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Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday. March 9. 2015-Week 31

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I also sent you a letter but I thought I would give you a shout out. I love you so much and really hope you have an amazing week. I will be thinking of you so much on this special day and hope everything goes great. You are the best mom anyone could ever ask for and really a huge example to me!! I love you so much mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stomach: I have been crapping fire pretty much since I got here 7 months ago but it's finally starting to slow down haha.

Food: I like to cook eggs and oatmeal in the morning, also fruit. For lunch we eat with our mission mom or members (Saturdays and Sundays). For dinner I make sandwiches or we'll buy a chicken and cut it up and cook it with rice and vegetables and other good stuff like that.

Favorite family: A family called the Family Fossa. Some of them are members and some of then aren't but they are all listening to us right now and we are hoping to dunk a few of them soon.

Elder Mauricio: He has really turned things around and is easily my favorite companion yet. He is 20 and from Lima, Peru. He is going to finish his mission this November. He is the District Leader. He is the youngest of 2 kids and he was born in the church. He loves music. He can play the piano, guitar, bass and many other instruments. He is also super funny and always joking around. That's a little more about my boy Mauricio!!

City Life: City life is ok. I definitely like being out in the middle of nowhere Peruvian village but life here is good. It's just so dang busy because there are tons of people and there is a lot of violence. But that's why we are here to help them!!

Zarumilla: I don't have any contact with them. :(   But this week I did print off a bunch of pictures from Zarumilla of different families and I'm going to write on them and then send them there with the missionaries and they will hand them out to the families.

Study: I love to study the scriptures. Most people study about 1 or 2 hours a day but I don't study anything less than 3ish hours a day. I think I'm addicted. All of my free time, when I'm not working out, is dedicated to studying. I have read the Libro de Mormon a few times and I am still reading it (I am in 3 Nephi right now, reading about when Jesus came to the Nephites in America). But I am also reading through the New Testament and I have finished almost all of the Doctrine and Covenants. I am really focusing right now in the power of the sacerdocio (priesthood) and how we should ask for challenges to make us stronger. Also yesterday I read the whole book of Way to Be by Gordon B!!

Rony: All is good with Rony. Keep praying for him though. Also he would love it if you sent him something from the United States!

Patience: I don't know how it's happened but I am not even kidding I am now so patient. I feel my Savior's love for everyone around me and it's just hard for me to lose my temper or not to have patience with them. Every day I ask for help with my weaknesses and he is listening and helping me. I'm going to be a lot different when I get home. haha.

Ok, so sounds like you had a great week back in Idaho!! Soccer and school and work and fun all sounds pretty good to me!!

This week was a good one but also a long one. We had reunions de zona, meetings with the ward, meetings with the members, we spoke in sacrament this week and also the same work that we always do haha gotta love mission life. 

This week we worked with a new Elder for a day because his companion went to Lima for the day. His name is Elder McElwain and he is from Texas. He was great! Working with him made me think how far that I've come. I felt like I was a billion years more advanced than him so I just did all I could to help him learn because his companion doesn't speak English so he is struggling a little. Reminded me of some of my earlier mission.

We had another 24 hour black out this week so we taught in the dark!! Nothing can stop the work of God!! But it was really super hot sleeping without our fan haha!! 

I spoke in church for like my 8th time this week and it went really good. We are really struggling with our members working with us to help us with the obra misional, especially the men, so I burnt them a little haha. As Elder Holland says, I gave them just enough to singe their eyebrows!!! :)  I spoke on the importance of magnifying our sacerdocio. I read in Alma 13 about how we were all pre ordained to have the sacerdocio and to do many amazing things here in our life. Also in D&C 121 about why many of us are called and few chosen. I invited them all to become servants of our Lord and Savior and do all they can to share the power of God with others. My best talk yet! 

Besides all of that we are still just working. We  came across an amazing family this week and they are listening to the lessons!! It is really hard to find people to listen here, especially families, so please pray for them! The familia Navaro. They are amazing and we want to baptise them and we could use all the help we can get!!

Well that's about all for this week because I answered a hundred questions haha!! I hope you all know that I love what I am doing. If I could serve like this for the rest of my life, I would because it is the work of the LORD!!! Keep doing all you can to help the missionaries because trust me, they need you!!  I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!! You're in my prayers!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

The Bishop's family.

Getting my hair cut on this sweet horse chair!

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