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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monday. May 18. 2015-Week 41

Skyping with our missionary on Mother's Day! It was so great to see him and talk with him! We love Elder Wilson!!

Mi Familia!!

Well I don't know if I can say it sounds like it was a good week because it didn't sound too great but I'm glad to hear that you are all still alive haha!! Mom what the heck did you do to yourself!? You know you are officially old when you can't even do some sweet dance moves in the kitchen any more!! I remember when dad and Tate and I would do our little jumping attack things on you when you were cooking and you would just freak out hahahaha good times!!! But I really do hope that you are feeling better!!

Ok asides from all of that the week sounds good. I hope that Tate will be able to play this weekend in state cup and that he can kick some serious butt!! And if they have to close his growth plates that's fine by me hahaha;) Cant have my "little" brother passing me up by too much!! Perry, awesome job in your soccer game!! 3 goals now that's my girl!! Dad great job playing mom for the week. That's not an easy job but you gotta do what you gotta do to take care of the fam. 

Well lax is over:( Mt. View and BYU both done.......I don't like to hear that. But now they've just got one more year to survive without me haha;) 

This week here in the mission was awesome!! We are really focused on finding new families to teach right now because what could be better than getting a family on track to go to the temple and to be eternal!! We were searching and asking people in our ward and then BAM!! All of a sudden this week we find 4 amazing families!!!! They are all amazing and are way interested in our message!! The first family is the family Sanchez. The second the family Olalla. The thrid is the family of Josemar and the last is the family Navaro. Such an answer to my prayers and we are hoping to get like 15 baptisms this next month by baptising them all!! What a wonderful blessing it is to work with families. I can feel the love that they have for one another and I have the ability to help them be forever!! Wow I love mission work so much!!
So you heard from Gino all about our noche de hogar (FHE). It was awesome!!! So awesome!!! Gino invited a bunch of his friends and family and some of his students and we sang and shared scriptures and taught an amazing lesson about Joseph Smith and his first vision. They had millions of questions but I answered them all and the spirit was just so strong!! Gino has a sister that is not active in the church but is a member. Her boy friend came to the family home evening and he loved it. After it was all over he told us that he has been doing bad in work and a few other things were going on and he just wasn't feeling good so we offered him a blessing of comfort and that was one amazing experience. I don't remember a word that was said but when we finished he was crying and just overcome with the spirit. He later told the sister of Gino (Sandra) that he wants to be baptised!! The Lord works in crazy ways and one of those ways is through FHE so never stop doing it!! Also I have an invitation for you all. This next week in FHE I challenge you all to invite a non member friend or maybe even a non member family to participate in FHE. I don't care how you do it but you need to share a message and have prayers and hymns and all of it!! Trust me. They will feel the spirit and they will want to hear more. So I want to hear a report on that next week!! 

So that's about all for this week. All is going well. Elder Gonzales is getting fat hahahahaahaa!! I am so so so so so so happy. And ya that's about it.
I know there are a ton of people getting ready to leave for missions right now in the great state of Idaho and I hope you are all reading this. The mission is the best decision that you could ever make in your whole life. You will never regret serving it because you will love every moment of it. Prepare yourselves while the call comes and you will be powerful tools in the hands of the Lord!! This is His work and we are on the front lines!! 

Ok that's all. I love you guys so much and hope you have an amazing week!! I'm always praying for you!!

Much love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson
He couldn't resist making faces at us!! ;)

Spending Mother's Day at Gino's family home.


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