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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Monday. March 2. 20015-Week 30

The new district

Mi Familia!!!

Happy flippin birthday old man!! 43 years old and still going strong haha! But really, happy birthday dad!! I hope you have a great day, eat some good food, and don't have to work too much haha! I'm thinking about you a lot today and I'm pretty sure I've told every missionary in all of Peru that it's your birthday today!! I wrote you a letter and sent it this week so I don't know hen you'll get it but I hope soon!! Feliz cumplir anos a el mejor padre en todo el mundo!!

Wow! What a week you guys had!! I thought I worked hard here in the mission but you guys put me to shame this week haha ;) I'm glad I'll be getting back in 17 months when our nice new carpet will be nice and dirty once again hahahaha ;) But ya, 7 months down. The time just flies by, you guys don't even understand!! It feels like I just got here and now I'm over 1/4th done with my mission!!

Congrats to Brianna on her mission call!! Kobe, Japan that's a little crazy!! Super excited for her!!

All is well with Rony. This weekend he was confirmed a member and also received the Aaronic Priesthood. He is seriously going to be the best member ever. He just loves the church and the gospel so dang much. It's awesome! The best part about him is his desire to share the gospel with everyone!! He's already talking to all of his friends to get them ready to talk to us and accept the gospel in their lives!! It's so awesome because the most important people in mission work are the members. The mission work dies if the members aren't working!! Also once again, thanks for all of your prayers for Rony.

Nothing too big happened this week but it was a good one! We are just trying to find more people who want to hear our message. It's really hard here. There's just not too many people who want to listen to 2 guys in white shirts talk about God. We have been praying and fasting so hard to find these people and it payed off because we found 2 amazing new investigators this weekend. We are just starting to teach them but they already have a huge desire to learn more and especially to read the Book of Mormon. That is awesome because no one here likes to read haha!! It really is a miracle to find someone here that wants to read the Book of Mormon so we were very excited. The Lord watches over and blesses His missionaries I know it!!!!

Ohhhhhh, we ate something so nasty this week!! I've really liked the food here a lot and haven't been picky about anything but this food might be the worst food ever created!! It's called Malas Rabias (which translates into bad rabies!! Who wants to eat something called bad rabbies?!?!?!) It is smashed up bananas covered in cheese and then mixed up into like a mash and then they toss in a bunch of chopped onions . . . . it is TERRIBLE!!! I will never eat it again not even if it's the last food on Earth. Since I've been in Peru, I've eaten parts of animals that I didn't even know you could eat and they all tasted better than Malas Rabias. Never eat it!

So about cambios. The next cambio is 5 de April. I will be here in Piura for awhile more but this should be the last cambio here for Elder Mauricio so I really have no idea what's going to happen.

Well that's all for this week. I am doing great, except that I killed like 5 king kong sized cockroaches in my house this week haha but it's normal here in Peru. Everything is really going great. The work is hard but so rewarding and I really love my mission more and more every single day. This is the work of the Lord and I have been called to represent His Son, Jesus Christ and for that reason I will do all in my power to serve Him with everything I have. I love you guys so much and hope all is well at home. Happy Birthday Dad, you're the best! I love you guys a ton!!

Much love,

Elder Wilson

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