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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monday. November 24. 2014-Week 16

Mi Familia!!!!

Well sounds like another solid week back home. Freezing cold, which by the way I don’t even remember what the word cold means let alone what it feels like haha, but good. I’m glad Tate’s feeling better I hate being sick but I’ve really had good health on this mission, the Lord blesses his missionaries!! Well that sucks that my boys lost the championship game. But I’m still proud of them and wish that I could have been there to watch them play!! That is so awesome that we have a RM in the ward!! Taylor is a great guy and bet he’s even more awesome now!! I hope you’re ready for me to come home as a man in 20 months haha.

So this week was good, long and crazy just as usual haha. I’ll start with today. Today we went to Tumbes to play futbol and basketball con the other Zones so we had to take a bus. This was the worst bus in the history of all buses. There were huge holes in the floor of this sucker and when we hit a bump the wheels would come tearing up through the floor haha. We also ended up towing a broken down car all the way from Zarumilla to Tumbes behind the bus haha only in Peru.

This week we had a reunión de Zona and it was good as usual. We have a solid zone and we just made an awesome goal. We are trying to have a huge group baptism in Tumbes on the 20th of Diciembre. The goal for our zone and of Presidente Rowley is to have 25 baptisms!! Holy crap we’ve gotta work harder haha. We have one investigator named Edgar who I am 99% sure will get baptised but hey I have faith that we can get a few more than just him. But it’s not just that easy. We have to make sure they have desire and faith to follow through with praying and reading and going to church to because that is my rule. I will not just baptise to baptise. That is not how the church works. I am here to change lives and then to baptise.

This Domingo was the primary program. It was really good the little Peruanos are really cute but one thing was just awful about this program. These kids suck at singing!! We don’t have a piano in our ward so nobody knows any of the tunes to the songs and they just murder them!! That was my first time feeling the spirit so strongly through something that sounded so so so so aweful haha. Hermana Rebeca organized the whole thing and she was pretty proud of it haha.

So I have a new favorite drink here in Peru. It’s called Chicha Morada. It is seriously the juice from this special purple corn mixed with other fruit juices and it’s amazing!! I could drink 34 gallons of it right now haha. So the next time you go to that Peruano resturante ask for chicha, and arroz chafa its rice with meats and vegetables and its awesome haha. I can’t wait to get back and test the authenticity of that place haha. 

So that’s about it for this week but I just have a feeling I need to share a little of my testimony with you guys today. I know with all of my heart and soul that this church is true. I know that I have a lot of opportunities in this life with sports and school and other things but I have come to realize that there is nothing more true and perfect and worthwhile in this life than living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know how it can bless families and lives and that’s why I’m here on the front lines of the Lords armies teaching the people of Peru how to obtain happiness. I know you guys can’t be here teaching but you have the ability to take advantage of your time at home like I never did. You don’t understand how much the Lord needs us. Every person in this church is a missionary because every person in this church has a testimony and faith that can touch the lives of other people. So never ever, not even once, put the things of the world over the things that we know are true and the things of our Lord. We may be living our lives in harmony with His teachings but there are millions of people who aren’t and need our help. God loves every single one of us more than we can imagine and he wants every person in this world to return to live with Him so it is our responsibility in this life to preach the gospel and help others learn and live the things that we know are true. YOU ALL CAN CHANGE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so that’s what I felt like I should share and I’m gonna leave it at that. I love you all so much and I work hard for you every single day. Just know that I may not be at home with you guys but I am blessing your lives through being here. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!! Save me so turkey haha!! Talk to ya fools next week.

Much love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson  

In the evenings for P-Day we go and teach!! P-Day is only 10-6 30ish!!
No Thanksgiving doesn’t exist here it sucks haha.........

Keep going on splits with the Elders!! You don’t understand how much we need the help of members!!

What Orellana does during language study haha

Christmas in Peru 

With Anderson and Genaro

Our whole zone got jerseys!!!! ‏

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