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Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday. November 16. 2015-Week 66

The new zone!!!!

With Elder Clawson

Mi Familia 

Well I'm flippin glad that you are finally happy with one of my emails.......only took me 15 months to do it hahahaha!! 

Like always appears that everything is going great at home. I really love seeing your emails too because it just helps me to see another reason of why I am serving a mission. I have seen soooooo many blessings in my life and the lives of others through this service, it is crazy and one of the biggest blessings is what this mission is doing for the family. I don't know if you guys have even seen it or felt it but during my mission I have seen huge changes in our home. You guys are just getting better and stronger and more committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and I'm loving it!! 

Saw something super crazy and a little funny yesterday hahaha!! So there was a bunch of drunks talking right where we were contacting a family and without warning they just all started fighting!! Like hard core going at it. They were chucking rocks at each other and bottles and whatever else was in the path. Then out of nowhere all of them just pulled their belts off and it turned into a straight up belt whipping party!! I couldn't help my self and just started laughing without control hahahaha!! I don't know why I felt like sharing that with you guys but you just had to see it hahaha it was seriously so dang funny watching full grown men running after each other whipping with belts hahahahaha!!!!! I love Peru!! 

This week was a great one for us here in our area because we didn't have anything to do and we just got to work all week!! No meetings, no conferences, no nothing and it was just pure awesomeness because we made some serious progress in many things here in Angamos!! Kevin and Yolanda are progressing so quickly it is insane!! They have truly understood the power of the Book of Mormon and just love reading it. Kevin has told us that it has changed his life and he doesn't have any sort of desire to do bad things any more. They are 100% ready to be baptised for the 12 of December but just keep them in your prayers and fasts. We also found an amazing new family this week!! They are a family of like 5 but we just taught the parents this first time. Their names are Fernando and Asuncion. They told us that they were looking for the truth and just didn't know where to find it. We shared the restoration with them and when we talked about Joseph Smith and the first vision Hermano Fernando just started tearing up a little because he was feeling the spirit so strong. He thanked us so much for sharing the message with him and his family and he told us that he had felt something in this night that he had never felt before. We invited him to be baptised after he had received an answer through his prayers and he told us that if he got and answer (in his own words) I would just straight into your baptising pool hahahahhahaha!! I was super happy and also laughing all at the same time. Pray for them please because I think we've found some more of the Lord's chosen people. 

Our ward is going awesome!! Its a smaller building but many more than 100 are going to church!! Also all of the members are super awesome so we don't even teach classes. Its sort of a weird thing because I feel like its more of a North American ward but it's great. Organized and they like to help us in the work. I think we are going to get some serious work done here!! I spoke my first Sunday here and it was awesome!! Best best talk I have ever given. I saved it so I can share it with you guys someday!! 

This week I was reading in 3rd Nephi and I found a ton of  things that were awesome but one verse just stuck out to me more than anything. In 3rd Nephi 13 verse 21 it says (in spanish) Porque donde esté vuestro tesoro, allí estará vuestro corazón. Where our treasure is, is exactly where our heart will be. It's crazy to think of all the things that we as people do in life. Work, study, sports, friends and many other things. Yes they are all important. Yes they are all good things but the question is where is our heart? Is our heart firmly set in our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ and what they want for us? Or do we have other priorities? I have felt it so much in my life and especially with my sports. It's just hard to be 100% dedicated when there are other things that you love so much. But what I have come to know is that if we truly put the Lord first and do his work all other things will fall into place and we will be greatly blessed. I hope that every single one of us can remember the things that are most important and put our heart or our treasures in heaven. 

Well that's all for this week. I love you guys so much and am super proud of all that you are doing. Never be ashamed to go out of your way to help another. Never be ashamed to stand alone because you are never alone. Praying for yall daily and serving to bless you. 

Much Love 

Elder Wilson


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