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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monday. January 5. 2015-Week 22

With Francisco and with the family of Genaro with our muñeco!! ‏

Mi Familia

Happy Flippin New Years!!!!!!!!!

Well 2014 was officially the fastest year of my life!!! Its feels like it just started a few days ago and now its gone!! Its crazy to think that a year ago at this time I was in school and gettting ready for lax and now I'm here in Peru preaching the gospel!! Wow things can really change in a year!! But don't worry mom this year is going to go by so dang fast that next thing you know I'll be home......or maybe I'll just live in Peru forever because its pretty awesome haha;) Glad to hear that everything went good with the fam and I hope you told them all that I miss them and there's a new Hobbit!!!??? I don't get to hear about any of this stuff down here in Peru haha but ya that ones going on the list for sure!! Today we went to the beach to play some fútbol in the morining and after that we went to Tumbes to have lunch with some other Elderes.

So this week was a solid week here in Zarumilla. We worked and worked and worked some more and then partied a little for new years hahahaha. So ya they celebrate New Years here for sure!!! On the 31 we had a big ward party that started at 9 and finished at 3 30 in the morning!!!! We didn't stay the whole time. So Elder Antonio, Elder Cisneros, Elder Rapoza y yo went to the house of Hermana Liliana to pass the new year and burn our muñeco. A muñeco is basically a scarecrow type thing that they make and fill with fireworks and other highly illegal explosive things and at 12 they light it on fire and it burns and blows up for like 15 minutes haha its awesome!! Its a tradition here in Peru so everyone did it!! I'm serious every single house had 1 or 2 of them and was just blowing them up like crazy!! Also they shoot off a bunch of big fireworks and they play music in the streets and everyone just dances around haha wow that was one New Years that I will never forget!! 

So the rest of the week we just went back to work. We are seriously teaching so dang much and contacting every person we see because Zarumilla is hard. I've been talking to all the guys and no one has baptisms in this misson. For example Elder Rapoza finishes his mission in 2 months and he only has 2 baptisms and one of them was in the United States!! So that just makes me want to work harder because I know that we can change lives and reactivate and really just make Peru a better and happier place that is full of the spirit!! That is my goal and I will not come home until I accomplish it haha sorry mom;) 

Also the rains started this week and wow they weren't lying!! The streets are seriously rivers!! And it all happened so fast. One minute we were walking down the street and the next second it was like we were in a shower!! It rains so hard that we just have to run to a house and hide because we are seriously like dripping wet, like we jumped in a pool fully clothed wet in a matter of seconds haha its crazy!! So that about raps it up for this week. 

Ok something else important. We have cambios this week on Saturday and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be changing areas so if you don't get an email from me on Monday that's why. But don't worry I'll email on Tuesday or something. 

So I miss you all a ton seriously more and more every single day!! It's so hard to be away from home but I am also becoming more and more focused in this work. I know it's true because I can see the power of the spirit working in people every single day. So that's all I've got for this week. Keep working hard, living happy and loving the Lord with all you've got and I'll keep working hard here!! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!

Much Love

Elder Wilson

P.S- I would like a nice pair of sun glasses because mine are crapcito hahaha
P.S.S- I want to hear about your new years goals next week!!


Hermana Liliana!!! My 3rd Mother haha ‏

Benditos (The beach we went to today)

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