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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Monday. April 27. 2015-Week 38

Mi familia!!!

Well let's just start off by answering one of your first questions. Missionaries don't take breaks, don't need breaks and don't want breaks and most of all I am just going to keep working until I break hahaha!! This is the work of the Lord and I know for a fact that in the short life of Jesus Christ, He sure as heck didn't have time to take breaks because there were people who needed to hear the gospel!! It doesn't matter if we are teaching, walking the streets, in a taxi (or here in Peru a moto taxi), or in the dang bathroom I am going to talk with every person in Peru because I am one of the only people here who knows how to walk forward with faith on the path that our Father in Heaven has made for us!! I have officially eliminated the word break from my vocabulary because I don't have time for a break because the people who don't have the gospel in their lives don't have time to wait. Our work: D&C Chapters 4, 18, 33

Well it sounds like you guys had one heck of a week like always!! School and sports and church and friends (and in Tater's case....special friends hahaha never brush your teeth bro;)) and working and on top of it all that crazy woman Grandma Sue was at our house had your work cut out for ya this week haha. I am so glad that you guys had the chance to see grandma and pass some time with her. I sure do miss her a lot.
How is everyone doing with their Book of Mormon reading? I sure do hope that every single person that lives in my house is reading their Libro de Mormon. It guides us and it helps us to feel the true love that our Savior has for us so READ IT!!!!! A LOT!!!!!

So as of right now I have no idea when we are going to Skype because I think we are going to baptise on Mother's Day so it will be later in the day. Elder Gonzales is going to talk first so we will talk I'm guessing at like 6ish?? I'll work out the plans this week but we will be doing it at Gino's house. 

This week was crazy but great. I am working my butt off. I have a ton of things to do with training Eldercito Gonzales, planning a ton of reuniones con mi distrito and on top of it all trying to baptise the world but trust me its a great thing to be busy on your mission.
I got letters this week so thanks mom!! I love reading about what going on at home and also your conference quotes were awesome!!
This week Elder Gonzales and I worked our butts off as usual but we also focued a ton in reading his Book of Mormon. He is reading like 2 chapters a day but we, together, are reading like 7 or 8 chapters a day and just trying to nail out his Book of Mormon. He has a million questions and I love it because it makes me feel like he is really learning. He is coming along great with reading but wev'e still got a ways to go!!
Rony is getting better!! We visited him a ton and he talked with the bishop and through prayers and fasts he is really starting to feel the love of the Lord in his life once again. Keep praying for him. We also came across 2 new investigators this week that were awesome!! They have such a love for our message and what we are sharing and I can smell some more baptisms in the near future. Please pray this week for Viviana Viera, Carla Carasco, Maria Viera, Maria Atoche, Jamil and Jael, Gabriel Bravo, Marcos Maldinola and as always my buds Rony Sanots and Gino Fossa. We will be baptising Jamil and Jael this Saturday and we have goals to baptise about 6 more in these next 2 months so keep them prayers acoming!! 

With your questions about Gino. His family is awesome!! He has 3 brothers and a sister I think but only his mom and his sister are members. He works as an English teacher in one of the universities here in Piura and no he doesn't have a girlfriend right now but we are working on him hard to find one so don't worry he will have one soon!!!!!

The gym is going great!! I'ts really a crap pit but hey it has weights and machines so I am just going as hard as I can right now because I don't know if there will be a gym in my next area. I am also running every other day and doing sprints because dad told me to before my mission so I am in pretty good shape right now. Like I could step on the lax field right now and kick some serious butt haha!! Elder Gonzales likes the gym a lot but hates to run haha and also Gino has been starting to work out with us!!!

Well that's about all for this week. We have interviews tomorrow with presidente Rowley (his last ones with us because he leaves in 2 months:(  ) so I am going to receive some serious revelation!! I love you guys so much and I hope that you are happy and that you know that I am happy here!! The church is true and by the time I'm done here all of Peru will know it!! I love you guys and am always praying for you!! Hope you have a great week and tell Tate to take it easy with the ladies hahaha!!!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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