feel good to get back on that field. 

This week I had a crazy experience. I went to Piura for the day to work with another Elder and we were out knocking doors when we came across a family of less actives. They were super old and almost didn't understand us so we asked to talk to their son. His name was Nester and he was a drunk. We talked to him and at first he didn't even want to listen but after we really talked to him and searched for his needs and read some scriptures he opened up and even told us that he wanted to change but that he wouldn't go to church because that was his day for soccer and beer. We burnt him hard core and he still wouldn't budge so we just got the impression that we should invite him to pray. So we got down on our knees and we invited Nester to say the prayer. So we waited and waited and waited some more until almost 20 minutes had passed by and he hadn't said a word but I just felt that we needed to be silent and wait for his prayer. So I just prayed for him in my mind and kept waiting with faith. Just when we were about to give up we heard the words, Padre Celestial......and then he continued to pray. Maybe it wasn't a super prayer or anything but it was completely amazing. His words touched my soul and I know the spirit touched his. It was a huge change in his life to pray and we were a big help in him doing it. That is why I am on the mission. It's not just to baptise. It's not just to lead but it is truly to change the lives of these people in my path. They need me and I will never let them down because I love the Lord my God & the Savior and redeemer more than I love anything else in the world. It truly was an amazing experience. 

Ok just in case you were planning on sending anything. I want the ensign of conference.

So that's all for this week. I am loving life more than ever because we are preaching and teaching with the guidance of the spirit and he is not leading us astray. This work is completely perfect because it helps imperfect people like me accomplish great things and change many lives. Serve the Lord and trust in Him with all thy heart!! I love you guys so much and I am always praying for you!! Hope you have a great week. Stay true, stay faithful.

Ponderizing    Mark 8; 34-35

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

Elder Gonzales and Elder Cejas!!!
Elder Mendoza, he is the assistant here in the mission and my bro!!


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