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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Monday. March 28. 2016-Week 85

Prisila's baptism day!!

Familia Llacsa!!

Mi Familia!!

Hey guys!! Happy late Easter. Happy to hear that you guys passed it so good and really had that great chance to focus everything in on our Savior, Jesus Christ. We didn't do any sort of Easter eggs or Easter dinner or anything like that but we did have a pretty cool day at church. General Conference is this week so all of the churches here moved fast and testimony meeting to this week so we got to share our testimonies Easter Sunday. It was awesome!! Seriously the coolest and most memorable Easter of my entire life. Everyone just testified of Christ and his life and his sacrifice and everything that he did for us. So ya that was amazing to see how strong all of our members are and also to share my testimony with them. It was also President Rasmussen's birthday yesterday!!!! So we went over there at night to eat with them and then sing happy birthday to him. They are really super amazing people. We also had a huge family home evening to top the night off with a bunch of member and non members. We watched some Easter videos and shared a lesson and played Habla Chancho (Il'l teach it to you guys when I get home!!). It was an awesome Easter.

This week we have been in full on interviews!! That Instagram picture that you saw of Elder Gandarillas and I is seriously what we have been doing all week. We are in charge of seeing if all of the missionaries have good, organized area books (the books that we use to track the progress of our investigators, new converts and less actives). It is a lot of work because there are always a few problems and a ton of questions but it has really helped Elder Gandarillas and I to love all of the missionaries here and also to step our game up with our area book haha. So ya for the rest of this transfer (the next 3 weeks) we are going to be finishing up all of the interviews.

Now about the important stuff. Our area is kicking some serious butt right now. Everyone is just super excited and loving mission work!! Our members are giving us good references and bringing their friends to church, our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon, praying and receiving answers and Elder Gandarillas and I are working like crazy men sharing the gospel with every single person that we see!! Seriously there is no one that escapes us hahahaha!! This week something really strange happened. We have been finding a lot of new people (including a family that is called the Familia Ituria and they are super amazing and ready to be baptized!! Please pray for them!!) but this week we found a special class of new people. Every one of the new people that we found were men over the age of 65!! I'm serious!! We have a 72 year old man that told us yesterday that he wants to get baptized!!!!!! Just a huge testimony for me that the gospel is for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter the age, color or personality everyone needs this message.

So as you guys could see in the pictures Prisila was baptized this week. It was seriously one of the sweetest things that I have ever seen!! Elder Gandarillas baptized her. It seemed so weird to me the whole time because I could only think about Perry's baptism. Just a sweet little girl doing what she knows to be right. It really can't get any better than that. So now she is an official member and all of her family is active in the church once again. Please keep the familia llacsa in your prayers. 

This week I was reading in Jacob in the sixth chapter and a few things called my attention. First off in verse 3 it says "and how blessed are they that labor diligently in his vineyard." All of us as members of his church have been called to labor in his vineyard and many of us have had miraculous experiences doing so. The blessings that we receive through our studies and our abilities to share with others are innumerable. Later in verse 7 it says "after you have been nourished by the good word of God all the day long, will ye bring forth evil fruit?" That was interesting for me. We have all heard and been nourished by the good word of God but what are we doing to put that word in action? Are we bringing fourth good fruit? Are we loving and serving others? Are we keeping the commandments? Are we trying to become more like Christ everyday? Finally after a bunch of warnings I love verse 13. "Oh be wise; what can I say more?" We are members of Christ's church and he has given us all that we need to obtain true happiness in this life. All we have to do is be wise. So think about the things before you do them and just be wise so that the Lord can bless you in all of your actions. Don't let your decisions be temporal. Make it a goal to always have an eternal focus. 

Well I love you guys. Its sort of super sad that we are coming down to the last part of the 4th quarter here in the mission but that's just when you've got to play the hardest right!?!?! I am focused and working harder than ever because that is what the Lord expects of me. So that's about all for now. Just preaching the gospel and playing some freaking hard core soccer!!! Dude Tater you have no idea what kind of spanking you have coming your way when I get home hahaha!! The church is true!! 

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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