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Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday. November 2. 2015-Week 64

Our sweet carved pumpkins for Halloween in Sullana.

Mi Familia 

Hey guys. You didn't even write me this week!!!! What's up with that?! Well that's ok because I really don't have that much time this week to write because a few crazy things have happened. But it sure looks like you guys had a great week with Halloween and Perry's birthday and all of that good stuff. Wish I could have been there for it. Also dad I just showed your sweet sumo wrestling video to a whole bunch of Elders here and they all loved it hahahahaha!!!

So like I said this week was a crazy and awesome one. Let's just start off by saying that the wedding of Hermana Karen and Hermano Ivan went perfectly!! They were so awesome and ready and happy and wow it was seriously just a experience that I will never forget. I was one of the witnesses of their marriage haha I felt honored!! You can seriously feel the difference in their home now. A family of people just living together and a family of people bound together by that promise of marriage are two things completely different and they are now enjoying the blessings that come from keeping all the commandments that God has given us. And it doesn't stop there!! Oh yes the story gets even better!! Hermana Karen was baptised this weekend by me!! That whole day was just so special. It was Fast Sunday so we decided to do a special fast with the whole Family Alvarez. They accepted our invitation to do it and we all fasted for Hermana Karen so that she could feel the spirit and complete with her goal to be baptised. A ton of people showed up to the baptism and us missionaries sang a special number and the spirit was there super strong and then I baptised her. She is super scared of drowning in the water or something like that so she was super nervous but right when I started saying the prayer she just calmed down. She was completely calm and still and we were able to baptise her without any problems. I know that she was touched by the spirit and this is a day that she and I will never forget. The familia Alvarez is now a married and baptised family!! 

So the other big thing that happened this week is that I left Sullana. I was super sad to go. There are so many wonderful people there that have really helped me to become a better person and a better missionary and I am going to miss them so much. I had a huge farewell with the Familia Alvarez and with Hermano Marco Felix and Hermana Charito and yes there were many tears shed. I seriously have grown to love Sullana so dang much it was just very difficult to leave. But I trust in the Lord and the plan that He is paving for me and I know that these changes will only be for my better. So I was transferred to Piura once again but this time with a special calling. I have been called to be the assistant to the president. So I will be working directly with president now and for the next few months. It's a huge responsibility but I am ready to do it. Please pray lots for me!! My new companion is Elder Soto!! 

Ya that's all I have time for. I love you all so much and I am praying for you daily. Please pray for me and for all the people that need me to find them. The church is true!!

Much Love

Elder Wilson

My pumpkin says "Piura Vida," our mission motto.

With Elder Almond at our Halloween burning party.

Baptism of Hermana Karen.



Hermana Karen & Hermono Ivan.

Family Fiestas.

The family Alvarez!

My new mission companion, Elder Soto, from Honduras.

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