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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mondy. March 21. 2016-Week 84

Let us present Hermano Carlos y Hermana Dorris!!!!!! ‏

We were the witnesses.

With the Bishop and his wife.

This is our soccer crew!!!! We would smack Taters team around any day of the week hahahaha!!

Mi Familia

You guys are so awesome. Always positive and pressing forward and doing what is that's my family. 

Tater!! Bruh happy birthday!! 17 years old dude how does that even happen!! When I left you were a little 15 year old and now you are some sort of man and much taller than I am haha. Hey just so you know I thinking about you and praying for you and your special day. I hope all went well. Just think bro in less than 1 year you could be sending your mission papers. This is going to be the most important year of your entire life until now and you just need to do all that is possible to make sure that God knows that you are on his team. "Search ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you." So party it up.......but make it a Jesus friendly party ok hahaha!! Love ya Tater.

So glad to hear that all is now well with Papa Gary!! Really is an answer to our prayers. Hoping that all is still going well with you mom. Haven't heard much about that. Just know that I'm praying for you. 

This week was super crazy!! First off we went to some small town called Tambogrande with President and Hermana Rasmussen to do some delivery of medical equipment to the hospital that's out there. So the church bought all of the stuff and sent president out there to represent the church and he took us with him. It was a super cool experience just seeing how happy and thankful these people were for what we were giving them. I seriously love this church so much!! We aren't just here to teach the gospel but we are here to live the gospel!! We serve others like Christ did and that is what is the most important. Really an awesome experience and we got to know some really cool people. 

So this week the Llacsa Family got married!!! I sent you guys the pictures. Everything turned out perfect. The whole family went and a bunch of people from the ward too. Elder Gandarillas and I were the witnesses. Second time doing that in the mission!! 

Hey I seriously don't have any time at all to write because we've had a bunch of stuff to do but next week I'll write you a much better letter!!  I love you guys and hope you have an amazing week!! 

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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