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Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday. March 16. 2015-Week 32

Selfie with Geno.

Mi Familia!!

Tate, Happy flippin Birthday bro!! You still aren't a man but hey you're a little bit closer haha!! I'm hoping you had a great day! Happy Birthday to the best brother anyone could ask for! You really are my best friend and I wouldn't trade you for anyone! I am now only going to miss one more of all of your birthdays and then I'll be home!!

Sounds like this week was crazy fun!! San Diego. What great memories I have of San Diego! When I get home we're gonna have to go back there to visit because I miss it!! I loved the picture of everyone together and happy and all of that good stuff! When I see all of you happy like that I know that I am accomplishing my work here in my mission. I pray for you guys soooooo much, so it's good to know that you guys are actually feeling the blessings of my mission.

This week was a good one but a long one. Today for Pday we got together with all of the other Elderes y Hermanas and we played futbol y volleyball. It was super fun because I don't get to be competitive very often here haha! I miss being competitive and playing  hard so much! I didn't know how much I would miss it but I do. Don't worry, I wasn't taking anyone out today, but I did throw down a few nasty spikes playing volleyball hahahaha! 

This week school started up here in Piura. Ya pretty weird huh?!?! They are just finishing up summer break. For this reason everyone was working or studying and it was really hard to find people in the streets. We still contacted a bunch of people, but ya it was a little harder. So I would really appreciate some prayers to help me find new people in the streets. The people are really hard here. A ton of them won't listen to us because we are Mormons but I'm not going to back down!! I am going to teach this gospel with everything I have because I know it's true. If they want to spit at me, run away from me, lie to me, or throw water or beer or juice or whatever they happen to have with them at me, bring it on. I will never ever stop teaching this gospel for the rest of my life. Even with all of these challenges I also know that the Lord prepares people especially for us. We have 2 new people with baptism dates. One of them is Geno Fossa. I have sent pictures of him with us and he is awesome. He is going to make the best member ever, except for maybe Rony because he is pretty awesome!! We are trying to baptize him the 4th of April. We are also trying to complete a family. Everyone in this family are members except for one of the daughters named Viviana. She is 17 and has really had some problems with things in her life but now she is finally ready to change. She accepted a baptism date for the 11th of April. If it works out it will easily be the best birthday present ever!! So if you want to pray for Geno and Viviana, that would be great! 

We also had stake conference this week and it was amazing! Tons of people showed up from the stake and tons of inspired leaders spoke to us. We listened to our stake leadership and Presidente y Hermana Rowely and also to Presidente Calderon. He is a member of the seventy and lives in Lima. He is AWESOME!! My favorite talk I have ever heard came from his mouth this weekend. His topic was how we need to sacrifice things in our lives for greater spiritual gains and blessings. It blew my freaking mind!! Also, Presidente Calderon did an interactive conference, so he passed around a microphone to people for them to answer questions. The first questions he asked nobody raised their hand to answer it, so our new convert, Rony (only 1 month baptized), raised his hand, answered the question and then continued to preach the dang gospel to everyone in the whole building!! I don't want to be cocky, but I think I may have baptized the greatest convert in the whole world, with the exception of you Mom!! :)  It was just an overall great experience and I am now way refreshed for this new week. I am going to work until I can't anymore and then just keep going. This is the work of the Lord and I am on the front lines!!

So that's a little about my week. Thanks for your emails mom, they are awesome! I love hearing about you guys because we are all so far away but it won't be long until I am home . . . how happy but how sad. Don't worry about me because all is great. I am now a missionary of experience and I know a little more about the work so I'm just trying to get everything done that I can and that's a lot of things haha! Just keep praying for me and remember that I am praying for you. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! 

Happy birthday to the Tater Tot who is now old enough to date!!!!

Much Love,

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

The front of our house.

The street we live on.

It rained . . . hard!

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