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Friday, April 29, 2016

Monday. April 18. 2016-Week 88

Mi Familia

Well it was transfers today so I really don't have a lot of time because we have got to go and unpack and we are opening this new area so we don't know a single person or a single street or anything at all hahaha!! It is going to be a serious adventure!!

This last week I have actually been super sick but nothing to keep me off the streets. Just pray for me so that I can get better. It was really hard saying goodbye to la familia Llacsa and Kevin, Raul and Yolanda but they are so strong and I know that they are going to be amazing. Keep them in your prayers.....ALWAYS!!!!

My companion is awesome!!!!! We are just going to give it all in these last 3 months. We are going to work until we cannot work anymore and then we are just going to keep going because that's what the Lord expects of us. Our house is actually super great. I'll send pictures next week but it's nice. We are not working in a ward any more but in a branch. Paita is a district and not a stake so it will be interesting to work in this. 

Ya just going to end with my thoughts about jaja.  (Asher's grandma, Susan Wilson passed away unexpectedly on April 16, 2016. He asked me to read his thoughts below at her funeral.)

So as for my memories of my grandma: In the course of my life I have felt so blessed to be the oldest grandson of such an amazing woman. Her love was pure, her spirit was strong and her faith was truly inspiring and is something that has helped me set a straight path for myself in this life. I will never forget her singing to wake me up in the morning when we would stay over at her & Papa's house or her always having time to go and watch me in my sports tournaments or especially all of the cards and emails she wrote me during my time here in the mission. I will miss her wild sense of humor, love of s'mores hahaha, crazy antique store shopping stories and just the way that wonderful woman carried herself. She was truly special because she just loved with out restriction and lived without guile. I feel no doubt or guilt in saying that I had one of the best grandmas in the world because she would always make us the most important thing in her world. In thought, in word and in action she was a loving grandmother but also a dedicated servant of Christ. Our prophet Thomas S. Monson has said, "Death is not the end. It is putting out the candle because the dawn has come." I feel pain, I feel sadness but I know that she is with the Lord. This life only lasts for as the Lord sees fit to give us. Her time came before many of us ever would have thought or wanted but I know with all my heart that because of what she did here in this life we will be able to reunite the family once again in a not to far future day. Jaja (that's what I've always called her) I love you with all my heart and I thank you for your light and example that you shined into my life. I will never ever forget you and you will live in our minds and hearts until we meet again. You have set the standards very high for this family and we will not fall short of what you expect of us. I thank the Lord for another guardian angel watching over me as I finish my mission. I love you Jaja!  

Much Love

Elder Asher Dean Wilson 

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