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Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday. December 15. 2014-Week 19

Asher forgot his camera today, so no new pictures. This one was taken one year ago-December 2013.
Mi Familia

Como están? Yo espero que ustedes son feliz sin problemas. Ok I’m not gonna write any more in spanish because it’s pointless because you won’t understand it haha. Well we went to the beach today so that was pretty awesome. I love our new zona so when we all get to go to the beach and chill that’s a good day for me haha. I was talking to another missionary from Utah today and he and I were thinking how crazy different it is here during Christmas than in the freezing North West haha. 

Ok so for skype. I will be skyping you guys Christmas day!! I should be calling in on the skype around 1 or 2 in the afternoon but I will let you know for sure later this week or next week. Now listen this is the most important thing!! You guys need to make me a skype account and send me all the information and all of your information so I can call you. You will also need to have a microphone so we can talk. Usually laptops have microphones. I can’t wait to see all of your faces!! Also I want troy Vance’s email please. Tate I’m so sorry about your knee bro. This is so hard having an injury as an athlete but don’t get your head down. Keep pressing forward and praying to be healed and Tate trust me through your faith you will be healthy in a very short time. I am praying for you every day buddy. 

This week was good and sorta hard. We seriously work our flippin butts off here. I refuse to stop working until I get home and even then I will continue to bring others unto Christ every day because that is my true calling in life. So ya we work and work and we are just seeing little to no progress. I am doing everything possible to help them. Praying, studying, teaching with love, visiting them multiple times every week and sometimes multiple times a day, fasting for them and just trying to help them understand the importance of church and living all the commandments but they don’t seem to get it. I am living in basically a second or third world country so I understand that work is so important but everyone here refuses to go to church for 3 hours because of work. I have taught them all about the blessings of the church and how blessed they will be for going I have testified of how it has blessed my life and they still just won’t go. I am just gonna keep working even harder and trust that the Lord will help them because he loves them. The rest of the week has been good.

The funniest part of my week was we actually got a toilet seat this week and Elder Antonio was having a party!! He was saying that he was going to spend hours on the toilet every day now haha I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

The best part of my week was when we had citas con los jóvenes de nuestro bario. We had lecciones with Genaro, Anderson, Fransisco and Ronnie all day and it was so amazing!! The oldest one of them is 14 so they don’t know too much about the gospel but wow they have amazing testimonios!! For example one of our investigators was sorta zoning out of a leccion but them Genaro bore his testimony and this guy completely changed his perspective on our message. He started listening and asking questions and invited us back to teach him again. This just reminded me it’s not always all about doctrine and your knowledge, the thing that changes peoples lives and brings the spirit is your testimony. Testimonies have such power so share them!!

Tate I have an invitation for you. Aside from your daily scripture study I want you to read preach my gospel for 20 minutes every day. You could read that thing 20 times before I get home and I promise you that you will always learn something new. It is so important to prepare for your mission before you get here and that’s exactly what this book is for!! Also make sure to read all the scriptures and side notes!! 

So that’s all for this week!! I can’t believe Christmas is so soon and I get to talk to you all!! And that I basically have 5 months on my mision!! Where has the time gone!! Just know I love you all so much and I am praying for you. I am working hard here and I don’t have any problems so don’t worry about me. Ok well I’ll talk to you next week. The church is so true!! I live it, I love it, I know it!!

Much love

Elder Wilson

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