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Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday. November 9. 2015-Week 65

With the Familia Fossa!!!

Elder Mauricio went home.....:( He finished with honor!! ‏

The office . . . all green baby!!
Mi Familia 

Well I just want to start off saying that today I am going to prove you wrong dear mother. This email will be a straight question answering email with just a few other things about what have happened this week. So here we go!!

1. Were you surprised to be made an AP? Yes, I was super surprised to be made an AP. One day in Sullana I was in the shower when Elder Quispe came knocking on the door telling me that President wanted to talk to me haha I told him I was naked and couldn't go to the phone right then hahaha!! But ya all in all I was pretty shocked to hear that one because I'm still sorta young in the mission but hey the Lord calls us when we are ready right.

2. What are your responsibilities as an AP? Well in my new assignment I am basically in charge of the entire mission. We work directly with President basically every day. In the missionary handbook it says, APs are here to help plan, prepare, capacitate and supervise the work so that's exactly what I am doing here in the mission. It's seriously so much work because on top of it all we have to do what is most important and get out to find people to teach but I love it and I will never let the Lord down!! 

3. Where do you live now? Do you live in the mission home? In an apartment? I don't live in the mission home but I am living in the same neighborhood as president so we can be there working close to his house. It is easily the nicest apartment I have ever had and I don't really like that. I am still here in mission Peru Piura and I want to suffer just as I have for the last 15 months haha but I guess its ok:)

4. Will you still be out preaching the gospel as an AP? Is that even a flippin question!!??!!?! OF COURSE I WILL BE OUT TEACHING THE GOSPEL!!!!! I'll tell you what you could cut both of my legs off right now and you couldn't get me to stop teaching the gospel so trust me a little extra work isn't gonna stop me at all. Like I said I am going to be a lot busier but I will never be too busy to complete with my calling as a missionary. The work must move forward!! 

5. Will you be an AP for the rest of your mission? I seriously doubt that I will be AP for the rest of my mission because I've still got 9 months left. I am thinking that I will be here for like 6 months but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

6. How is the new companion? Tell us a little about him please! My new companion is awesome. He is new so we have to get used to each other but he is seriously amazing. I have already learned a ton from him in this short time and that's good because I won't have him for long. At the end of this transfer he will be finishing his mission. I am his last companion. He is 21 and is from Honduras from the city of Tegucigalpa or where the temple is in Honduras. He is the youngest in his family and he has 3 sisters, 2 of them are studying in BYU Provo. He also speaks perfect English because he studied in a bi lingual school. Pretty cool and smart guy and I am loving being his companion. 

7. How many AP's are there in your mission? Elder Soto and I are the only APs in our mission.

8. When did you leave to go to Piura? Sunday? After Karen's baptism? Monday? I left for Piura on Monday so after Karen's baptism and all of that good stuff. It was terrible to leave Sullana but just like all the other areas I am already learning to love this one. 

9. Who is Elder Quispe's new companion? Did things end well with you and him? Everything ended great with Elder Quispe. We ended just like it should have friends. His new companion is Elder Campos from Ecuador and I don't know him so we'll see how it goes. He was a great companion and I'll miss him a lot. 

10. Now that you are in Piura again, will you be able to see Gino and his family again? Well I've already seen Gino and his family!!!! They invited us and a couple of other missionaries over for lunch today!! It was so amazing to see all of them and hear about what's been going on and how much the ward has grown and just awesomeness!! I have missed them so much and I was super way beyond happy to see them all once again. They send their love to you guys. 

So that's about all I have for right now because I've got to go but we do have some awesome people already working for their baptism!! Their names are Kevin and Yolanda. They are a mom and son and their story has been super awesome!! At first they didn't even want to listen to us so we just left them the Book of Mormon with a chapter to read (Alma 22) to respond to one of their questions and we left. Well the next time we went back we could feel something different in their home so we asked them what had happened and they told us that they had read the BOM and that now they know with all their hearts that this is the true church!! They went to church this weekend and accepted to be baptised the 12th of December. All I can say is that the Book of Mormon is the word of the Lord. It is completely perfect and if we just do all that is possible to read it and listen to the promptings of the holy spirit it will guide our lives. Never stop reading and never be afraid to share it with others because I can promise you all that if these people read it they will know that what we have is the truth. 

I love you all. I am more than happy and working harder than I ever have before. This is the Lords church and we have been called to establish it. Never stop, never quit, never look back. We are the light of the world and we must shine forth. I hope you have a great week. Please pray for our investigators and I'm always praying for you!! 

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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