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Monday, August 25, 2014

Thursday. August 21. 2014-Week 3

Hola Familia!!!

It looks like you guys have been having a great week back in the great state of Idaho!! Mom, I’m so happy that you are at education week and having a great time there!! Anything that brings the spirt is a good thing and I’m sure you’re getting lots of it at education week. Tell Tate he’s the freakin man for making the team and tell him that he better win every game for me this year!! Have fun tater tot I’m so proud of you.

This week has gone really good and sooooooooo fast!! These weeks are really starting to zip by, I’m already half way done at the CCM!! Me and my companions decided we needed to get something awesome to make our trio (triangle of truth) even more awesome. So we got matching, green sweater vests and we rock those suckers with pride!! Everyone here in Peru is very jealous of our fashion sense and they also keep asking us if we work at Totus (Peru’s Walmart) hahahaha.

Everyone is sort of starting to go crazy here in the CCM because it’s the exact same thing day after day after day so now everyone just sings all day long. It’s awesome!! I will probably know every Spanish church song by heart by the time I get home cause that’s how much we sing them!!

One of the coolest parts of this week was when mi companeros y me were scheduled to teach a fake investigator this week so we planned a lesson and went. When we showed up it was a 19 year old college girl that was a real investigator!! We were not ready for that but we talked to her and found some info out about her and finally she told us that she had just had a friend die. So of course once again we went on teaching about el Plan de Salvacion. She loved the idea of being able to see her friend again and she took a book of Mormon and it just feels so awesome to be able to clearly get the message of the gospel across to people! I love this stuff!!

Well I became district leader here at the CCM yesterday. I had already been senior companion but the bishop came and talked to me yesterday and said he had prayed about it and knew that I needed to be the new district leader. This means that I am in charge of about 15 people and some other importantish stuff haha.

I gave elder Mooring a haircut this week and it actually turned out pretty good!! So today he gets to give me one so we'll see how that goes hahaha!!

We had a crapping plague here at the MTC this week and it was bad. Everyone had some explosive pooping going on and one kid was actually on the toilet pooping and throwing up for like 3 hours straight!! I thought he was going to die! They had to give him a blessing over the top of the bathroom stall. But everyone’s ok now and the super pooping has come to a stop.

I am currently making a reference book and organizing all of my scriptures into categories so I know exactly where to go for investigators.

We finally got to go to the temple today!! It was an amazing experience and I did it all in Spanish and easily understood like 80% of it so I was way happy about that!! I also bought my Spanish scriptures today. It’s been a long 3 weeks without having them but now that I out investigators I’m coming for you!!

We aren't usually expected to teach on P Day but me and Spencer and Mooring had some free time out in the city so we taught a few lessons and handed out a few pamphlets and just preached the freakin gospel to everyone!! This one guy was really interested so were giving his info to the missionaries in his area.

Well I love it here in Peru. Even though I want to be home so bad I would choose to be here 10 times out of 10. The Lords work really is progressing I can see it and I will make sure to do everything I possibly can to keep it moving that way.

All is well here I am not in need of anything. I have been looking/ showing off all of the pictures of you guys lately so that’s awesome. Mooring and Spencer say they are gonna come visit you guys when they get home so be ready!! I love you guys so much!! I think about you all daily. I miss Moms smile, I miss Perry’s uncontainable cuteness, I miss Tate’s constant reading and being my wingman, and I miss Dads awesome sense of humor. I hope everything goes well this week I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

P.S Keep sending pictures!!

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  1. Love his letter! Sounds like he's so happy. This week's favorite lines: watch out investigators, I'm coming for you, and the Triangle of Truth. So funny!