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Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday. November 23. 2015-Week 67

This is a Peruvian Saint. His name is señor cautivo and he is basically a black jesus.....ya pretty weird but had to take a pic haha

Work visit in Castilla.

The zone.

My desk.

Where I sleep.

My closet.

View from my window.
Mi Familia

Well I've got a lot of good news and just a little bad news. The first thing is the bad news. I only have like 15 minutes to write you guys so it might be a little short this week. Sorry. It's just because we had a huge soccer tournament today against the whole mission and we got home late. Our team made it to the semi finals and we lost to freaking Sullana!!!! My old zone took us out hahhaha!! But it was a lot of fun until we finished and I realized that I had forgotten to put on sunscreen and wow was I burnt!! 

Tater super happy to hear that the leg is back up and running well. Just want to wish ya luck down there in Vegas. Kick some butt for me brotha!! And rock my cool shoes well and I'll just be getting it done here in the grandpa ones. 

Wow I just got a fat cramp while writing!! Freaking soccer tournaments......

So this week for me was really good. We didn't have anything to special go on but a lot of great work got done. We still have many people progressing towards baptism including Kevin and Yolanda. They are so awesome!! Seriously every single day they are more and more awesome and I just thank the Lord for putting them in my path. 

Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with them. She is really struggling with some problems with her family and with some financial problems and she is just super stressed and yesterday she just let it all out in front of us and cried. We were planning to teach her a lesson about the Atonement of Christ so it was perfect. We shared a video about it and talked to her about what it meant. Then out of nowhere the spirit just told me to read with her the scripture in Matthew 9 22-23 (I think I don't remember exactly haha) but it was when Jesus was healing a few blind men and he asked them if they had faith in him to work the miracle. They said yes so he blessed them and said according to your faith it will be done. Then we asked hermana Yolanda if she had faith enough to be helped and cured of all of these problems and she said yes. So we blessed her. It was one of the strongest feelings of the spirit that I had ever felt. She was crying and she told us that she knows that her problems are going to go away now. After all of that I just had to ask myself. Do I have a faith strong enough to be healed from all of my problems? Have I turned my life over to the Lord enough to receive these blessings? Just something for us to ponder. Faith is what moves the works of the Lord and we are the people who have been called to distribute that faith to the whole world. 

Aside from that it really was a normal week. Fernando and Asuncion were very hard to find this week but they did go to church!! They just had to leave early for an emergency that happened in the family. We also came across another great hermana this week and her son. Their names are Gloria and Kevin. They are the best friends of Yolanda and Kevin and now they are helping us to teach their friends!! It is seriously so perfect and I love it!! They all went to church this week and we are thinking that they all could be baptised here on the 12th of Dec. because we are having a white Christmas in our stake and all the missionaries in this area are putting their baptism dates for this day so that we can have a bunch of them!!

Well like I said not a lot of time to write this week but it was a great one. I just ask that you can pray for all of the people that we are teaching and for the people that we need to find. I love you guys a ton. Hope you have a great week. And mom if you must know, yes my legs are 10 times whiter than they have ever been hahahahahahaha they haven't seen the sun for 15 months!! 

Much Love

Elder Wilson

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