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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monday. May 4. 2015-Week 39

Making lasagna.

Mi Familia

Well it sounds like another great week in the Wilson house!! All the normal stuff but you guys are just always going. Thanks for the email about the BYU vs. Nebraska football game......I'm dying just thinking about missing that one!!!! But great to hear that my BYU lax boys are taking it to the world!! Were going to be champions this year and when I get back for the next 4 years!!!!! 

Ok so now a little bit about Skype for this week. We will be at Gino´s house this Sunday at like 3 in the afternoon (so 2 your time) but Elder Gonzales will be talking first so I'm thinking I should be calling you guys at like 4 45 or 5ish (so like 3 45 or 4ish for you guys) and we will be able to talk for like 1 hour or something like that. When I'm ready I'll shoot you a message on the Facebook of Gino. Excited to talk!! But you will be seeing me with a buzz cut because all the Elders in our district shaved it all off today because its soooo dang hot!!!! So get ready for that haha. 

So today for P Day our whole district went over to Gino´s house to cook lunch and to cut our hair haha. We ended up cooking lasagna and it was awesome!! Really super good and I also realized that I like mushrooms today because we put a bunch of them in it haha. Gino and I led the show and did some serious cooking!! I'm telling you guys one new thing that I've learned here on the mission is how to cook!! You can just call me chef Elder Wilson now;) But me being me made enough lasagna for all of Piura so I think we are going to eat lasagna for dinner tonight...and tomorrow.......and possibly the next day hahaha. But ya we don't do a ton for P day but we just try to find things to do to pass the time. But we did go on an awesome run and had a killer gym sesh this morning!!!

So this week was another great one. We started off the week normal como siempre with teaching and contacting and all of that good stuff but on Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente Rowley and they were awesome!!! I love getting some time to talk one on one with that man because he is so dang full of the spirit. We just got in there and laid it all down on the table and trust me I left that room feeling refreshed. We talked about a ton of stuff but his focus was on hard work. He told me that there really aren't too many people in this world that know how to work and work hard but he said that I am currently teaching this mission how to work. I was very honored to hear that from him and it really made me think of how much more I could be doing. I love to work and I think I always will but sometimes when you have a million things to do every second it's hard to focus on everything. I am now an experienced missionary and am really going to try and focus more and more every day in completing with every phase of the work of the Lord. This also made me feel good and that I am really completing with the will of the Lord for me. His work and His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man and my work and my glory is to be a tool in his hands to bring this work to pass. I will never stop working and I will never let the Lord down. So ya all in all it was a great interview but wow it was really sad because this is the last interview I will ever have with Presidente Rowley:( He is going to take off right about when I have 11 months so my next one on one interview will be with Presidente Rassmunsen. I am way excited to meet the new presidente but I am going to miss presidente Rowley so dang much because he has really helped me to change my life and to become a true servant of Christ. 

We are currently teaching a few investigators. 2 women named Carla Carasco and Maria Atoche and they are progressing very quickly and we are hoping to see them being baptised in this month. We are still teaching Viviana Viera and she is getting so much better and completing with our invitations!! She is a tough case but is finally feeling the spirit. Someone really amazing that we came across like 2 weeks ago is called Marcos Maldinola. He is 18 and is currently studying in the university. He is reading and progressing like crazy!! The only problem is that he has a huge German Sheppard named Max who is crazy and always wants to attack. I am used to this so I just go right on in but Elder Gonzales seriously runs from this dog because it is a giant so the other day me and Max had some serious talking and like a crazy stare down and I think he has finally accepted us as part of his family hahahaha. I don't know if it's exactly like that but now he isn't attacking us anymore so that's a start!! So these are a few of our investigators and it would be awesome if you guys could send some prayers their ways because they are felt. 

So we baptised 2 kids this week and completed another family here in our area. It was easily one of my best baptisms of my mission. It was seriously such a spiritual experience. They both picked me to baptise them so I did it and the baptism of Jael (the tiny one) went great but after I had to baptise Jamil (the huge one). I did totally fine on my part but wow Jamil went crazy under the water and let a bunch of water in his nose and stuck his foot up out of the water so we had to calm him down (he is really super nervous) and baptise him again. The second attempt went great and after it was all over let me tell you there were a lot of teary eyes in that room. I know exactly why the job of a missionary is to baptise because we are truly bringing such happiness and joy into the lives of others and more than that we are helping them to receive their salvation. This is nothing easy, trust me, but when you walk down into the waters of baptism with these people that you love it is just something different. I really don't have the words to describe it but I know with all of my heart that the spirit is there guiding us and patting us on the back saying good job. I have felt my Savior's love through these baptisms and I now have such a strong testimony that He loves every one of us so dang much!!! He really does have a huge party in Heaven when one of His children choose to return to the correct path and for that reason it is always going to be our responsibility to help them see the light. I love the work of the Lord and I am so happy and really so blessed to be a part of His grand plan here in this life and so are you. Never let a moment go by without sharing what you know because you never know who is watching or listening and how your testimony could change their lives!!

Ok well that's all I've got for this week but I'm freaking pumped to talk to you guys in a few days!! Have your questions ready and I will do the best that I can to answer them in my broken English haha. I love you guys so much and I hope you can feel it all the way back at home. I know that we are part of the true church and that no matter what changes we may see in this world at this time and in the future this church and the ways of the Lord will never change so just follow Him. Put everything else to the side and just follow Him with all you heart and soul and you will be incredibly blessed. Thanks for everything. I love you all so much!! Jungle Cat out!!
Much Love

Elder Wilson

P.S Read conference talk A Priceless Heritage of Hope by Henry B. Eyring (Spring Conference 2014) Its awesome!!




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