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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Saturday. April 11. 2015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER WILSON!!!!

Happy NINETEENTH Birthday Elder Wilson!! We LOVE yoU!!
Coach B-Asher's football coach & mentor.
Part of the Wiggins fam-Brock, Bryce, Brooke, and Brian-Brian was nice enough to hire Asher to work for him being a beekeeper. Asher loved that job and loved Bro Wiggins even more! His friendship and guidance has had a huge impact on Asher's life.
Another Wiggins-Brian Jr
Perry-Asher's little sister-doing a picture "Asher style." Asher is known for making strange faces in 99% of his pictures. So now the whole family does it in honor of him.
Ryan-Asher's dad-doing it "Asher style."
Perry wanted to take a pic with Elder Wilson's sign while doing a backbend.
Cute little Remi Levesque-aka Gummy Bear.
Maddie & Gummy Levesque
Tate-Asher's brother-jumping high for Asher's Birthday.
Crash-Elder Wilson's dog.
Ryan-Asher's dad.
Kristen-Asher's mom.
Victory ward missionaries.

Mt. View LAX 2015 team-including Coach Morgan.
Asher's good buddy James Eldredge.
Christensen cousins-Eli & Isaac.
The Guzzetti's-Karin & Dave.
The littlest Guzzetti-Mikey.
One of Asher's very best friends-Nich Guzzetti.
The Howell fam. Love that Brigham is rocking the bow tie in honor of Elder Wilson. :)
Coach Sallee & some of the toughest football players in Idaho.
Matthew, Bishop Hansen, & Jared. Bishop Hansen was a huge help when Asher was preparing to go on his mission.
Bruce & LeeAnn Thacker.
The Bingham fam. Brett was the best Young Men's leader. Asher sure loved him.
The Vance Fam minus Troy who's currently going to school & making a name for himself playing Lacrosse at Westminster College.
Good friends, the Ball fam-Jeff, Tyler, and Tresa. Their son, Ryan, left for his mission to India one day after Asher.
The Carson dogs. Not sure what the story is with the dogs but I think they drove Asher nuts so Shelley wanted to make sure they were in a picture especially for Asher!
The Carson fam-Asher's second family.
Some of the young men and young women from the Victory Ward in Meridian, Idaho.
The Morris fam.
The Walling cousins doing it "Asher style."
Alyssa Scholes.
Jaja & Papa-Asher's grandparents from San Diego.
Cambree and Beth Harbaugh. Beth was truly Asher's second mom.
On the Del Mar beach in California.
Logan Morris-love the sign!
Wilson cousins-Corbin, Beckam, Avery, & Sadie (from Northern California).
Sam & Alyssa Scholes.
The Bollwinkle Fam-on vacation in Oregon.
Great Grammy Oops & Larry.
Grammy Suebert & Papa Gary-grandparents from Nebraska.
The Wallings-Chloe, Payton, Kennedy, & Easton (cousins from Washington).
Lance, Mia Wilson and Nadia French (cousins from Hawaii).

Hunter & Cooper Ziems-cousins from Nebraska.

The awesome Peterson kids-Jace, Kade, Bryn.
"Little" Tate Bollwinkle.

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