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Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday. February 9. 2015-Week 27

Mi Familia

Ok today was freaking crazy so I don’t have a ton of time to write. Today for P Day we went to Sechura (a city in Peru....actually a desert in Peru haha) and we went sand boarding!! Our whole zone went and so did Presidente Rowley and we sand boarded it up!! It was amazing. I’m sending pics. But ya we spent the whole day hiking huge sand dunes and flying down those suckers on snow boards!! I ate it so hard a few times but I guess you could say I’m basically a pro sand boarder now ;) 

This week was great. First off Rony is still progressing super fast!! He is living all the mandamientos we are teaching him and he is really doing everything that he can to reach his goal of baptism. I am 95% sure we will be baptising him the 22 of February but please keep praying for him, he needs all the blessings he can get right now!! We had a lot more success teaching and things are just going great!! We had ward conference this week and let me tell you we witnessed a miracle at that conference. Our ward is sorta not very motivated. They don’t get a lot of the things done that they should and we were really worried about how this conference would turn out so we fasted and prayed and I now have a renewed respect for the power of the fast. Our conference was amazing!! The church was clean (because we cleaned it the day before haha), the classes were great, the speakers were amazing, a ton of people showed up, and the choir sang like angles and that’s saying something because Peruanos are terrible singers hahaha!! So yes I was very pleased with this conference and this week. Were just going to keep working to make this area even better!! 

Sounds like your week went amazing!! Tate that blessing will help you in so many ways you don’t even know it. I read my blessing 2 or 3 times a week and I learn something new every single time. Live your life in a way to receive these blessings.......and that means stop getting the cops called on you!! Freakin criminal hahahahaha!!!! Also I hope you are practicing your spanish because you know what’s coming!! Elder Wilson round 2 in Misión Perú Piura!!!!! Perry I love that you’re going to Off the Field and kicking some serious butt!! I’m still not totally convinced that you’re the toughest Wilson though so well have to see when I get home!! Dad you are one hard working man. I am more and more impressed by you every single day with your work ethic, your love for your family and your love for the church. Never stop being who you are and keep leading our family with your example. Mom I have too many things to say about you but today I’m just going to say thanks for being the best mom in the world and I love you with all of my heart!!

That’s all guys don’t have time to answer all the questions so I’ll get to them next week!! Love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week!! I’m always praying for you!!

Much Love

Elder Wilson

The big orange this is like a bread heater because our house used to be a bakery. 

Jose Gomez Elders Quorum President


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