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Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday. December 21. 2015-Week 71

Mi Amigo

Ward Christmas party

Elder Soto's last day with Kevin, Yolanda, and their family

Hey guys!!

Really not gonna write anything because we are going to talk on Thursday but I just wanted to talk about the details for our call. I was thinking that we would be talking some time in the morning like we did last Christmas like at 10am or 11am or something like that. I dont know if that would work for you guys and Im still not totally sure if it will work for me but as of right now that looks just about the best option for me. So let me know what you guys think. And on thursday when I get on Ill just shot you a quick email to say that Im on. I love you guys!! Feliz Navidad!!!

Much Love

Elder Wilson


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