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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monday. November 30. 2015-Week 68

Elder Soto and Elder Edwards, our new roommate.

My group.....Elder Mooring, Elder Clawson and Elder Valverde ‏


Mi Familia!!

Well what a happy Thanksgiving it was here in Peru!! It was more than a miracle to go to president´s house and eat a huge plate of turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and pumpkin pie whoooo pure awesomeness!! It almost felt like home until I went outside to eat and it was like 105 degrees out!! But it really was a cool thing because it was the first Thanksgiving for all of the latin missionaries here.

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good holiday too. A little different having Thanksgiving in Vegas but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Super happy to hear about how good all of those games went for Tate and that he's back to 100%!! I was praying for the kid and it looks like all of the therapy and stuff payed off. Good job Tater.

Just a side note. This week we went to visit a family and when we entered into their house they were full on watching Survivor!! It was the first time I had seen that in a long time haha!! Obviously we didn't watch it with them but it just made me think about you always watching your Survivor at home haha!!

So this week was just full on crazy. Just as you were commenting on my awesome apartment we got kicked out by the member that was renting it to us!! So his daughter is coming home to live with them and they didn't have a place for her so they decided that the best choice would be to kick the 2 poor missionaries out to the street and say sorry haha. So for like 2 whole days we had to search for houses and move all of our junk out. We are still in the process of finding a new house so for right now we are living in the mission office with 2 other Elders. The office is also pretty nice but it is an interesting place to live because there are always like 500 missionaries passing through to do something and they always want to touch all of your stuff and wow it's just sort of driving me a little mad haha so we are just hoping to find a new house soon. Well at least I am because Elder Soto just has 2 weeks left and then he is going home so he doesn't really care where we live for his last days haha. 

Kevin and Yolanda are still progressing right along. They go to church and read by themselves and they also are doing family home evenings and sharing the gospel with even more of their friends!! They seriously never fail to amaze me with their faith and love of the Lord. We also had a pretty cool experience this week with a new investigator. We found his family knocking doors so we went in and started teaching. He came in when we were like half way done and started listening and asking us questions. He seemed really interested so when we were done we invited him to come to church with us. That is not an easy thing here in Peru because all of the people live day to day. So if you don't work one day you and your family won't have food to eat. So we promised him that if he went to church the Lord would provide for him and his family and a few other blessings and he told us that he would think about going and that we should call him. Well Sunday comes rolling around so we call him and he said I'm ready lets go to church! He went the whole 3 hours and participated a ton!! He told us that he loved it and wanted to learn more and that he knew the Lord was blessing his family. The Lord is preparing people for us here and I love it!! It takes faith and patience but if we have a desire to share the gospel with others he will gives us the means to do it. Just look for them because they are waiting!! 

Last thing for you guys. I don't know if you've heard about the Christmas thing the church is doing called A Savior is Born but it is awesome!! We are already having success in the mission using it so I just want to do a personal invitation to you all to take the initiative and show or teach someone about the true meaning of Christmas using these videos!! I know you guys will do an awesome job and just always be looking for opportunities to do it!! 

That's all for now. I love you guys and I'll be thinking about you a ton in this Christmas season. Hope you all have an amazing week!! Always praying for ya. 

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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