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Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday. December 8. 2014-Week 18

Wearing my tie that Jaja made me.

Mi familia!!

How’s everyone doing?? I am glad to hear that you decorated the house for Christmas!! I miss that so freakin much it’s crazy!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year because of the amazing spirit of unity that comes into a family no matter the circumstances. As missionaries we are so focused on helping people remember the true meaning of Christmas right now. That it’s not for parties, presents, or here in Peru drinking haha buts it’s truly to remember our Savior. His birth, His life, and finally His death and sacrifice for us. Wow what an amazing time of the year!

Well Tater this sucks. I know exactly how you feel because this was my situation last year. It’s gonna be a really hard time for you but it’s gonna be an even harder time for your team so make sure you are always at every single practice and that you are still being a strong leader for every single one of them. I’ll be praying for you buddy. Tell Dad to have fun and be safe in Chicago and you guys all be safe while he is gone. 

So this was a good week. Elder Antonio and I have been working our flippin butts off all day every day to bring these Peruanos unto Christ. It is harder than you would think because they are all Evangélicos and Testigos de Jehova (Jehovah witnesses). I have learned so dang much about the Bible to prove my points to them biblically but I have also learned that it is always important to back things up with the Book of Mormon too so they can feel its power.

A little fun fact for yall, we have a ton of freaking scorpions in our area right now its sorta crazy haha.

I met my new district this week. Elder Russell, Elder Moses and Elder Orellana are all gone so now we have Elder Ochante from Peru and Elder Ropoza our new district leader from Utah. They are all pretty cool guys and we should have a good strong district for this cambio. My calling for this cambio is the maestro de ingles or English teacher haha. I just learned spanish and now I’m teaching a bunch of crazy latinos english every week haha gotta love the mission. We’re going to focus on Christmas hymns and stories this month!! We didn’t have church yesterday because of votaciones for the new presidente of the Zarumilla Tumbes area. It was crazy so many people and riots and parties haha it was really easy to contact new familias though and that’s what we did all day. A man named chino flores won the election. I don’t know anything about him but the people here are happy so it’s all good with me haha. The worst part of my week was last night when one of our investigators gave us back his book of mormon and said we couldn’t teach him anymore. He is super Evangélico but he was learning and progressing and really started to believe in our message but his pastor came and told him that we are of the devil. He told us he didn’t believe his pastor but to keep the peace in his home we had to stop the visits. I have never prayed so hard in my life than I did last night for hermano Jesús. I prayed until I couldn’t pray anymore and I know that we need to go back to him. We are not going to give up on him for as long as I am here because he knows the church is true!! And if I find his pastor in the streets I’m gonna go Elder Holland all over his butt!! That’s about it for this week just still working hard and loving the mission. 

It’s so crazy that I have like 130 days in my mission!! The time is going so dang fast!! I will seriously be home before you guys know it!! I hope you all have an amazing week and you are all safe happy and healthy!! Perry tell Wishes thanks for being a great example this year!! I love you all so dang much!!

Much Love 

Elder Asher Dean Wilson    

My new companion is freakin awesome!! He is from Bolivia and is 26 years old. He only has 9 months on his mission because he was a recent convert. We get along awesome!! Like we’ve been friends for a long time haha and communication is not a problem with anyone any more. I seriously speak Spanish now mom haha crazy right!! He speaks absolutely no English.
We get to skype and I think on the 26th but I’m not totally sure yet. We are going to talk to a bunch of members this week to lock down a place and a time for sure but heck ya you get to see my face for Christmas!!
I got both of the packages this week and they are so awesome so thanks!! But ya I already opened them hahaha. I couldn’t wait. I loved all of the cards so much!! They all made me sorta home sick but also gave me a ton more determination to work harder!! 

3 jobs here.... Work in fruit fields, work driving motos, or work in the markets of Aguas Verdes ohhh and freakin tons of people work in construction and a few are fisherman.
My favorite person here in Zarumilla is a little kid named Genaro. He's 14 years old and he's a member of our ward. He goes on visits with us all the time and really just loves to hang out with us. He's built like Tater, long and skinny. I help him with working out because he wants to get big and play for the Peruano national team. He sorta acts like Tate too, quiet but once you know him, he's crazy!! He's a Peruano version of Tate. I think that's why I like him so much. He's awesome.

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