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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monday. January 18. 2016-Week 75

With President Rasmussen

President took us to lunch in Tumbes..........a little different that our pensión hahahaha ‏

Sunset in Tumbes

The Rasmussen's

Mi Familia 

Super glad to hear that you guys are all doing so well and keeping life interesting like always. Not a ton of time so I've got to write fast. 

I hate Alabama........

This week was totally crazy. We were only here working in our area for 2 days because we were all over the place in Tumbes and Talara (another little beach town) all week doing these dang interviews and to answer your question no we still aren't even done!! I am seriously tired haha. We have been working our tails off to help these other missionaries and to keep working in our area but I figure that if the Lord could keep working for us as he was bleeding out of every pore in his body then I am sure that I can keep working if I am a little tired. 

I liked your question of what makes a good missionary. For me it is simple. Diligence, humility, obedience and a true love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There are many people in this work that have one or two of these qualities but when you can find a missionary that has them all you have truly found something special. I am still not perfect in some of these categories but I sure love the Lord more than anything else and that is what has carried me to become better and better. 

This week in our area it was a great one but also sort of a hard one. We were outside of Piura all week so we were sort of thinking that we wouldn't find too many people this week or maybe not too many people would go to church or stuff like that but the Lord truly worked another one of his many miracles. We ended up finding 4 more new people to teach in those 2 days and a few of them ended up going to church (along with the ones that had already been going to church)!! I was almost surprised by how good this weekend went and how much the Lord is blessing us. Our area is progressing like crazy, our ward is growing like crazy and we are working like crazy to make sure all of this can keep moving like it is. 

So all of our investigators are doing good but we had sort of a scary experience with Raul that ended up being something very spiritual and special. 

I went on divisions with a member yesterday and we had a crazy experience. We have an investigator that is really progressing very quickly. His mom and brother got baptised last month and he says that he has seen so many changes in his house that he wants to do all that he can to follow in their foot steps. He is reading and going to church and he has received an answer about the restoration but he has a big weakness with drinking. So we went to see  him last night after church and he wasn't there and his mom was crying. She told us that he had gone out with his friends that had come up from Lima and she didn't know where he was. So we started teaching when out of no where he showed up. He wasn't drunk but we could just see that something was wrong. He told us that he had been out with his friends but that he hadn't drunk anything but that there had been a ton of people being jerks to him for not drinking and a huge fight had broken out and just craziness. He started crying and telling us that he wasn't going to be able to keep completing with the commandments because they were just too hard. We talked for a minute but he just wouldn't calm down. I really felt like we were going to lose him for a minute but I just had the strongest feeling that I needed to give him a blessing of comfort. So I asked him if he wanted one and explained that it would only work through his faith. He said yes and I blessed him. I don't even remember what I said but when it was finished there was just such a peace in that room. He was no longer crying and the spirit was just there. After that we talked much calmer and we ended up finishing the night with him being completely confident about the choice that he is making to follow Christ. I know that in the most important times the spirit guides us so that we can make the choices that our Savior would make. I know that the priesthood is the power of God and I am amazed daily by the trust that the Lord has in us to let us act in his name. I love this work and all of the people that I serve.

So I just wanted to share that quick story with you guys and to invite you all once again to keep praying for the people that we are teaching. 

So ya I really don't have any more time to write because we have to go and baptise!!!!!!! Sorry I didn't write much but I love you guys so much and I seriously pray for you all every single day. Hope you have a great week.

Much love

Elder Wilson

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