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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday. August 7. 2014-Week 1

Hey guys!!!!!!!

Sorry it took so long to get back to you but our P Days are on Thursdays. This
place is amazing!! Peru is like nothing I've ever seen before. The MTC (CCM) is so nice and clean and way better than I expected it to be. 

So the flight from Dallas to Peru was simply put......scary scary scary haha. But it helped that I had this crazy guy named Carlos sitting by me on the plane!! He told me all I needed to know about Peru and told me he would be surprised if I didn't get married while I was here hahaha!! 

When we landed in Peru it was insane!! We had to go through customs which wasn't that bad because there were like 35 of us missionaries. On the bus ride
to the MTC I saw the slums of Lima. There were gangsters and busted up streets and houses. This place is nothing like home. 

So when we got here we were split into companionships and I was placed in a group of 3. Were the only group of 3 here so it's sorta crazy. Their names are Elder Spencer and Elder Mooring. They are amazing people with even more amazing testimonies and they have been nothing but the best roommates ever. Elder Mooring is from Utah and Elder Spencer is from Texas. It's crazy to see just how perfectly Heavenly Father works things out because these guys are like my best friends already. Elder Mooring is a more quiet conserved type and Elder Spencer cant keep his dang face shut for 5 seconds haha. 

The food here is muy muy muy bien!! We actually get a ton to eat and it is all great. We eat rice with every single meal, it doesn't matter what it is and we get eggs every day for breakfast with a bunch of other stuff. We eat a lot of chicken and also a ton of fish, which to be honest I have actually started to like!! So the food is not a worry here. Now the spanish on the other hand is a little bit harder to get used to. I have been here at the MTC for 8 days and I can firmly attest that the gift of tounges is real. I can now understand and carry on a converstation with any latino I meet here in the MTC. I have never in my life been good at spanish and in just one week here I can already speak pretty good!! When I come home I'm gonna be a full on Peruvian hahaha!! 

I have been getting a lot of physical activity time here because I wake all of my companeros up a solid hour early every day so we can go outside and work out before we get ready for the day and it's been a great thing to do. We also get and hour to play a sport every day. We have the choice to play basketball, football, ping pong, volleyball, or the favorite of the CCM, futbol. They have a full on outdoor turf soccer field that we get to use. All I can say is Tate better watch out because when I get back in 2 years my foot skills will make his look silly haha. But its really fun to go out and play futbol and talk with the latinos, they're amazing guys!! 

My teachers are hermano Davido y hermana Olvideres. They are seriously some of the most inspired people I have ever met in my life and can teach the gospel and spanish in a perfect mix. They help us with anything we need help to learn and they can both speak english so that helps a lot!! Every day we have a lot of personal studay so I ready about 30 paginas of el Libro de Mormon every day and about 15 paginas of Preach My Gospel. Its crazy to read this much because I never have in my entire life but I am seriously learning so much and I can feel the spirit so strongly all the time because of it. 

We have also been teaching investigators in the MTC. We mainly teach them about the plan of salvation and the atonement and yes all of our teaching is in complete spanish!! It's a pretty hard thing to do but it's really helping my progress in the language much much faster than I would if we were just in a classroom. 

Shaving every day really sucks much more that I thought it would. My face is in pain all the time haha but its ok. The showers are sorta gross but they get the job done. I just make sure I wear my sandals in there. 

I did my own laundry this morning and I now really appreciate all the laundry that you do mom. That sucked to do!! I think I did it right but it took me like an hour and a half to do!! 

I met another guy here who is going to go and try to play BYU lax when he gets home!! His name is Elder Wolstenhum and he is a giant red head that plays defense. We have spent a lot of time talking about lacrosse and BYU and its going to be awesome to get back and have a teammate that I know!! 

I miss you guys so much it hurts. Every night I sit up and think about you and pray that everything is going well at home. I'm perfectly fine but it's just sad not to see your faces every day. How's everything going at home? Is everyone doing good? Has Tate turned my room into a soccer field yet hahaha? 

The weather here is actually really wierd. It has been cold and super foggy here almost every day!! I wasnt expecting that at all but we talked to a guy from Piura and he said it's never like this there. He said that Piura is always hot, has amazing food, and speaks the fastest spanish in the entire world!! So get ready for me to come back spitting fire!! 

Well guys were about to leave to go into the city but I love you all so much!! I miss you more and more every day but I know that the work I am doing here is perfecto. The Lord is on my side and I know that he is watching out for all of you at home too. The church is true I live it, I love it, I know it. I love you so much and I'll talk to you next week.

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

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  1. What a great letter and pictures! My favorite line: "can't keep his dang face shut". Love it!