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Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday. February 23. 2015-Week 29

Baptised Him on February 22, 2015!!!!! Rony Eduardo Santos Riategue

Mi Familia!!

Well this week sounds like it was good for you guys!! I'm so happy to hear that Tater's knee is healthy and that he's playing again!! Also tell James he's the man and for this week tell Mason that he is even more of the man!! Columbia that's what I'm talking about!! We are going to have such a huge group of Spanish speaking returned missionaries in Meridian!! 

This week was freaking loco!! We were so busy teaching and contacting and on top of it all we were preparing for the baptism of Rony. We made it to the night of his interview, Friday night, and he went and had his interview with one of our zone leaders and he did not pass. They said that Rony is more than prepared but he has some stuff in his past that he needed to repent of. So they schedualed him to have an interview with one of the counselors of Presidente Rowley the next day, Saturday. So Rony was really down like almost depressed so I decided I was going to fast for him, Elder Mauricio didn't because he told me he was too thirsty to fast hahaha. But this was a fast and a half. I prayed so hard and I just focused all of my actions into helping Rony to get ready for this interview. So we went to his second interview and Rony talked to Presidente Piva for like 2 hours and then he called us into the room. You could tell what had happened right when we walked in because Rony was smiling from ear to ear. Rony passed his second interview and we were able to baptise him the next day!! The service was awesome!! So many people showed up and the speakers were great and then I got to baptise him and wow entering the waters of baptism with Rony was one of the most amazing feelings I had ever felt in my life. Maybe because the water was cold and it was so hot outside haha but I'm pretty sure it was the Spirit!! Rony tried to dunk himself so I had to hold him up so he didn't do that haha I guess I didn't explain the whole process enough to him!! But what a day that was. We were all so dang full of the spirit and I saw the results of  my fasts and prayers and hard work and it was just such an amazing overall experience!! I love my mission and this opportunity I have to bring others unto our Savior Jesus Christ. I will never stop working!! I will do all that I physically and spiritually can to help bring many people unto the Lord. If we are doing the right and trying to accomplish Gods plan for us He will help us through the power of His spirit. 

So thats all for this week. But 2 things. Have you sent my package?? And if not I want my zebra tie!! 

I want to personally thank all of you for your fasts and prayers for Rony because the differnece was felt here. He is not only a strong member of the chruch through the work of Elder Mauricio and I but he is a strong member through the work of all of us together. We are one. We all have the same purpose and when we all work together there is no force in the world that can stop us from sharing the truth!! I love you all so much!! My companion is still lazy but a little less!! Read a talk from last general conference called Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence by Elder Jorg Klebingat its awesome and I love it so much!! Ok all that was random but I love you guys soooo much!! I am always praying for you and I'm here working to bring blessings to our family!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Much Love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

Our district goes too hard!!

My district

Hermano Geno a less active who teaches english in a university haha we talk in english all the time‏

Heck yes we cook!

This kids name is Brady and he's awesome!

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