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Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday. December 1. 2014-Week 17

The last reunion de distrito ‏

Mi Familia!!!

What a flippin crazy week it has been!! We have been working our butts of and changing lives in the process. This mission is such an amazing blessing in my life it’s amazing!! 

I am so glad that you guys had an awesome time at Joe and Mandys!! I miss them so dang much and honestly Thanksgiving sucks here because it doesn’t exist haha so I’ll take a rain check on the Thanksgiving with the fam in 2 years haha. Black Friday shopping haha I’m not sure if I miss it or not but I still wish I could have been there with you guys fighting off hoards of crazy moms screaming, "Where are the towels" hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hearing that you guys are doing so good it just reassures me that this mission is the real deal and what I’m doing is the work of the Lord because it’s not just blessing my life but the lives of the people that I love. 

So this week was an eventful one. We worked our normal work this week and met a new investigadora named Antonela. She was literally asking us to baptise her at the end of her first leccion with us!! So we have a date to baptise her for the 20th of this month (talk about the best early Christmas present ever!!!) and we set it all out so she knows exactly what she needs to do to achieve her goal of baptism. I love feeling the spirit more than anything else in the world and let me tell you the spirit flows out of this lady. She is a single mom trying to live the right life and be an example to her 2 kids and she is about to enter into a covenant that will help her with this goal. I love this church because it helps people become happy and waaaaaaaaaaay better off than before because they can receive so many blessings!! Now on the other hand there was a huge party in our area and one of our investigators had to be carried home because she was so dang drunk she couldn’t walk......... I think we’re gonna have to focus on the word of wisdom a little more with her hahaha. We had a sports night this week at the church and I think it’s gonna turn into a every Friday night kind of thing because it turned out awesome!! We have so many inactive kids in our ward and they all showed up to play and listen to a short message. It’s the little stuff that can change lives always remember the power of fun haha. I kicked some Peruano butt in soccer to by the way hahahaha.

So now for the big news......................I have a new companion!!! Elder Orellana is officially gone. He left to Piura this morning and I now am companions with Elder Antonio. He is awesome and way different than Elder Orellana so it should be a good change. He is from Bolivia and is 25 years old!! What the heck I am such a baby!! So I’ll give you a better update on him next week because I don’t know too much about him right now but he seems awesome and is ready to teach this gospel by my side so he checks off on my list haha. Also he was a convert when he was 20ish and he left his work, schooling and everything else high and dry because he knows that this work is perfect, how awesome is that!! So also Elder Russell and Elder Moses are gone to so were gonna have some big changes in the district but I don’t know any of them yet because they haven’t showed up haha. Well that’s all for this week.

So I love and miss you guys so much and I hope your all doing awesome. I’m doing great so don’t worry one bit about me. I am here and working hard for our Lord and Savior so I will be protected and I know that all of you will be protected to. I love this work with all my heart because I know that it’s true. I know that this church is true more than I know anything else in my life. I have seen its power and I am a missionary for this reason. To help people feel this power and become happy. I love you all and hope you have a good.....great......amazing week. Mom I love you so much!! You’ll always be my number 1 girl!! Love you all!! 

Elder Wilson

P.S- Only 3 weeks until Christmas!!!!

It’s hotter than frickin heck!! I’m not even kidding I’ve never felt anything like this haha
I am working out every single morning and running here and there when we can  
Edgar is doing great he is still progressing towards baptism!!!! 

Heck ya we eat hamburgers but they’re weak sauce little Peruano hamburgers hahaha

Elder Antonio My New Compañero!! ‏ 

Helping Elvis

Peruano fight club in the back yard of one of our members!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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