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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday. December 28.2015-Week 72

We had such a GREAT time Skyping with Elder Wilson on Christmas Day! He is SO happy!!!

He still can't resist making weird faces at us!

Wonder where he gets his weird faces from . . . .

IMPOSSIBLE to get a good family picture with these crazy nuts!

This is horrible but he made me take a picture of his big toenail that is almost falling off. I guess someone stepped on it while they were playing soccer a few weeks ago. Gross! Ouch!

Picking up new missionaries.

This is the Rasmussen's daughter who just finished her mission in another area in Peru. She stayed at the mission home for a few weeks.

Picture from the Rasmussen's.

Hey guys!! I seriously dont have any time to write this week for skype and all of that good stuff but I am great. Hey you guys should pray a ton for Yolanda right now because she is a little sick and she could use the help. Ok Ive got to go but I love you guys and I hope you have an amazing week!! 

Much Love

Elder Wilson

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